USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada



12 Apr 62

ADM(C&P) (Attn: Mr PH MacGowan)

Disposal of Gap Filler Radar Sites

Attached at fly-leaf are three Reports of Surplus for small, scattered parcels of land owned by the Crown in the right of Canada at deactivated USAF Gap Filler Radar Sites in the newfoundland and Labrador area.

No Reports of Surplus are required for land at the remaining sites because it is held on reservation from the Province of Newfoundland and will revert to the Province when disposal has been made of the other assets.

Also attached at fly-leaf is a letter to Crown Assets Disposal Corporation for signature and despatch, if you concur. The letter contains information requested by the Corporation for disposal purposes and is self-explanatory.

(JF Brennagh) W/C
for CAS.

(hand written notes at bottom)

2 You asked that these declarations be returned for amendment (indistinguishable signature)

3 Surplus reports on Spotted Island amended and returned as requested (indistinguishable signature)