Pinetree Line

The Wrath of Mother Nature

The Wrath of Mother Nature

It was not unusual to experience damage at Pinetree Line radar stations due to high winds. What is unusual is the apparent lack of a compiled documentation that provides details indicating "what happened, where, and when". This file contains a summary of "significant" Pinetree Line radar station "wind damage" that is known, and documented, to have occurred in Hopedale, Labrador.

The following detail has been taken from the Historical Records of Hopedale Air Station.

1 October 1959 to 31 December 1959

The main efforts within the Installations and Engineering section field revolved around the repair of the roofs of buildings assigned to the 1876th Radio Relay Squadron, a tenant unit, which suffered severe damage caused by September-October high winds.

1 January 1960 to 31 March 1960

Communications and Electronics trouble concerned the lashing and repairing of cable blown down by high winds and the readjustment of the transmitter site frequency antenna, rendered inoperative by severe icing conditions.

1 January 1962 to 31 March 1962

During the period from 13-29 January 1962, the Operations Section was evacuated for high winds seven times for a total of more than 42 hours.

1 January 1963 to 31 March 1963

The power plant radiator room was filled with snow to approximately 5 feet as a result of the storm on 24 January 1963. A detail of ten personnel was required to clean the room, and the outside areas from which air is drawn into the diesel engines.

There is no doubt in my mind that there have been other examples of "significant" Pinetree Line "wind damage" which has taken place. As an example, I keep hearing about the Saglek situation where their height finder was an apparent victim. This unit was located at the edge of a 1,800 foot cliff so you can imagine the damage to any radar equipment that "went over the side". I continue to hope that some day, some one will provide some "official detail" and then we will be able to add this occurrence to our list.

If you have any knowledge of other "significant" Pinetree Line "wind damage", please help us out and pass the detail to us via an email message. Many thanks.