USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada

S10-100-80/11 (DCEA)


8 July 55

USAF Central Co-ordinating Staff - Canada,
1327A Wellington Street,
Ottawa, Ontario

Construction - Gap Filler Radar Stations

As you are aware, by an exchange of Notes d/13 Jun 55, an agreement has been entered into between our respective Governments for the establishment and operation of the USAF of Gap Filler Radar Stations in the Newfoundland-Labrador area. This letter is written in connection with the acquisition of property and the arrangements made for the actual construction of the stations.

In connection with the location and acquisitions of lands required for those stations, the above-noted agreement, as is usual in other similar cases in the past, states that Canada shall acquire and retain title to the lands. Having acquired title to the lands, the Canadian Government will then, without charge, grant to the United States such rights of access, use and occupancy as may be required for the proposed construction and operation of the stations.

The RCAF is the Canadian Government agency which will process the acquisition of the property. To date, no information has been received regarding the actual property which is desired. The initial action required is the obtaining by us from the Government of the Province of Newfoundland, general approval for the survey and construction of these stations on provincial lands. In order to do this we will require, in duplicate, a large-scale map indicating, approximately, the proposed locations. We would also ask for the approximate latitutude and longitude for each site. Having obtained the provincial Government's approval, arrangements would then be made by the USAF, similarly to the previously constructed Pinetree stations in this area, to obtain through the employment of Newfoundland Provincial Land Surveyors survey plans and descriptions of the individual properties required. These should be provided to us for further action in the actual acquisition of the properties.

The agreement further states that construction will be the responsibility of the United States and that the USAF or its designated agent will consult with the appropriate Canadian Government agencies through the RCAF. It is our assumption that you propose to carry out the construction under similar arrangement to that in effect for the original Pinetree stations and that your construction agency, Corps of Engineers, will be calling tenders and arranging contracts directly. In arranging these contracts, Canadian contractors and Canadian suppliers of material will be extended equal consideration with US contractors or suppliers. Also, under the agreement, Canadian labour is to be given preference for the construction.

These arrangements will be satisfactory but in order that the RCAF may perform its liaison function and also be generally familiar with the class of construction and the facilities which are being built, it is requested that copies of all plans and specifications for the construction work involved, be provided to us in duplicate.

Communications regarding construction and property for these stations should be forwarded to this headquarters, marked for the attention of the Directorate of Construction Engineering Administration. Wing Commander WD Martin in this directorate will, at least initially, be acting as the liaison officer for these purposes.

(CL Ingles) G/C
for CAS.