Pinetree Line Miscellaneous

Assorted Miscellaneous Items

There is always going to be something or other that simply does not fit into a "group category". We offer a number of items that fall into this situation in this area. We hope that there will be something here that manages to bring back a few memories.

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  1. Financial Arrangements for Pinetree Line Radar Stations - 16 August 1971.

  2. Unknown Air Activity - 1959.

  3. So Sue Me Already! - 1958.

  4. Rates of Pay

  5. Appearance of Jamming on PPIs

  6. Rank Structure of the RCAF and the CAF

  7. The First 1,000 RCAF Service Numbers

  8. Underground Working Areas

  9. A Perfect Sonic Boom

  10. Miscellaneous Photos, Crests and Other Items


Updated: April 5, 2005