USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada

64th Air Division,
Stewart Air Force Base,
Newburgh, NY USA.

Attention: 64 MSS

Hand-Over of Six Gap Filler Radar Sites

Reference is made to previous exchange of correspondence between our Governments and officers of our respective staffs dealing with the hand-over by the United States Government to the Canadian Government of six Gap Filler Sites along the Coast of Labrador and Newfoundland.

The actual hand-over of the sites has been accomplished and the various hand-over certificates duly executed. However, it has now been ascertained that there is no known requirement by any Canadian Government agency for the materiel which has been left at each of these sites by your personnel. In view of the recent exchange of notes between our Governments dated 28 Aug and 1 Sep 61 there does not appear to be any alternative to the RCAF rejecting the responsibility for reporting this materiel surplus to CADC. It seems clear that the report must be made by your Service in the usual way. It is not considered that this course need create any complication insofar as safe-guarding the materiel is concerned in that the RCAf is providing minimal watch-keeping services at these sites and will continue to do so until such time as they have been disposed of.

Reports of Surplus covering the buildings and installed services are being forwarded to CADC and these reports have been annotated to show that there is a quantity of materiel at each site which will be the subject of a Report of Surplus from your Service.

I trust that this alteration in our orginal understanding will not be too great an inconvenience for you and your staff.

(JF Brennagh) W/C
for CAS

F/L Ga Poupore/jd