Goose Bay, Labrador

1964 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
641st AC&W Squadron
Goose Bay, Labrador
1 July 1964 to 30 September 1964

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

641st AC&W Squadron
APO 677, New York, NY

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Air Defense Command
    26th Air Division (SAGE)
    Goose Air Defense Sector
    641st AC&W Squadron

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 641st AC&W Squadron is to conduct Air Defense Operations within area of assignment as outlined in ADC (RCAF) ASI 3/4/3, to support the Goose NORAD/CONAD Combat Center area of responsibility as described in NORAD GO Nr. 14 and CONAD GO Nr. 8 dated 13 May 1960, and to function as a Master Direction Center within the Air Defense system.

    Authority: Paragraph 1, Goose Air Defense Sector Regulation 23-2, dated 15 July 1963.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A – Two Channel Prime Radar, AN/FPS-90 Radar Height Finder, AN/GPX-7A Radar Identification, 10 Cummins Diesel Generators, 8 AN/GRC-27 Multi-Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-3 Single Channel UHF Transmitter, 2 MF/URG-60 VHF Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-7 Single Channel Receivers, 10 T-5002/FRT-502 and 1 FRT-503 Single Channel VHF Transmitters.

    Section II



    Officer manning in Operations during this quarter was satisfactory. Authorized strength is 13, assigned strength is 13. New officers arriving this station were: Captain Bradford, Captain Maule, and Lt. Zitel. Officers departing for ZI were Major Evans, Lt. Hammett, Lt. Terwilliger, and Lt. Willett. Captain Middleton and Lt. Hammett were upgraded to Operational Ready/Skilled. Lt. Taylor and Lt. Zitel were upgraded to Operational Ready. Current Director status is: 3 Operational/Ready Skilled; 6 Operational Ready, and 3 in training status. Airman manning in Operations during this quarter is 33 NCO’s authorized, 20 assigned; 52 Airmen authorized, 51 assigned. 20 new personnel arrived this quarter. Six airmen were administered the five level SKT test with results still pending. Two NCO’s are currently on OJT to the seven level. During the quarter the 641st AC&W Squadron participated in nine live exercises. Weapons controllers accomplished 925 hours of academic and ECM training. Airmen have accomplished 2000 hours of academic proficiency and ECM training. During this quarter the Operations Section received 5298 flight plans. There were 25 unknowns, 11 active air scrambles, 1181 practice intercepts and 926 aircraft recovered. During this quarter the 641st participated in 13 Category I, 6 Category II, 3 Category III, 0 Category IV, and 0 category V STP exercises. A Staff Assistance Visit was conducted 25 through 28 August 1964 at the 924th AC&W Squadron. Major Ralph M Knighton was promoted to the grade of Lt. Colonel in the Reserves (ROPA). A/2C William E Zinn was selected as Airman of the Month, August 1964. Operations mission debriefing procedures have been revitalized so as to present a more graphic and detailed analysis of all mission programs. Several Operations personnel have completed cross-training trips to the 640th NCC to observe and compare triangulation procedures.

    Communications and Electronics:

    Reviewing the K-25 reports for June and July shows our direct labor rose 11 percentage points while the error rate dropped .2 percentage points. August figures should show marked improvement since we will be more stabalized and people have gone to 66-1 school. The direct labor rate for June was 44%. For July it was 55%. The error rate for June was 1.0%. For July it was .8%. During July, the DLM of the height finder was completed. All Class "C" and "D" deficiencies were ordered, received and installed. The Materiel Control Section was moved to the C&E area along with MCC. The receiving area was relocated behind MCC for the issue and receipt of property for the shops. The BSSC was moved across from the Materiel Control Office. During July a satisfactory was received by GADS on the Quality Control Inspection. T/Sgt. Gasiorwoski, a key airman, who was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for his meritorious service in Radar Maintenance, left during this period. However, four welcomed additions arrived to fill key positions, namely M/Sgt. Sidwell, NCOIC of Radio Maintenance, M/Sgt. Farnsworth, NCOIC of the Communications Center, S/Sgt. Franklin, NCOIC of Crypto Maintenance, and S/Sgt. MacAfee, Assistant NCOIC of the Communications Center. To improve our public address system, 32 amplifier/loudspeakers were ordered on 27 July. Six of these speakers have arrived and have been installed. A work order was submitted to Civil Engineers to provide electricity to operate the amplifiers where needed. Changes to the PRIME report were received making it more difficult to achieve success. The MIF for ground/air radio was raised from 80% to 90%. The MIG for search radar blip/scan ration was raised from 50% to 75%. SIF accuracy checks are to be made starting at 140 miles instead of 150. The MIG for attempted intercepts (voice) was lowered to 90% instead of 98%. The items covering Selective Reenlistment Program and Airman Qualified Rate have dropped from the report.

    Civil Engineering:

    The following work orders were completed by the Civil Engineering Section during this period:

    (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Routine preventative maintenance continues daily. First quarter PM cycle complete for fiscal year 65. Emergency repairs were made to Power Plant roof. Power Plant operation was normal and all units operational. In the Heating Plant refractory work performed on boilers. Operational maintenance continued. The following are cumulative costs for three (3) month period.

    (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Fuel and Lube Oil costs were $16,890.62. Status of O&M projects remain unchanged. There were no fires during this period. 26th Fire Inspector toured site during this period, action has been taken to correct all discrepancies. Fire drills conducted 6th-17th July, 6th-18th August. Personnel are continually briefed on specific duties as to damage assessment control and in cases of emergency.


    Effective 22 July 1964, 1st Lt. Ralph L Long assumed duties as Unit Supply Officer. He was assigned from the 337th Fighter Group, Portland International Airport. Lt. Long relieved Captain Ramon R Rachel who was awarded the ADC Commendation Certificate for his outstanding and meritorious service in setting up the first mechanized bench stock in Materiel Control in the Goose Air Defense Sector. On 30 July 1964 Lt. Long was presented the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service performed at Portland International Airport. Lt. Long received notice of his promotion to Captain effective 2 September 1965. During this period the 641st Dining Hall was presented with an award for the "Finest Dining Hall" in the Goose Air Defense Sector. On 28 August 1964 the semi-annual inspection conducted by the Goose Air Base ammunition inspectors resulted in an outstanding rating. During the first quarter of fiscal year 1965 the Cost Reduction Program got off to a good start with the submission of $479.00 in validated savings and $656.00 savings pending audit approval. The first quarter fiscal year 1965 participation rate in the military suggestion program was 37% with a 25% adoption rate. $65.00 was awarded for approved suggestions during the quarter. Squadron patches depicting the new 641st squadron insignia were distributed to all personnel during this period.

    Personnel and Administration:

    The section continued to assure efficient personnel and paperwork management and administrative services to meet operational requirements. During the quarter 5 officers and 41 airmen were processed in. Similarly, 5 officers and 41 airmen were processed out of the squadron. On 30 September 1964, 19 officers, 203 airmen and 14 civilians were assigned against an authorization of 19 officers, 221 enlisted men and 14 civilians. Major Earl S Spraker, who made Major in July, was relieved as administrative officer by 1st Lt. Daniel J Pastor, who came to the squadron from the 755th Radar Squadron, Arlington Heights, Illinois. The postal facility received very satisfactory ratings by all inspectors. In medical administration there were 10 admissions, 312 visits, 374 prescriptions but no time lost due to injuries. Many improvements were made in the motor pool office such as panelling and painting of the walls, tiling the floor, and installing new light fixtures. New chocks were made for the vehicles. Major maintenance of 641st vehicles was turned over to the Goose Motor Pool. S/Sgt. O’Pry former manager of the NCO and Airmen’s Club was presented an ADC Commendation Certificate for outstanding service. Many improvements were made in the check point office such as painting, panelling, and new signs put up. Squadron security NCOIC is writing the squadron’s new Aerospace Security Operations Plan. Of all personnel in the 641st 100% were briefed closely on their voting rights. The 641st was highly complimented by Colonel Bennet for its display and entertainment during the Armed Forces Voters Day activities. No other squadron was as well represented in this program. A/2C Thomas Jefferson Davis won a $25 bond as winner of the Voting Poster Contest. Members of the 641st are participating widely in off-duty educational programs. A French class is currently being conducted on the hill and several classes conducted on the Goose are attended by our personnel. During the period the information office submitted 145% of its quota under PRIME requirements for hometown news releases. It also submitted 133% of its quota under PRIME requirements for news releases. A/2C Marvin Barnes assumed duties as squadron photographer and removed a tremendous back-log of photographs. The AFRTS radio station filing and cross indexing of record stock was revamped. Eleven tours were conducted during this quarter. The "Point With Pride Board" and ICT boards were updated. The new squadron emblem was forwarded to Air Force Times for publication. A historical report for coverage of the squadron was submitted to both the GAB and Command Post. It has already been published in GAB. Aerial photographs in both color and black and white were accomplished. As of 22 September 1964 total squadron US Savings Bond participation received 45%.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF



    Civil Engineering Projects

    Work Order No.


    Date Completed

    MEL 106-65

    Repaired doors, Radar Maintenance

    17 July 64

    MEL 107-65

    Repaired latrine screens

    18 July 64

    MEL 108-65

    Repaired exit lighting

    21 July 64

    MEL 109-65

    Repaired heating system

    22 July 64

    MEL 110-65

    Repaired showers

    23 July 64

    MEL 111-65

    Install fuel lines, Power plant

    24 July 64

    MEL 112-65

    Install coffee drain line for coffee urn, dining hall

    27 July 64

    MEL 113-65

    Repair circuit breakers, Operations

    30 July 64

    MEL 114-65

    Repair lighting, hallway

    11 August 64

    MEL 115-65

    Installed seats, Briefing room

    14 August 64

    MEL 116-65

    Repaired blowdown, boiler room

    19 August 64

    MEL 117-65

    Constructed blinders, incinerator

    31 August 64

    MEL 118-65

    Repaired shaft, air conditioner

    8 Sept 64

    MEL 119-65

    Painted exterior, "C" barracks

    15 Sept 64

    MEL 120-65

    Installed exit, door in corridor

    18 Sept 64

    MEL 121-65

    Installed exit, door from snack bar

    19 Sept 64

    MEL 122-65

    Installed exterior lights

    23 Sept 64

    MEL 123-65

    Repaired storm windows

    28 Sept 64

    MEL 248-1

    Exterior painting completed

    30 Sept 64

    Civil Engineering Cumulative Costs

    Military Costs

    Civilian Costs


    Total Costs