Goose Bay, Labrador

1959 – APO 677 Unit 5, New York, Frobisher Bay, NWT – Kevin O’Reilly


APO 677 opened in 1942 and was located at Goose Bay, Labrador. Unit 5 of APO 677 was located at Frobisher Bay and may have served the Americans there in the interim between the closing of APO 863 in 1955 and the opening of APO 228 in 1960. APO 863 seems to coincide with American activities at Frobisher Bay related to the construction of the DEW Line. Unit 5 was used even though the mailing address was APO 440 and likely served the Pinetree radar site.

The following Unit designations may have been used to number the full APO’s when they opened in 1959 as follows: Unit 1 (APO 432 Cape Warwick, Resolution Island), Unit 2 (APO 433 Cartwright), Unit 3 (APO 434 Hopedale), Unit 4 (APO 439 Saglek), and Unit 5 (APO 440 Frobisher Bay)

Opened: late 1950’s (New York Port of Embarkation)

Closed: early 1960’s

Postal Markings:


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