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1958 1 (F) Wing Assorted Sources


14 March 1958 - F/O FAS Grant


F/O FAS Grant was a pilot with 445 Squadron at 1 (F) Wing, Marville France. He died in a CF-100 (#18368) flying accident.

Extracts from 61 AC&W Squadron Historical Narrative:

Date and Type of Aircraft: 14 March 1958 - CF-100

Category: Search & Rescue

Position: FE2030

Nature of Emergency: Exploded and Crashed

Action Taken: Checkerboard 46 reported to Yellowjack that a CF-100 had crashed 10 miles east of Marville. Checkerboard 46 squawked emergency and orbited until Yellowjack pinpointed the crash scene. Yellowjack requested H19 from Passport who scrambled Rescue 65 from Etain.

Extracts from 1 Wing Historical Narrative:

14 March 1958

130922 F/O FA Grant, Air/P and 41790 F/O RA Ashmore Air/Obs, both of 445 Sqn, were killed in an aircraft accident. Funeral services were held in the Protestant Chapel on 16 March 1958.

14 March 1958

At 1030Z RCAF 18368 CF-100 crashed approximately four miles east of the PMQ area, near the town of Beuvilles. Etain Air Base dispatched a helicopter and Beaver aircraft to the scene. They reported no survivors. The navigator's body was found near the vicinity of Revemont. All concerned were advised and the ambulance was dispatched to recover bodies.

[F/O FAS Grant Grave Marker]

[F/O FAS Grant Grave Marker]

Grave marker photos courtesy of Malcolm Cromarty - February 2001