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Giebelstadt Air Base "Last Post"

The following is a listing of our fallen friends, and is provided to remind us of the good times we once shared with them, and to keep their memories alive within each of us. We apologize for names not included, errors, or missing detail, but our resource data comes from you, their family, and friends. We also request your assistance, should you be able to provide any of the missing detail.

Please keep the following in mind when submitting any information (via email message) for addition to the listing. Did the individual live a part of their life at Giebelstadt Air Base? If so, please provide the following detail: (1) Surname, (2) First name and nicknames if applicable, (3) The years the individual was assigned to Giebelstadt Air Base, (4) the individuals trade (i.e. Radar Operator, Radar Maint, Clerk, and finally, (5) the date the individual passed away. It is preferable to have day, month, year, but we will accept any or all of this detail, and in cases where the detail is not available, we will make use of the word "unknown".

Surname First Name Years at Giebelstadt Trade Date of Death
Carle Harry E 1958-1960 602 AC&W 2 Jan 1991
Moffett Thomas B 1958-1960 Air Police - 602 AC&W 1 Nov 2001
Odegaard Arnold 1954-1956 Radar Operator 28 Sep 2003
Snider Cushing B Unknown Commander - 602 AC&W 23 Dec 2003

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