USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada


S10-100-80/11 (DCED)
S955-103-1 (DCED)



Operation Pillow

Herewith copy of USAF signal in connection with supply of bodies for siting of Gap Fillers. The indications are that we will be undertaking further surveys, and the personnel problem is one to cause concern.

I understand that of the four (4) CE officers previously employed on this project, one only man now be available; that is F/L Lamont. The experience gained last summer is most valuable and if possible, officers then employed should again be used for the new surveys.

Would you please consider this matter and advise what personnel may be available. It is anticipated that three (3) teams would be required and it could well be that the senior officer might, in the case of the gap fillers, be from Telecom. It would therefore be valuable to have F/L Lamont as soon as the project is to get underway.

(RR Hilton) G/C

Handwritten comments on bottom:


As discussed F/L Lamont will be reporting to you on his return from leave on 1st April. He will study this and during the first week of April come up with the outlne of requirements (personnel & otherwise), funds etc.

Dced has been advised to carry fwd balance of funds in FE.