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1948-1953 FCOs - The Early Years As Indicated

Did you ever wonder what happened along the way between the end of World War II in 1945 and the start of the Pinetree Line in 1953? Let's face it the end of the war resulted in thousands of military personnel being released to "civie street" and a return to a pre-war life-style. I have heard that there were some servicemen that continued to work in a military environment but the numbers were small compared to what we experienced during World War II.

Somewhere around 1948, the governments of Canada and the United States commenced negotiations for what would eventually become the "Pinetree Line". Surveys started as early as 1949-1950, and in many cases the newly constructed "Pinetree Line" (heavy radar) stations started to function (administratively) in 1952 and operationally in 1953.

But where did the FCO's (Fighter Control Operators) suddenly appear from? Surely there must have been some form of gradual build up of FCO personnel as the initial requirement of FCOs at Pinetree Line radar sites was quite significant.

We have tried to put the "jigsaw puzzle" together by asking for detail from those who were there at the time. Please bear in mind that the following detail is based on the memories of those who were involved in the 1948-1953 time period. Accuracy of detail may be somewhat questionable but those that have provided the information have tried to assist as best they can.

We have not been able to obtain any documentation from official sources.

Finally - Please keep checking into this area from time to time to see what develops. If you are reading this message - then there is a pretty good chance that you have an interest in this period of time. Do you happen to know anyone who served in the first 10 courses? If so - please contact them on our behalf and advise them that we could use their assistance.

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  1. The Original Course - Taught in Montreal.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

  2. The First Course - Taught in Clinton.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

  3. The Second Course.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

  4. The Third Course.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

  5. Memories From the Early Days.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

  6. Photos From the Early Days.
    Courtesy As Indicated.

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