Goose Bay, Labrador

1964 Historical Report USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
641st AC&W Squadron
Goose Bay, Labrador
1 October 1964 to 31 December 1964

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

641st AC&W Squadron
APO 677, New York, NY

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Air Defense Command
    26th Air Division (SAGE)
    Goose Air Defense Sector
    641st AC&W Squadron

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 641st AC&W Squadron is to conduct Air Defense Operations within area of assignment as outlined in ADC (RCAF) ASI 3/4/3, to support the Goose NORAD/CONAD Combat Center area of responsibility as described in NORAD GO Nr. 14 and CONAD GO Nr. 8 dated 13 May 1960, and to function as a Master Direction Center within the Air Defense system.

    Authority: Paragraph 1, Goose Air Defense Sector Regulation 23-2, dated 15 July 1963.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A Two Channel Prime Radar, AN/FPS-90 Radar Height Finder, AN/GPX-7A Radar Identification, 10 Cummins Diesel Generators, 8 AN/GRC-27 Multi-Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-3 Single Channel UHF Transmitter, 2 MF/URG-60 VHF Receivers, 6 AN/GRR-7 Single Channel Receivers, 10 T-5002/FRT-502 and 1 FRT-503 Single Channel VHF Transmitters.

    Section II



    Officer manning in the Operations Section was satisfactory, authorized strength is 13, assigned strength is 13. New officer arrivals were Lt. Clark, Lt. Guest, Lt. Kuehm, and Lt. McAllister. Officers departing for ZI were Captain Middleton, Captain Gibbons, Lt. Towers, and Lt. Ziemer. Airman manning in the Operations Section for this quarter is: 33 NCOs authorized, 21 assigned; 52 airmen authorized, 55 assigned. Thirty new personnel arrived this quarter. During this quarter six airmen were upgraded to the five level and two NCOs are awaiting results of the 7 level SKT. During this quarter the 641st AC&W Squadron participated in ten live exercises and Twenty-four STM missions. Training hours accomplished by officers and airmen during this quarter: (a) Weapons Controllers have accomplished 512 hours of academic and ECM training. (b) Airmen have accomplished 2036 hours of academic proficiency and ECM training. During this quarter 3124 flight plans were processed by the Operations Section. There were 21 unknowns, 8 Active Air Scrambles, 867 Practice Intercepts and 796 Recoveries. During this quarter the 641st AC&W Squadron participated in 15 Category Is, 5 Category IIs, 2 Category IIIs, 1 Category IV, and 1 Category V STP exercises.

    Communications and Electronics:

    Reviewing the K-25 reports for July and August shows our direct labor decreased 3 percentage points while the error rate increased .6 percentage points. Direct labor should remain about stable during September. Added emphasis is being placed on the error rate, even though we are below the maximum acceptable by ADC. Direct Labor July 55, August 52. Error Rate July - .8, August 1.4. All initial evaluation testing has been completed with the exception of December arrivals. Testing on new Job proficiency Guides will continue as the tests are received. Class "B" deficiencies, resulting from the height finder DLM in July, were corrected in December by the Canadian Marconi Company. During November a satisfactory rating was obtained as a result of the GADS Quality Control Inspection. There were no major discrepancies. The teletype sequencing equipment has been relocated from the Frame Room to the third floor of the FPS-20 tower. Key personnel departing and arriving during this period are as follows: Departures: T/Sgt. Wray, NCOIC Radar Maintenance, S/Sgt. Franklin, NCOIC Crypto Maintenance, T/Sgt. Orem, NCOIC Teletype Maintenance. Arrivals: A/1C Malligo, AIC Crypto Maintenance. Personnel changes during this quarter were as follows: SM/Sgt. Lake, NCOIC Radar Maintenance, S/Sgt. Wilkins, Training Control Supervisor, S/Sgt. Studdard, NCOIC Teletype Maintenance.

    Civil Engineering:

    The following work orders were completed by the Civil Engineering Section during this period:

    (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Maintenance Overhaul: Preventative Maintenance completed for this period. Power Plant: Overhaul of diesel units accomplished by Marconi Company. Heating Plant: Boiler Inspection completed this period. Painting and operational maintenance continues. PM Costs: The following are cumulative costs for three (3) month period.

    (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Fuel and Lube Oil costs were $8,595.21. Status of O&M projects remain unchanged. Personnel: A/1C Stinson (gain), S/Sgt. Wannamaker (loss). There were no fires this period. Fire drill at Dry Storage, 13 November 1964. Fire drills conducted 1, 6, 15 October 1964. Fire prevention classes conducted 19, 23, 26 October, 17 November and 18 December 1964. Area Fire Marshals and building Fire Wardens meetings were conducted 23 October and 9 December 1964. Preventative maintenance and general clean-up continues throughout the squadron.


    A simplified list of common type office and housekeeping supplies was forwarded to each section. This list was prepared for the purpose of providing better supply support to all sections. The new 641st emblem patches were received and issued to all personnel assigned to the 641st AC&W Squadron. A manpower study is being conducted by higher headquarters with the goal of eliminating unit supply slots, except the supply officer, from all units within 15 miles of a support base. The Host/Tenant Agreement between the 641st AC&W Squadron and Det. 5, 1932nd Communications Squadron was reviewed and projected changes submitted to Goose Air Defense Sector. A new absentee rate was developed during 25 October and 24 November 1964. This absentee rate established was 21% for breakfast, 28% for dinner, and 28% for supper. Personnel gains and losses: S/Sgt. Troy Wattleton (gain), A/1C Arthur Kingery (loss) and T/Sgt. Philip Rhode (loss).

    Personnel and Administration:

    The section continued to assure efficient personnel and administrative paperwork management to meet operational requirements. During the quarter 4 officers and 63 airmen were processed in while 4 officers and 75 airmen were processed out of the squadron. At the end of the quarter 19 officers, 174 airmen and 14 civilians were physically on duty with the squadron. S/Sgt. Henry R Soria took over as Chief Clerk of the Squadron. T/Sgt. Lonnie G Shrum took over as Personnel Specialist for the squadron relieving S/Sgt. Johnson. The Motor Pool operated most efficiently never missing a run and having most of the vehicles operational ready to roll. Several very successful parties were held in the Officers Club. The Christmas party with a "Dinner Like Grandma Used to Make" cooked by S/Sgt. Brown was probably the best. The Training Program for the last quarter was completed successfully. All eleven areas were completed by mid-December. BX inventory was increased 20% with new items. Sales were increased approximately 10%. Final inventory of the year was completed on 30 December 1964. Shortage for the year was .009% total of $34.95. Gross sales for the year exceeded $41,000.00. Policies on firearms reiterated by letter. Squadron supplement will be published. The Security and Law Enforcement Section is up to UMD strength with trained air policemen. A total of $770.00 has been received as part of a special grant from 26th Air Division. Money will be used to purchase new TVs and furniture. The first shipment of new barracks furniture has been placed in the rooms and lounges. 200 new rugs have been requested from base supply.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Benjamin M Howse, Lt. Col., USAF



    Civil Engineering Projects

    Work Order No.


    Date Completed

    MEL 106-65

    Repair washers and dryers

    2 October 64

    MEL 107-65

    PM S-1570 Airmen Dormitory

    9 October 64

    MEL 108-65

    Repaired heating systems BOQ

    13 October 64

    MEL 109-65

    Repaired clipper, dining hall

    14 October 64

    MEL 110-65

    Repaired heaters in pump house

    20 October 64

    MEL 111-65

    Repaired storm windows in heating plant

    23 October 64

    MEL 112-65

    Repaired in Tropo

    26 October 64

    MEL 113-65

    Repaired Operations door

    27 October 64

    MEL 106-65

    PM corridor

    7 December 64

    MEL 107-65

    PM BOQ

    17 November 64

    MEL 108-65

    PM "A" Barracks

    21 November 64

    MEL 109-65

    Repaired Wire Circuit, Operations

    23 November 64

    MEL 110-65

    Repaired commodes in "A" barracks

    25 November 64

    MEL 111-65

    Repaired steam lines in "A" barracks

    30 November 64

    MEL 112-65

    Repaired outlets, theater

    27 November 64

    MEL 106-65

    Repaired 20 Amp breakers, 20 tower

    1 December 64

    MEL 107-65

    Repair light sockets, Operations

    9 December 64

    MEL 108-65

    Repair light fixtures, POL

    14 December 64

    MEL 109-65

    Repaired clipper, Dining Hall

    21 December 64

    MEL 110-65

    Repaired door, Pump House

    23 December 64

    MEL 111-65

    Repaired heater valves, S-1570

    26 December 64

    MEL 112-65

    Repair storm windows, Power Plant

    28 December 64

    Civil Engineering Cumulative Costs

    Military Costs

    Civilian Costs


    Total Costs