Search Radar


Bell Telephone Laboratories and General Electric developed this search radar. General Electric began producing sets in January 1945. Designated as a transportable medium-range search radar, this unit was utilized on a temporary basis by the newly federalized AC&W Squadrons which proceeded to Goose Bay, St. Johnís and Stephenville in the early 1950s. These three AC&W Squadrons had a short life and were all replaced with permanent AC&W Squadrons and new radar (CPS-6B) equipment within a year. The CPS-5D search radar equipment was installed at RCAF Stations Comox BC and Tofino BC. These units were on loan from the USAF and parts had to be obtained from the USA. Designed to provide a solid search of up to 60 miles at 40,000 feet, the radar often had success tracking aircraft as far as 210 miles away.

The AN/CPS-5 system was a search radar that operated in the L Band. It was developed by Bell Laboratories, General Electric and was never used in SAGE operations. It was usually operated with the TPS-10 height finder (the Canadian version of the TPS-10D was known as theTPS-502)


Comox, BC

51 AC&W Squadron



Goose Bay, Labrador (Melville)

107 AC&W Squadron



St. Johnís, NF (Red Cliff)

108 AC&W Squadron



Stephenville, NF

105 AC&W Squadron



Tofino, BC

52 AC&W Squadron




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  1. AN/CPS-5 search radar antenna - 108th AC&W Squadron (temporary site at Red Cliff until the 642nd AC&W Squadron was activated) - October 1952.
    Courtesy of Robert Wilder.

  2. AN/CPS-5 search radar antenna at Keesler AFB - 1950.
    Courtesy of Gene McManus.

  3. AN/CPS-5 search radar antenna.
    Courtesy of Gene McManus.

  4. AN/CPS-5 search radar antenna.
    Courtesy of Gene McManus.

  5. AN/CPS-5 search radar antenna.
    Courtesy of Gene McManus.