Article 349

Delivered to Groom Lake, NV on 29 March 1956. With original Det A on initial deployment in late April 1956.

This aircraft operated as Civil N802X, to a U-2G, to a U-2C, to NASA 809, to the Museum of Aviation at Robbins AFB, GA.

Equipped to fly APQ-56 side looking radar, one of three CIA aircraft so equipped. Probably one of the first four aircraft to be plumbed for slipper tanks in 1957. Was used in U-2 stealth tests in June 1958. Deployed to Det B, in 1958. While deployed to Det C, 56-6682 ran out of fuel and was landed in a Thai rice paddy, piloted by Bill McMurray on 5 April 1960.

NASA Pilots: Jerry Hoyt & Ron Williams set "Time to Climb" records for class in U-2C 56-6682 (NASA: N709NA) on 17-18 April 1989. This aircraft was flown to Robbins AFB, GA to be put on display by NASA pilot Doyle Krumrey on 26 April 1989. The aircraft is currently on display as a U-2C at the Museum of Aviation, Robbins AFB, GA.

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  1. 56-6682 (NASA 709) lands at Edwards AFB after a research mission in 1989.
    The NASA "worm" logo is on the tail along with its NASA number.
    Courtesy NASA/DFRC via Tony Landis.

  2. Aerial photo of 56-6682 painted with NASA 709 markings.
    Article 349 (56-6682) was transferred to NASA in June 1971 and assigned to the High Altitude Air Aircraft Program at Ames Research Center. The blue/grey and white paint scheme used by the NASA U-2Cs was a striking contrast to the all-black Air Force and CIA aircraft. The small wing U02s were finally retired from NASA service in April 1989.
    Courtesy Lockheed Martin Skunk Works via Denny Lombard.

  3. Aerial photo of 56-6682 painted in "black velvet".
    Courtesy Fred Carmody.

  4. Aerial photo of 56-6682 painted in "black velvet".
    Courtesy Lockheed Martin.

  5. Aerial photo of 56-6682 with its N802X tail markings.
    The lighter lines on top of the wings indicate walkways for the maintenance crew.
    Courtesy Lockheed Martin.

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