Pinetree Line Miscellaneous

Ground Observer Corps

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  1. Titles and locations of GObC Units.

  2. GObC car decal - 1959.
    Courtesy of Bjarne Westin.

  3. GObC recruiting display.

  4. Wallet sized GObC card (French text).

  5. Wallet sized GObC card (French text).

  6. Post WWII GObC gold wire badge on navy blue serge for a blazer.
    Courtesy of Bob Stewart.

  7. GObC car decal.
    Courtesy of Jim Garbutt.

  8. GObC wings for jacket.
    Courtesy of Ren L'Ecuyer.

  9. GObC Wings (lapel pin) - March 1956.
    Courtesy of Ted Botwright.

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Updated: September 20, 2004