USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada


S10-136-80/7 (CAS)


May 2, 1961

Chiefs of Staff,
Ottawa, Ontario

United States Proposal to Deactivate
Certain Radars in the Northeast Area

Attached for your consideration is a draft reply to External Affairs on the request for comments of United States Note 546 1 Apr 61 concerning the inactivation of three prime and six gap filler radars in the Northeast Area. I discussed this matter with the Minister and explained the plan before concurring with a USAF proposal that they should initiate processing of the draft note.

Briefly, the RCAF concurs with the inactivation of the radar sites, however, the following changes to the Note are suggested:

  1. that the second last paragraph be amended by inserting "and the Greenlnd - Iceland - United Kingdom barrier" immediately after "Distant Early Warning Line";

  2. that a new paragraph be added as follows: "All press releases on the inactivation of the radar sites will be jointly agreed by the two Governments"

In connection with sub-paragraph (b) above I have included a proposed press release.

Also enclosed is a synopsis of the military implications of inactivating the sites.

(Hugh Cambell)
Air Marshal
Chief of the Air Staff