USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada


United States Embassy,

Ottawa, June 13, 1955.

No. 254


I have the honor to refer to recent discussions in the permenent Joint Board on Defence, on the recommendation of the combined Systems Engineering Group established by the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Air Force, that certain radar stations be established in the Newfoundland-Labrador area to augment the radar sytem already established in that area and to meet operational requirements of the Mid-Canada early warning line.

As indicated during these discussions, the United States Government is prepared to undertake the responsibility for the construction and operation of these stations, with such Canadian participation as may be desired by the Canadian Government, and I have been instructed to seek the Canadian Government's authorization to proceed on mutually agreeable terms.

Accept, Sir, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration.

(Signed) R Douglas Stuart

The Honorable
Lester B Pearson,
Secretary for External Affairs,