USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada


S-10-100-80/11 (DCEA)

November 18, 1955

The Honourable Joseph R Smallwood
Premier of the Province of Newfoundland,
St Johns, Newfoundland.

My Dear Premier:

In order to increase the reliability of the Pinetree Radar Chain, this department has a requirement for six additional "gap filler" sites at the localities and approximate latitudes and longitudes set out hereunder:

(1) N-28A Cape Makkovik55 15' North59 8' 30" West
(2) N-27A Cut Throat Island54 30' North57 7' 25" West
(3) N-27B Spotted Isle53 30' 55" North55 45' 20" West
(4) N-26A Fox Harbour52 21' 50" North55 40' West
(5) N-26B La Scie49 59' 24" North55 33' 24" West
(6) N-22B Elliston Ridge48 36' 48" North53 2' 12" West

An area of 20 to 25 acres will be required at each site and advance information indicates that private owners will be involved only at La Scie and Elliston Ridge. All other sites are believed to be located on Newfoundland Provincial Crown Land.

Would be kind enough to advise whether your government will grant permission to proceed with land surveys and construction of this project upon the same terms and conditions as applied to other Pinetree installations located in your Province. When property surveys have been completed you will be supplied with copies in order that consideration may be given to a formal reservation of the Provincial lands involved.

Your cooperation in the past in matters of this nature is sincerely appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Original signed by Ralph Campney