1950 to 1951 - FCO Refresher Course Photos - As Indicated

We understand that these photos were taken on the first day of the course, which for the most part, was a Monday. We have also been advised that these photos were not "graduation photos" since they were taken at the beginning of the course and there were some trainees that did not graduate.

We understand that there were a number of Reserve Squadron FCOs that received training in Clinton. We do not know how many courses went through the system, nor do we know the dates involved. For the moment, we are pleased to provide the photos.

FCO Refresher course Photos
1950 to 1951

Course # Date Courtesy Of
10 unknown Ron McShane
7 unknown Ron McShane
3 unknown Ron McShane
2 unknown Doris Jean (Hansen) Lehman
1 unknown Ron McShane

Updated: January 22, 2004