Goose Bay, Labrador

1963 Historical Report USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
641st AC&W Squadron
Goose Bay, Labrador
1 October 1963 to 31 December 1963

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

641st AC&W Squadron
APO 677, New York, NY

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Air Defense Command
    26th Air Division (SAGE)
    Goose Air Defense Sector
    641st AC&W Squadron

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 641st AC&W Squadron is to conduct Air Defense Operations within area of assignment as outlined in ADC (RCAF) ASI 3/4/3, to support the Goose NORAD/CONAD Combat Center area of responsibility as described in NORAD GO Nr. 14 and CONAD GO Nr. 8 dated 13 May 1960, and to function as a Master Direction Center within the Air Defense system.

    Authority: Paragraph 1, Goose Air Defense Sector Regulation 23-2, dated 15 July 1963.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A Two Channel Prime Radar, AN/FPS-6B Radar Height Finder, AN/GPX-7A Radar Identification, 10 Cummins Diesel Generators, 8 AN/GRC-27 Multi-Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-3 Single Channel UHF Transmitter, 2 MF/URG-60 VHF Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-7 Single Channel Receivers, 10 T-5002/FRT-502 and 1 FRT-503 Single Channel VHF Transmitters.

    Section II



    Officer manning in operations during this quarter was satisfactory. Authorized strength is 13, assigned is 13. New officers arriving at this station were Captain Middleton and Lt. Ziemer. Officers upgraded were: Lt. Moore to Combat Ready Skilled, Lt. Willett and Lt. Hammett to Combat Ready. Officers departing for the ZI were Captain Schacker, Lt. Bunce and CWO Tingler. Current Director status is: 3 Combat Ready Skilled, 6 Combat Ready and 2 in training status. Airman manning in Operations during this quarter: NCOs, 33 authorized, 31 assigned. Airmen, 52 authorized, 54 assigned. 29 new personnel arrived during this quarter. One 5-level was administered. One 7-level SKT was administered. 8 Airmen are on OJT to the 5-level. One S/Sgt. entered OJT for training to the 7-level. The 641st Operations section participated in 2 live exercises during this quarter. Weapons controllers have accomplished 916:25 hours of ECM and academic training while Airmen have accomplished 2330:45 hours of ECM and academic/proficiency training. During this quarter the operations section received 4002 flight plans. We had 41 unknowns and 22 active air scrambles. We also conducted 948 practice intercepts and recovered 766 aircraft. The 641st participated in 12 category I STPs, 5 category IIs, 2 category IIIs, 2 category IVs and 1 category V. All operations SOPs were rewritten and reaccomplished as OOIs in accordance with ARD 5-5. Prime and ECM reports, 2-ADC-V22 and 1-ADC-T22 reporting has been transferred from the operations section to the C&E section. During this quarter CM/Sgt. Rund was assigned as NCOIC training section. M/Sgt. Bender was assigned as crew chief of "B" Crew. M/Sgt. Girard was assigned as crew chief of "C" Crew. T/Sgt. Champion was transferred to GADS operations. The Operations OJT program (273X0) was revised and reaccomplished during this quarter. New slides have been completed for the Commanders VIP briefing and training slides for NORAD M55-1. A new podium for the briefing room was received and a new safe for STP materials was placed in the operations office.

    Communications and Electronics:

    Considerable progress was made in our efforts to improve our AFM 66-1 ratings. The September, October and November ratings as obtained from the K-25 report show that we are well within sector and ADC standards for direct labor utilization and error rate. The figures are as follows: Direct labor for Sep 47%, for Oct 53%, for Nov 52% and the error rate for Sep 4.6%, for Oct 2.2% and for Nov 1.7%. Sector standards are 40% direct labor and less than a 3% error rate. For the last three months we have led the entire Sector in our maintenance efforts. Figures for December will not be available until January. A letter was received from the Commander, Goose Air Defense Sector, complimenting C-E-M for its showing on the September K-25 report. An endorsement was added to the letter by our squadron commander, and it was read to C-E maintenance personnel on 26 Nov 63. For three consecutive months, Radar Maintenance won the C-E Maintenance Honor plaque. Their direct labor utilization rose to 84% and their error rate dropped to less than of one percent. To spread information concerning NORAD activities and in particular our squadron participation in NORAD, Major Jedel, our C-E officer, has developed a system of taped briefings for various High Schools throughout the country. Our briefings consist of our mission statement, how we are organized, what we do, the current air situation, an explanation of Labrador weather and some information about Labrador in general. We briefed Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida on 30 Oct 63 and Central High School, Battle Creek, Michigan on 9 Dec 63. Both of these briefings were successful and were received enthusiastically. It is our intent to brief one High School a month using the NORAD telephone system as the primary means of communication.

    Mr. J Gibbens our CTSP Electronics representative departed PCS on 31 Oct 63. Mr. R Marson, our new CTSP Systems technician arrived on 16 Nov 63. The 0A-2325 ECCM modifications to the FPS-6 was completed and accepted during the latter part of November. Training for both operations and maintenance personnel was completed during the middle of December. Considerable training was given to C-E personnel under the auspices of the local Field Training Detachment in TO 00-20E1, OJT Supervisors Course, OJT Trainers Course and a course in Transistors. Other training in addition to the usual proficiency training, OJT training and unit fundamentals training was conducted in the form of effective writing techniques. Four Teletype Maintenance and two Wire Maintenance airmen were up-graded to "5" level. The suggestion program continues to progress most satisfactorily. Statistics as of 31 December are as follows: Number submitted 116, being evaluated locally approved and awaiting awards 12, disapproved by 26th Air Division 1. The report dated 5 Dec 63 concerning the GADS Quality Control Inspection held on 3 Dec 63 was received. All sections were rated satisfactory with an overall rating of outstanding. The 303 pair cable between Goose AB and Military Tropo has been completed and is now in use. Teletype Maintenance made several changes to improve their efficiency. They installed a signal line directly from the maintenance shop to the patch panel which provides a capability for sending test messages, checking bias and distortion and monitoring all circuits from the maintenance area. A spare M-19 tape cutter was wired to a spare FGC-39 monitor reperforator to permit the teletype operators to reproduce tapes in the event the main service position was busy. An M-15 teletype position that was in a fixed installation status was made mobile so that operators could expedite the establishment of "sets" with the distant stations. Permission was requested to develop our Materiel Control to be used as a model for other squadrons in the sector. Reaction has been favorable, and we are waiting final word from GADS. A Command Inspection was conducted of the Cryptographic Center. The section was rated excellent. The NORAD Tactical Dial system became operational on 1 Nov 63. We have two trunks leading into this system. The Amateur Radio Station was moved to its new location near the BX and is now operational.

    Civil Engineering:

    The Canadian Marconi Company Overhaul team consisting of two mechanics and a foreman, Mr. Reynolds, arrived and started work on Diesel Unit No. 3 and 4 on 28 Nov 63. They completed their overhaul and left on 16 December 1963. The Heat Plant Boilers were inspected by DND Representative, Mr. Forrester, and were found to be in excellent condition. The CE Cost Accounting program has now been in effect for two years. The following are cumulative costs reported for this three (3) month period: Military Cost $8,420.46, Civilian Cost $23,176.70, Materials $23,592.55, Total Costs $55,729.71. Total costs include fuel/lube oil committed and twenty-five (25) of twenty-six (26) submissions were approved. A reportable fire occurred on 5 Dec 63 in the CE shop when an aircraft heater backfired causing burns on the hands and arms of Mr. Melvin, Power Plant Supervisor. All O&M Projects are complete with the exception of MEL 248-1, paint exterior of all buildings, which has been postponed until next spring and MEL 4-3, repair dining hall, which is 60% complete.


    All "No Break" diesel parts pertaining to BMEWS diesel generators were transferred from materiel control to BMEWS. This action will eliminate delivery of needed spares during a generator failure. All maintenance functions were assigned shop codes which identify requisitions and receipts of property. These codes also apply to the various bench stocks maintained for the different work centers. During this reporting cycle a major change of all bench stocks was made. After an individual item research of all requested items by the individual shops, listings of these items were turned over to base supply where mechanized bench stocks were established for this organization. This action eliminates the need for storing bench stock type items in the materiel control warehouse. The changeover from manual to mechanized bench stock will save the government many man hours and also some storage space in Materiel Control. An inventory of all AF and DOD stock lists was completed. This inventory provided a new look on actual requirements by individual Federal Supply Class code and necessary adjustments were forwarded to the base publications officer. Notice of a new SCHEME applicable to the AN/UPS-14 was received. Shipments of equipment pertaining to this SCHEME should be received in the near future. A new lighting system was installed in the unit supply warehouse. Also linoleum was put on the floor and at present bins are being built for storage of office and janitorial supplies. The linen control function was transferred from Goose AB to this squadron in order to give better service to individuals assigned to this organization. The supply function was visited by the auditor who selected several items for audit purpose. Also all AF Form 1120-1s (PCSP Property Records) were audited. No discrepancies were found.

    Personnel and Administration:

    The personnel and administration section accomplished its mission during the quarter. Three officers and 79 airmen were processed in and 3 officers and 73 airmen were processed out of the squadron during October through December 1963. Total manning was favorable on 31 December 1963 with 19 officers, 221 airmen and 15 civilians assigned against an authorization of 19 officers, 222 airmen and 15 civilians. The squadron motor pool was completely reorganized and is now functioning in a more efficient manner. The newly established central bookkeeping section proved an effective accounting control for all non-appropriated fund activities. One promotion to M/Sgt., and two promotions to T/Sgt. were made on 1 December 1963. Major General Arthur C Agan Jr., Commander 26th Air Division presented Lt. Colonel Benjamin M Howse, Commander 641st AC&W Squadron, with the coveted ADC "A" award for demonstration and outstanding operational effectiveness by the squadron during the 12 month period beginning 1 August 1962 and ending 31 July 1963. Distinguished visitors were: 22 October 1963 Brigadier General Frank B James, Chief of USAF Central Coordinating Staff in Canada; 5 November 1963 Lieutenant General Herbert B Thatcher, Commander, Air Defense Command; 19 November 1963 Major General Arthur C Agan, Jr., Commander 26th Air Division; and 27 December 1963 Colonel TH Beeson, Commander Goose Air Defense Sector.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF