USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada

S10-136-80/7 TD 2082 (CCE/Prop)

Note: This letter marked "Not Sent"

March, 1962

The President,
Crown Assets Disposal Corporation,
PO Box 451,
Ottawa 2, Ontario.

Attn: Mr IM Mackinnon

Dear Sir:

Re: Disposal of Gap Filler Radar Sites

Pursuant to a request from your Corporation information has now been obtained concerning six deactivated Gap Filler Sites formerly operated by the United States Air Force and now being declared surplus jointly by the Canadian and United States authorities. The six Gap Filler Radar Sites are located at Spotted Island, Fox Harbour, Cape Makkovik, and Cut Throat Island, Labrador, and at La Scie and Elliston Ridge, Newfoundland.

The United States Navy has expressed an interest in acquiring all or part of the Redcliffe Gap Filler Radar Site and an exchange of notes on the diplomatic level is being awaited before reporting this site surplus.

Service authorities at RCAF Stations Torbay and Goose Bay were requested to provide certain information desired by your Corporation for use in disposal action. Attached is a copy of a letter from RCAF Station Goose Bay relating to their difficulties in complying with our request. Minimal watchkeeping services for the Labrador sites are being provided by the Commanding Officer, RCAF Station Goose Bay, and the same services are being provided by the Commanding Officer, RCAF Station Torbay for the Newfoundland sites. Because of the remoteness of location and the lack of roads or landing strips service personnel are not present at the Gap Filler Sites, but local civilians have been retained to make periodic checks of the sites except at Cut Throat Island, where, because of its inaccessibility, no watchkeeping facilities were provided. This has made detailed answers to the questions asked by your organization difficult.

It has been determined, however, that inventory checks were completed at Elliston Ridge in August, 1961 and at La Scie in October, 1961. However, no inventory checks were made at the Labrador sites. None of the materiel at the sites has been consumed or redistributed by the RCAF. Fuel oil at La Scie and Elliston Ridge are not in bulk storage but in barrels. Because of the remoteness of the Labrador sites it has not been possible to determine whether fuel oil at these sites are in bulk storage.

The Reports of Surplus for the land at the above sites which are now being forwarded disclose that only small scattered parcels of land have been acquired by the Crown from private owners at three sites. The bulk of the land, including all the land at the remaining sites was acquired from the Province of Newfoundland and will revert to the Province when disposal of the other assets has been completed.

Yours sincerely,

(EB Armstrong),
Deputy Minister

F/L WH McConnell/jd
23 Mar 62