Foymount, ON

1956 – Narrative Report – National Archives of Canada

1 Jun 56 to 30 Nov 56

1 Jun 56

Exercise Beanpole I took place.

5 Jun 56

Exercise Beanpole II took place.

7 Jun 56

Night exercise Granville took place.

9 Jun 56

Night exercise Gin Tonic Ajax 1 took place. Air Force Day was celebrated by inter-mess sports during the day followed by a street dance in the evening.

11 Jun 56

W/C WC Kent, SOPA, visited the unit. Exercise Jolly 1 took place.

12 Jun 56

Exercise Beanpole 3 took place.

13 Jun 56

F/O Anthony testified at the County Court House, Ottawa in the enquiry into the crash of a CF-100 on 15 May.

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  1. Newspaper article headline - 15 May 1956.
    Courtesy Bob Jones.

  2. Newspaper article column 1 - 15 May 1956.
    Courtesy Bob Jones.

  3. Newspaper article column 2 - 15 May 1956.
    Courtesy Bob Jones.

  4. Newspaper article column 3 - 15 May 1956.
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  5. Newspaper article column 4 - 15 May 1956.
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  6. Newspaper article photo 1 - 15 May 1956.
    Courtesy Bob Jones.

  7. Newspaper article photo 2 - 15 May 1956.
    Courtesy Bob Jones.

14 Jun 56

Exercise Jolly 2 took place.

16 Jun 56

The wedding of F/L R Senior, RadO and Nursing Sister Harnett took place in Eganville Lutheran Church. A reception was held in the Officer’s Mess.

17 Jun 56

A forest fire was reported north of Killaloe.

19 Jun 56

Exercise Ajax 2 took place.

20 Jun 56

Exercise Centerfield and Frogman. Dr. J Dawson EADFHQ, Dr. JC Maatsche, 32nd Air Div, Captain F Carron, 32nd Air Div, and F/L RJ Nourse Exchange Officer EADFHQ, visited the unit for discussions of systems training programme.

22 Jun 56

Exercise Jokebook took place.

25 Jun 56

A missing aircraft was reported by the Sector Duty Controller. No further information obtained.

26 Jun 56

Exercise Mudpie Bent took place. S/L FH Battison paid Telecom a liaison visit.

28 Jun 56

Exercise Beanpole 4 took place. Also exercise Safeway. A jamming exercise was carried out by the USAF.

2 Jul 56

2451 Aux. Squadron Windsor, Ontario arrived for 2 weeks summer training under the command of S/L Mensel. Exercise Jolly 3 took place.

4 Jul 56

S/L Robinson (AFHQ) conducted a conference on new radar installation of FPS-6. Phase meeting - current installation. Attended by S/L Robinson, Mr. RG Canning, WO Clements, AFHQ, F/L Swanson, AMC, Mr. J Lee, RCA, Mr. J Oldreine, Mr. A MacDonald, Fleet Manufacturing Company, and Mr. G Dix, RCA. S/L WA Goodall proceeded to CEDE Rockcliffe. Purpose - familiarization ground radar installation.

6 Jul 56

Exercise Ajax 3 took place.

7 Jul 56

Governor General passed over and made no contact. CF 19 crashed into James Bay.

10 Jul 56

Dr. Lee and party from RCA Victor arrived to commence installation of FPS-6 equipment in new backup tower.

11 Jul 56

2451 Aux. Squadron Windsor visited Station Uplands on a liaison visit under the supervision of their support officer F/O D Washington. Exercise Ajax 4 took place.

12 Jul 56

A Mess Dinner was held in honour of 2451 Squadron.

13 Jul 56

Exercise Black.

14 Jul 56

2451 Squadron departed for Windsor.

21 Jul 56

2416 Squadron Ottawa arrived for summer training.

25 Jul 56

S/L LE Larcombe, ADCHQ arrived for recreation discussions.

29 Jul 56

Cpl. Turcotte admitted to Station Hospital and taken by ambulance to Montreal Neurological Hospital where he died a few hours later.

30 Jul 56

Exercise Poor Boy took place. F/L SL Taylor arrived for security inspection.

1 Aug 56

Exercises Ajax 6 and Longshot took place.

3 Aug 56

Exercise Ajax 7 W/C J Woolfenden departed on TD. S/L EG Baxter assumed temporary command.

6 Aug 56

Mobile Dental Sub-Section of 13 RCDC arrived this unit.

7 Aug 56

F/L Parent arrived. Staff visit nursing services.

8 Aug 56

Exercise Caveman 1 took place.

13 Aug 56

Exercise Ajax 8 and Safeway 2 took place.

14 Aug 56

W/C J Woolfenden returned from TD. A/C Blair, AMC, visited the unit.

20 Aug 56

Visit by Clinton team to make video recordings for tag purposes.

22 Aug 56

W/C J Woolfenden departed on TD to ADCHQ. S/L EG Baxter assumed temporary command.

23 Aug 56

Visit by NRC party investigating harmonic radiation of FPS-3 (Dr. Hunt and party).

24 Aug 56

W/C J Woolfenden returned from TD.

26 Aug 56

Exercise Daily Double Commenced.

28 Aug 56

Exercise Daily Double completed. W/C Gallagher, Command RC Chaplain, visited the unit.

31 Aug 56

Mobile Dental Sub-Section of 13 RCDC departed.

5 Sep 56

Radome repainting commenced by Firestone. Peaking and inspection of TPS-501’s and 15J1D by RCA.

6 Sep 56

Exercises Birdwatch and Jolly.

7 Sep 56

C45 #5247 had an engine failure and called Mayday. Eskimo gave surveillance to North Bay. Aircraft landed safely.

9 Sep 56

CAS passed through the area. Carried as KSV.

12 Sep 56

Exercise Ajax 9 took place.

16 Sep 56

Battle of Britain Sunday Church parade held in Eganville, Ontario. W/C Rodger, Command Protestant Chaplain visited the unit.

17 Sep 56

Exercises Granville, Ajax 10 and Beanpole 5 took place. Final installation of FPS-6 height finder completed and equipment operational on a training basis.

20 Sep 56

Installation of video mapper completed. Non-operational pending receipt of maps.

21 Sep 56

Sgts. Mess Dining In night.

27 Sep 56

F/L RH Anderson, STEW, AMCHQ arrived for communications overhaul.

1 Oct 56

F/L GC Winch, SMO, departed on transfer to Station Cold Lake.

3 Oct 56

Exercise Benchwarmer took place. Visit by Dr. Sowby regarding radiation effects from FPS-6.

4 Oct 56

Exercise Benchwarmer 2 took place.

5 Oct 56

F/L TA Bruce reported in as new SMO.

6 Oct 56

Exercise Oboe.

9 Oct 56

Exercise Chancelight 1.

10 Oct 56

Exercise Fur Collar.

13 Oct 56

S/L H Cochrane arrived from Station Edgar regarding familiarization with operational personnel and facilities.

17 Oct 56

Exercise Hot Seat commenced.

18 Oct 56

Exercise Caveman 2 commenced.

22 Oct 56

Exercise Sunfish. W/C Young, S/L Oakes, AFHQ paid a Staff visit to the unit.

23 Oct to 4 Nov 56

W/C J Woolfenden left the unit on a Lecture tour.

25 Oct 56

Exercises Hellfire and Chancelight 2 took place.

1 Nov 56

Overhaul of FPS-3 by Northern Electric party with Mr. Young in charge. Overhaul continued for several weeks and covered IFF and test equipment in addition to main search. Investigation of mutual interference between radars and UHF equipment carried out by F/L Hoffart of AFHQ assisted by unit personnel. W/C Friedman and S/L Richards in attendance.

6 Nov 56

Exercises Fur Collar and Chancelight 3

7 Nov 56

Yearly maintenance started.

10 Nov 56

Yearly maintenance completed.

17 Nov 56

New type IFF antenna installed in trial basis by Dr. Wong from NRC. Was removed for adjustments then reinstalled 24 Nov 56. FPS-6 declared fully operational.

19 Nov 56

Exercise Caveman B2.

23 Nov 56

Exercise Peddlar.

26 Nov 56

F/L AM Robb reported from Chatham on transfer to assume duties of CAdO.

27 Nov 56

Exercises Powerhouse and Yardbird took place.

29 Nov 56

Exercise Albert Yellow.

30 Nov 56

Completion of Exercise B2.

Signed by:

(J Woolfenden) W/C
Commanding Officer
RCAF Station Foymount