Goose Bay, Labrador

1968 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Record
641st AC&W Squadron
Goose Bay, Labrador
1 January 1968 to 31 March 1968

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

641st AC&W Squadron
APO New York 09677

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Lee M Trowbridge, Lt. Colonel, USAF

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Air Defense Command

    First Air Force
    37th Air Division

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The mission of the 641st AC&W Squadron is to function as a NORAD Surveillance Station detecting and identifying all airborne objects entering or operating within the units defined area of responsibility; to provide surveillance information to the Commander 37th Air Division concerning unknown, hostile and friendly airborne objects; to flight follow all air traffic operating within the scope of its radar coverage; and to function in a supervisory capacity over three outlying sites.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-93A – Two Channel Prime Radar, AN/FPS-90 Radar Height Finder, 0A840A/GPX-7A Radar Identification Set, AN/GPX-27 Interference Blanker Group, AN/UPX-14 Radar Interrogator Responder, AN/GRR-7 Single Channel UHF Receivers, AN/GRT-3 Single Channel UHF Transmitters, AN/GRC-27 Multi Channel UHF Transmitter-Receivers, AN/FRT-502 Dual Channel VHF Transmitters, AN/URG-60 Single Channel VHF Receivers.

    Section II



    During this period, the Operations Room was redesigned to allow the Battle Commander easy access to the Air Surveillance Officer and also to allow the TOR Team to move to the back dias and expand their capabilities. Communications were reconfigured and two new dias desks were built. In preparation for another anticipated change in configuration early in the next quarter, a new Identification pre-plot table was designed and built which will allow Melville NMSS to assume responsibility for the identification of all aircraft within the Division. Personnel Manning at the close of the quarter was:

    (see the matrix at the end of this report)

    Operations manning was reduced from a previous total authorization of 90 personnel to 21 personnel. The mission changed only slightly with the loss of a daily weapons control function. Several officers and airmen were deployed from 31st AD into Melville and re-evaluated Captain Creighton making him O/R Controller again after running 45 live intercepts. However, by 31 March all augmenting personnel had departed for their home stations and the control function had decreased again. During this quarter, the Operations Section was not inspected or evaluated. However the Melville NMSS was given a DECUF evaluation during March by the 37th Air Division Headquarters. Results overall were satisfactory with many outstanding areas. During this reporting period, the section participated in 5 live exercises, 9 STP exercises, 4 live ECM exercises and 6 Active Defense Exercises. The following accomplishments were also not ED during this reporting period. There were 4,541 flight plans processed, 26 unknown tracks in the complex, 61 practice intercepts and 22 sorties flown with the 416 FIS from Chatham. During this period the Operations Training Section updated lesson Plans on SAC EWO and Surveillance Procedures and reproduced all lesson plans for the 37th Air Division Standardization Evaluation Team to assist in the standardization of training on a Division wide level. Six people were evaluated for Operational Ready status – two initially and four for annual recheck, all qualified. OJT training progressed at a rapid rate, although no upgrade CDC tests were scheduled. The Operations TESTO proficiency training/testing program advanced substantially. 348 tests were administered and 24 were re-tested. A complete revision of all OOI’s was undertaken and completed during this period. Job descriptions were updated, and a permanent Operations Memo book was begun to ensure that all policy letters which are of a permanent nature remain at the easy access of the Crew Chiefs. The 0-15 Scope Camera was installed in Scope I in the Operations Room, and the Radio Monitor function became a permanent part of the Ops Room. The Alert-Warning Board was redesigned to accommodate new format code words, and format cards revised. Among them was a special card for the reporting of FORSTAT information to the 37th Air Division. This FORSTAT Report replaced the RCS V-27 Report and is now a daily voice report.

    Communications and Electronics:

    During this quarter the manning was 42 authorized, 41 assigned with 12 gains and 10 losses. A Depot Level Maintenance was accomplished on all height equipment. Many subsystem components were replaced. The complete repair was accomplished in an excellent manner. A rehabilitation of all power and video cables was completed on the AN/FPS-90 and has improved the equipment cabling nomenclature and routing very much. A rehabilitation of all power and video cables was also completed on the AN/FPS-93 and improved the equipment cabling nomenclature and routing tremendously. All UPA-35 scopes, GPA Video Mapper, GPA-127 scopes, GPX-27 Interface Blanker were overhauled by the depot team. An excellent job was done on all equipment. Disposition instructions were received and completed for the removal and shipment of the AN/GPS-T4 Simulator to Hofn NAS, Iceland. AN/GPS-T2 was relocated in a different room in the Operations Building. The requirement for VHF channel (Foxtrot), 122.2 MC was deleted. Disposition instructions have been requested for all excess equipment. A panel was installed to allow any air-to-ground radio channels to be recorded in an emergency. This improves the safety factor for controlling aircraft during an emergency. Three personnel were upgraded during this period: one to seven level, and two to five level.

    Civil Engineering:

    The Mobile Maintenance Team worked on the following projects during this quarter: MEL WO 116-66, alter stairways, building S-1570 and S-1571, 100% complete. Note: New WO written to alter remaining stairway. MEL WO 103-66, maintain heating system, 90% complete; MEL WO 102-67, maintain and repair building S-1581 Motor Pool, 50% completed. MEL WO 204-67, repair ceiling in Dining Hall, 40% completed; MEL WO 122-66, repair floors Operations Hallways, 70% completed. The Canadian Marconi Company worked on the following projects: Installed the stop check valves in the Steam Plant; checked out and made necessary repairs to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System; replaced piston and cylinder lines on Power Plant diesel unit. In-House Project – MEL 139-68, repair Snack Bar floor, 100% completed. Status of O&M projects is as follows: MEL 6-7 (AFCS), construct additional Radio Relay facility, under contract; MEL 3-7, construct water line, deleted; MEL 3-8, maintain paint various facilities, approved 75%; MEL 4-8, maintain roadways and parking areas, approved; MEL 5-8, construct additional Operations Building, disapproved by 1AF; MEL 6-8 (AFCS), alter latrine sewer line, approved; MEL 3-9, construct support (CEIP 7HI6R), approved; MCP Project Status: Comm Power Alteration, approved. Sanitary Sewage Pump Station (AFCS), ADC approved. Airmen Dormitory, disapproved by 1AF. Construct Protection Shelter, ADC approved. Personnel Actions: Losses – none. Gains: none. Equipment Status: All Heating Plant equipment except for temporary blow down line is 100% operational. All Power Plant equipment is 100% operational.

    Station Support:

    During the past quarter austere funding has been in effect and close coordination between all sections has been accomplished to assure maximum utilization of all resources. Due to the projected close out of other division sites this unit has received considerable lateral support in the area of housekeeping and office supplies which has helped to ease the shortage of these items caused by austere funding. During the past quarter, Mr. Gilbert Smith was employed as a Supply Clerk in Material Control, this was the only personnel change in Supply. No major equipment items were received during this period.

    Food Service:

    Several personnel changes occurred in Food Service. Three NCOs and one A/1C departed the station. A new ceiling is being installed in the Dining Hall with a completion date of 10 April 68.

    Motor Pool:

    During the past quarter a new manning change came into effect. The total number authorized did not change however. Civilian slot was converted to a Staff Sergeant slot.


    The mission change which occurred in the last quarter continued to have a great effect on the unit. Manpower authorization changed frequently leaving the personnel situation in a state of flux. Renewed emphasis was placed on the OJT and Retention Programs. These two programs are being constantly reviewed and improved in conjunction with Command interest. A program to improve living conditions on the station has been initiated with plans being made to rehabilitate community areas and barracks as funds permit. Planning has begun for the spring and summer recreation programs in the hopes that some lateral support can be secured in recreation supplies from sites which are closing.


    Routine work load accomplished and no exceptional incidents occurring during this reporting period.

    Prepared By: Francis B Brake, Captain, USAF

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Lee M Trowbridge, Lt. Col., USAF



    Operations Personnel Manning