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  1. UHF/FMC 28 course photo - 9 June 1958
    Courtesy Frank Fowers.

  2. UHF/FMC 21 course photo - 18 November 1957
    Back row (L-R) - Barry Loma, Ed Kuffner, Ron Bowman, Ron Chapple. Front row (L-R) - Sgt Dick Nichols, Bob Doucette, Norm White, Bud Hall, Cpl Graham Moore.
    Courtesy Bud Hall.

  3. PSC Course 43 - 17 June 1957
    Courtesy Nancy Wolf.

  4. UHF/FMC 7 course photo - 3 September 1956
    Courtesy Gardner "Bud" Hurley.

  5. Provincial Institute of Trades (PIT) Class 20 - 1955
    I was a Performance Check in Penhold in 1954-1955. When I was due for the full electronics course, the school in Clinton was overcrowded and I ended up at the Provincial Institute of Trades (PIT) on Nassau Street in Toronto.
    Courtesy Bud Hall.

  6. Conversion course in Clinton - 1950
    Back row (L-R) - Bill Brecknell (CTG), unknown, unknown, unknown, Blanshard (CTG), unknown, Al Eades (CTG), unknown. Front row (L-R) - Turnbull (RTG), unknown, Herb Mills (RTG), Joe Hunter (RTG), Johnny Langan (CTG), unknown, unknown. Note: Langan and myself were "pre-war". Langan was permanent force and I transferred over tp PF when war was declared.
    Courtesy Bill Brecknell.

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