Parent, QC
Station Crests

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  1. 14 AC&W Squadron crest. The station slogan "Wemotatchik" means "a high place from where you can see a long way" - 1962.
    Courtesy George Kuxhaus

  2. RCAF Parent MSE CE Station Softball Champs crest - 1961.
    Courtesy Jean-Claude Chalifoux

  3. FCO Crew 2 "Guardians of the North" crest - 1960.
    Courtesy Les Spencer

  4. CFRP Radio Crest - RCAF Station Parent - 1959.
    Courtesy Anonymous

  5. RCAF Parent PHL Juvenille crest - 1957-1958.
    Courtesy Jean-Claude Chalifoux

  6. RCAF Parent Sports Award crest - 1956.
    Courtesy Les Spencer

  7. Proposed RCAF Station Parent QC crest - 1956.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada.

Photographic Credits

All crests are used with permission.

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