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A/V/M HB Godwin

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  1. Queen Elizabeth being presented to A/V/M Brandy Godwin, the AOC of 1 Air Division, in the Palais de Versailles - 1958.
    I snuck in a back window and took picture of them. I wasn't really supposed to be there. I also had a new 16mm Arriflex camera and the Queen surprised me by coming over and asking me all about it. I didn't know at the time that she was a home-movie buff.
    Courtesy Ray Stone.

  2. A/V/M Godwin inspects the Honour Guard during his visit to 1 Wing Marville - 9 August 1955.
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada C208016.

  3. New AOC - 1 August 1955.
    Extract from the 1 Wing September 1955 Talepipe magazine.
    Courtesy Cal Shermerhorn.

  4. Detail pertaining to A/V/M HB Godwin - 1950.
    Courtesy RCAF Honours & Awards.

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