Giebelstadt, West Germany

The move of Detachment A from
Wiesbaden to Giebelstadt, West Germany
October 1956 - November 1957

Detachment "A" made the move from Wiesbaden to Giebelstadt in October 1956. A number of operational missions were flown by the U-2 over Eastern Europe from Giebelstadt but none were over Russia. Detatchment A was stood down on 15 November 1957. In 17 months (June 1956 to November 1957), seven pilots of Detachment A had flown 23 missions - six over the USSR, five over Eastern Europe and most of the remainder over the Mediterranean area.

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  1. USAF personnel at Giebelstadt while the U-2 aircraft was operational
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

  2. Assorted "Memories of the U-2" at Giebelstadt.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

  3. The Decline of Detachment A at Giebelstadt - 15 November 1957.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources

  4. Some U-2 Flights Originating from Giebelstadt - October 1956 to November 1957
    Courtesy Assorted Sources

  5. RCAF 61 AC&W Squadron Tracks the U-2 - October 1956 to November 1957
    Courtesy National Archives of Canada

  6. Assorted detail pertaining to the deployment of Det A to Giebelstadt - October 1956 to November 1957
    Courtesy As Indicated

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