Goose Bay, Labrador

1963 Historical Report USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
641st AC&W Squadron
Goose Bay, Labrador
1 January 1963 to 31 March 1963

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

641st AC&W Squadron
APO 677, New York, NY

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Albert D Aberson, Colonel, USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 641st AC&W Squadron is to conduct Air Defense Operations within area of assignment as outlined in ADC (RCAF) ASI 3/4/3, to support the Goose NORAD/CONAD Combat Center area of responsibility as described in NORAD GO Nr. 14 and CONAD GO Nr. 8 dated 13 May 1960, and to function as a Master Direction Center within the Air Defense system.

    Authority: Paragraph 1, Goose Air Defense Sector Regulation 20-2, dated 30 June 1960.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A Two channel prime radar, AN/FPS-6B radar height finder, AN/GPX-7 Radar Identification, 10 Cummins Diesel Generators, 8 AN/GRC-27 Multi-Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, 6 AN/GRT-3 Single Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, 11 URG-60 VHF Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-7 Single Channel Receivers, 11 T-5002/FRT-502 Single Channel UHF Transmitters.

    Section II



    Officer manning in operations during this quarter has been satisfactory. Authorized officer strength is 13 and 13 are presently assigned. New officers arriving at this station were Captain Young, CWO Alexander and CWO Tingler. Captain Young has been upgraded to Combat Ready. CWO Tingler and CWO Alexander are in training. Officers departing this station for the ZI were Captain Gilligan, Captain Zugel and CWO Jones. Current director skill levels are 1 combat ready expert, 5 combat ready skilled, 4 combat ready and 2 in training. Airman manning in Operations during this quarter: 30 MCO' authorized, 26 assigned; 55 airmen authorized, 56 assigned. For this quarter this station lost 27 NCOs and Airmen. Sixteen (16) new personnel arrived. At the present time we have 6 airmen on OJT for 27350A. During this quarter 1st Lt. Schaker, CWO Jones and CWO Tingler visited Gander DOT and the 226th AC&W Squadron to coordinate operations systems. Weapons controllers have accomplished 362 hours of ECM and academic training while airmen have accomplished 1427 hours of ECM and academic/proficiency training. The operations section received 6293 flight plans and 998 compulsory reporting tracks were carried. We had 70 unknowns and 12 active air scrambles. We also conducted 1203 practice intercepts and recovered 690 aircraft. The 641st participated in 5 category IIs. 4 category IIIs, 2 category IVs and 1 category V, training missions. We also participated in 1 live mission. The plotting and status boards are all completed. New plot forms have been completed and all communications 10 line boxes have new labels. Some lines were re-routed to simplify operations. The 64th IG Inspection Team gave the 641st Operations a satisfactory rating. All discrepancies have been corrected. Height coverage factor charts are now being used in the operations room, and cabinets have been built for crew chiefs. All director and main dias tables have been rebuilt to house the 10 line units properly, and to provide separation and cooling for the UPA-35s. The 6th UPA-35 will be installed on the right of the M&I table on the lower floor. The position will be wired air to ground radio and can be used for a monitor position during live exercises.

    Communications and Electronics:

    The C&E Section has programmed weekly meetings of all work centers as concerns AFM 66-1. At each meeting, subjects of Ground Safety, First Aid and new procedures concerning AFM 66-1 are discussed. On 14 January 1963, the AN/FPS-6B, (Height Finder Radar) antenna was switched from Base to Tech power. All "hunting" of the antenna has stopped, since the power change. Mr. James Gibbons (Philco Contract Technician) was assigned on 19 February 1963. Three (3) AN/UPS-35, PPI Radar Scopes were received on 18 March 1963 and will be installed upon arrival of the GEEIA Installation Team. The AN/FGC-39 equipment is now installed in the communications center and is operational in the system. Due to poor installation planning by GEEIA and excessive outages, a message was forwarded through channels to the 64th AD, requesting an engineer familiar with the installed equipment. Mr. Preston (GEEIA, Brookley) arrived on 13 March 1963 and inspected the installation. Mr. Preston agreed that the installation was not complete, and stated he would advise the Installation Squadron that the Main Patch Panel requires re-alignment, a spare SSM-7 position should be installed, wiring of the ZVA (operation control point) was not complete, isolation relays are required to preclude excessive current on equipments and schematics are required that are correct.

    Food Service:

    Once again the major area of accomplishment within Food Service during the past quarter has been the subsistence warehouse and record keeping function. The quarterly rations have been drawn and warehoused in such a manner to insure proper consumption. The Food Service Officer together with the NCOIC performed a monthly inventory as required. This inventory becomes a permanent record. All the Dining Hall equipment has been inspected and supply action initiated to have it replaced. The change requests for a meat grinder and a new deep fat fryer to replace the two on hand has been approved. They have been automatically placed on requisition by the BEMO. The physical improvements included repainting the loading dock floor and expendable supply room floor. The entrance floor to the walk in refrigerators have been repainted and new rubber matting installed. All the doors, windows and sills were trim painted. Special review action was taken in preparation for the IG visit. This action took 80 additional man hours. The value of this action was proved by the outstanding rating received from the IG Team. During this past quarter the Dining Facility catered to three distinguished visitors in the persons of General Lee, General Terrell and General Jensen. Favorable comments were received on both the appearance and the quality of the food served.


    In accordance with BEMO directives, the UAL, the Property Record Cards and supporting documents were audited by GADS Material against the BEMO EMBR and destroyed in accordance with paragraph 270702B, AFM 181-5. There were no major discrepancies found. With the destruction of these records the last vestige of the UAL Supply System disappeared from this organization. During this quarter 120 60lbs. Were initiated to accomplish property transaction with the BEMO. The Air Force realized a dollar saving of well over $5,000.00 as a result of the paring down of our excesses. A newly authorized item of special interest is an "Ozalid" ammonia vapor process reproducing machine. This item once received should have a pronounced effect on the quality and quantity of the reproduction done by the Graphics Section. The new quarterly BEMO listings have been verified against the transactions accomplished during the last quarter and minor corrections were accomplished prior to signing for them. In preparation for the IG visit all supply activity records were screened, supply publications brought up to date and administrative files and publications checked and reaccomplished as necessary. The result of this precautionary screening may be readily seen by the outstanding rating given this section by the IG Team; to quote "The best files and 84B cards of all areas visited". The January Technical Supply inventory showed a discrepancy rate of .142% at its completion. This is outstanding accuracy for the number of cards maintained and transactions handled daily. During this reporting period the GEEIA Team arrived and completed the installation of the AN/FGC-39A Communications Equipment. The supporting spares and parts have been on hand since the last reporting period. The old communications equipment is stored in Unit Supply awaiting disposition. Two new switchboards with associated equipment have been received and are also stored in Unit Supply awaiting the installation team. At the present time the 84B cards are being screened for excesses. Up to date 200 items have been tagged and turned into BEMO. The Diesel Generator, which was shipped to Canadian Marconi for repair has been received and is back in operation on the line. Due to its heavy weight (approximately 4,000 lbs.) this item presented transportation difficulties, however, these were overcome and the item was delivered to this organization with dispatch for timely installation by the mobile Marconi team. Up to date there has been only 1 lettered priority, an RCFP. The part required was received from the 922nd AC&W Squadron. Due to the inability of Base Supply to cope with the number of requisitions for expendable supplies the BPSS, otherwise known as the local purchase store, reopened on the 4th of March. This should alleviate the difficulty we experienced in obtaining expendable supplies. Nevertheless, floor wax and buffer pads will remain scarce until the shipping season due to the low airlift priorities assigned these items. No major problems exist in Supply. Minor emergencies are dealt with as they arise to prevent them from becoming problems. The manning situation may generate difficulties in the future.

    Civil Engineering:

    Various personnel changes have been effected. Military losses were S/Sgt Gervais, S/Sgt. Smith and A/1C Henry with gains of S/Sgt. Holland and A/2C Summerlin. A civilian loss was Mr. A Lyons and Mr. M Lyons was gained. Total strength is now eight military and 17 civilians. Numerous mechanical difficulties have been experienced in the power plant with the newly installed six (6) 200 KW Diesel Generator units. As a result of these difficulties, we initiated a request the HQ GADS during this period for a depot level inspection and repair overhaul. A team is scheduled to arrive in April. Work Order No. R-1009 to realign external electrical transformers was completed by the support base during the period. No. 3 Diesel-Generator unit, one of the six 200 KW units, has not operated on Tech Buss since its installation. Follow-up action has been taken to have installation contractor return for corrective action. The heat plant has been inspection order during this period. Canadian Marconi Company overhaul of refrigeration and air conditioning systems is now approximately 95% complete. One spare compression in refrigeration section remains to be overhauled and parts are now on station. Also, the air-conditioning system must receive a final balance. The CE Cost Accounting program is continuing to prove its worth to this section. The following are cumulative cost reports for the period December 1962 through February 1963: Military Cost $9,199.80,Civilian Cost $28,889.25, Materials $20,429.29, Total $58,518.34. The large increase in material costs over previous reports is due to a recently added requirement to include fuel oil and lube oil costs in our report. The FY-63 Mobile Maintenance Team program consists of approximately thirty (30) work orders. Many squadron improvement projects will be accomplished. It was anticipated that a team would arrive during this period. However, it now appears that a team will arrive early in April. There were no fires during this period. The new Fire Chief, S/Sgt. Holland arrived in February. At the end of this reporting period, 31 March 1963, the squadron had completed a remarkable 630 days of accident free operation.

    Personnel and Administration:

    Three officers and 41 airmen were processed into the squadron while 3 officers and 40 airmen departed during the period January through March 1963. Morale of the 20 officers, 241 airmen and 17 civilians assigned to the squadron remained high while the total station population of all personnel assigned and attached increased to 306 persons. Although some functional areas remained undermanned, overall manning remained good with 20 officers, 235 airmen and 17 civilians assigned against 19 officers, 235 airmen and 17 civilians authorized. The 64th Air Division Inspection team conducted a general inspection of the squadron in January. The squadron received a rating of satisfactory while several areas were found to be outstanding. Minor discrepancies have been corrected. The squadron placed 3rd in January and 5th in February in the GADS mission performance index, and 2nd in January and 2nd in February in the ADC PRIME. Despite the lowered standing in the GADS PRIME, effectiveness on all PRIME items was in excess of 99%. Inventory of the squadron library found 1250 books on hand. Effective 18 March 1963, Goose Air Base assumed the library service center function for the squadron. The Goose Library Service Center will serve as a distribution center and provide such other service as technical processing, reference data and inter library loans. Eighty-eight squadron personnel were enrolled in the extension course institute, six in USAFI, twenty in the University of Maryland and 42 undertook USAFI Study Group Training. Groups from Wittenbury College, Grambling College and the Stewart Air Force Base Dance Band entertained in the squadron theatre. Thirty hometown news releases and 16 squadron news releases were made during the period. Briefings and tours were conducted for Colonel DA York, Commander 7th Artillery Group, Thule AB Greenland; Major General James C Jensen, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Headquarters ADC; Colonel TH Beeson, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Detachment #1, Northern NORAD; Wing Commander WS Quint, RCAF Headquarters, Northern NORAD; Wing Commander TJ Evans, RCAF Headquarters, Northern NORAD; Lt. General RM Lee, Commander, ADC and Lt. General RH Terrill, Vice Commander, ADC. The Commander attended the 64th Air Division Commanders Conference, Orlando, Florida in February. Major events were the promotion of the Commander Lt. Colonel Albert D Aberson to the grade of Colonel effective 25 March 1963, per special order from Headquarters USAF and confirmation of the award of the Outstanding Unit Award to the Squadron to be effective 1 April 1963.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Albert D Aberson, Colonel, USAF