USAF Gap Fillers - Labrador/Newfoundland

National Archives of Canada

United States Air Force
Stewart Air Force Base, New York

7 Aug 1961

Reply to Attn of: 64MSS

Subject: Discontinuance of Three Prime and Six Gap Filler Radar Stations in Canada

TO: Department of National Defense
125 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Canada

The purpose of this correspondence is to outline certain specific details in the transfer of certain United States Air Force facilities and associated equipment from the United States Air Force to a designated agency of the Canadian Government. Agreement for the transfer was effected by United States Diplomatic Note 546, 1 April 1961, and Canadian Diplomatic Note of Acceptance, 4 May 1961. Diplomatic Notes which were originally the subject of agreement concerning these facilities are Canadian Notes 454 and D-155, 1 August 1951 and 13 June 1955, respectively. A meeting regarding Group 1, GAP-Pine phase-out held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 22 June 1961, resulted in designation of the Royal Canadian Air Force as the action agency within the Canadian Government for this transfer.

The facilities and associated equipment which are the subject of this correspondence are defined as United States Air Force assets presently located at:

Det #1

642nd ACWSq

Elliston Ridge, Newfoundland

Det #2

921st ACWSq

La Scie, Newfoundland

Det #1

922nd ACWSq

Cut Throat Island, Labrador

Det #2

922nd ACWSq

Spotted Island, Labrador

Det #3

922nd ACWSq

Fox Harbour, Labrador

Det #1

923rd ACWSq

Cape Makkovik, Labrador

Transfer of all residual facilities and associated equipment will be on "as-is, where-is" basis and will be without cost to the United Sates Government.

The "target" date for complete withdrawal of USAF personnel is 1 October 1961; however, the actual withdrawal date must be considered flexible due to the logistics complexities involved in these remote locations. This matter will be coordinated precisely with your designated representative, in order that the RCAF may effect necessary security measures concurrent with the complete withdrawal of the USAF personnel.

The residual facilities and associated equipment to be transferred to the RCAF and now physically located at the 642d ACW Squadron, Redcliff, Newfoundland, and the 926th ACW Squadron, Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island, Northwest Territories, will be the subject of subsequent correspondence as soon as the residual items can be identified, which is estimated to be within the next 60 to 90 days.

Continuing United States Air Force interests in the immediate area of the 920th ACW Squadron, Resolution Island, Northwest Territories, preclude any transfer at this time, of the residual facilities and associated equipment located at that installation.

In conjunction with this transfer, the USAF has made necessary arrangements to remove any equipment that it desires to retain, and such property will be removed by the USAF within a reasonable period of time. The current USAF plan is to remove all assets which it desires to retain during the 1961 open water shipping season; however, in the event this task cannot be accomplished, the USAF will remove all desired items at the earliest possible date during the 1962 open water shipping season.

Certain equipment now physically on-station (s) was sold by the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation prior to cancellation of Canadian Note 100; some of this equipment has not been removed by the purchaser. In the event these items are not removed by the purchaser prior to the withdrawal of US Forces, the USAF will identify such items and submit appropriate listings to the RCAF. It is requestd that the RCAF protect and care for this equipment in a manner commensurate with the degree of protection it would extend to its own property. It being understood that the RCAF will not be pecuniarily liable for loss or damage that might occur to the equipment.

The USAF reserves the right to amend the attachments (Listings of facilities and associated equipment by station) to correct any discrepancies that may occur as a result of additional withdrawals of equipment for USAF utilization or normal accounting and inventory error.

Upon proper notification of your acceptance of this correspondence, the USAF will consider the formal transfer negotiations as being completed.


Colonel, USAF,
Deputy for Materiel

6 Atch

1. Station Listings, Det #1-642ACWSq
2. Station Listings, Det #2-921ACWSq
3. Station Listings, Det #1-922ACWSq
4. Station Listings, Det #2-922ACWSq
5. Station Listings, Det #3-922ACWSq
6. Station Listings, Det #1-923ACWSq

Copies furnished:
CCS-C (Col Larsen)