1947 to 1950 Radar Operators Course Photos As Indicated

We understand that these photos were taken on the first day of the course, which for the most part, was a Monday. We have also been advised that these photos were not "graduation photos" since they were taken at the beginning of the course and there were some trainees that did not graduate.

Memories - they tend to flood your mind from time to time, and on other occasions, it's as if some things just never happened.

The use of radar in Canada was somewhat limited during World War II. We have been able to gather a great deal of historical detail and a reasonable number of photos pertaining to the 40 radar stations which existed in Canada between 1942 and 1945. Did you know that the FCO was known as a "Radar Operator" in those days? All of these radar stations were closed down at the end of the war.

It appears, however, that the RCAF continued to train personnel in the "Radar Operator" trade. We do not know how many courses were provided in Clinton between 1947 and 1950. Now - after all these years, we are fotunate to have obtained a few Radar Operator course photos.

Radar Operator Course Photos
1947 to 1950

Course # Date Courtesy Of
13 unknown Ron McShane
9 unknown Ron McShane
6 Dec 1948 Andy Renault
5 1948 Andy Renault

Updated: January 22, 2004