Goose Bay, Labrador

1956 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division



of the
641st ACWRON


1 April 1956 to 30 June 1956







History of the 641st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
1 April 1956 to 30 June 1956



Prepared for the Office of Information Services
64th Air Division (Defense)
Second Lieutenant James A Voor (Historical Officer)


20 July 1956



(64th Air Division (Defense), Northeast Air Command


James A Voor
2nd Lt., USAF


Paul H Hansen
Major, USAF



Operations Section

The squadron Operations Section continued in the accomplishment of its mission despite a large increase in air traffic and the serious shortage of Directors and Controllers. The following chart shows the number of tracks picked up in the Labrador Complex during the period of 1 April to 30 June 1956.






Initial Tracks





Number of initial unknowns





Number of unknowns intercepted





Number of remaining unknowns





The operations personnel continued to carry on training in conjunction with the 59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. This training is designed to increase the proficiency of our directors as well as that of the interceptor crews. The following chart shows the number of intercepts made during the quarter.






90 degree beam intercepts





Identification Intercepts





In addition, this unit is continually called upon to provide routine navigational assistance which is increasing along with the increased traffic carried in this complex. The following breakdown shows the number of assists given aircraft during this reporting period:






Routine Navigational Assists





Emergency Navigational Assists





We are experiencing better co-ordination with both the RAPCON unit at Goose Air Base and the Military Flight Service Center. However, our teletype communications facilities have been inoperative much of the time due to cable troubles between our Site and Goose Air Base. This situation has improved somewhat in recent weeks.

New pre-plot maps have been installed in the Movements and Identification Section showing radar coverage at 15,000 feet altitude.

This direction center has assisted in several SAC refuelling missions. We still do not have a SAC liaison officer.

On Armed Forces Day our squadron presented a display at Goose Air Base showing the importance of aircraft control and warning radar in the defense of the United States and Canada. The display, attended by an officer and five airmen, consisted of a PPI scope and plotting board with simulated air traffic. Attendance at our display was excellent.

Radar and Communications Maintenance

Preparations for the annual overhaul have been made during recent weeks. We are attempting to obtain enough cable and connectors to replace our video and trigger cables during this overhaul. The yearly job of painting the radomes has been completed this last month.

Plans for relocating the operations room during the forthcoming modifications are being finalized. This change requires the rerouting of all CPS-6B, FPS-502 and TPS-502 cabling.

The 15-J-1C Simulator (UPS-TA) has been placed back in operation on 31 May 1956. Two months were spent in trouble shooting and relocating the unit. The main difficulty encountered was incomplete modification. Some portions had been previously modified and others not. The employment of the jammer into the new system required several circuit board modifications. However, the height finder simulator unit is still not operational. We are attempting to place it in operation using TPS-502 indicator and presentation. The additional plugs and cables required will be fabricated locally.

The CPS-6B antenna drive system has been practically rebuilt with a new gear box and amplidyne placed in operation.

The TPS-502 has been placed in continuous operation. This has resulted in less maintenance so far. More effective training of height finder operators can be accomplished, since the PM periods had been of such short duration.

The TROPO site and our tech line have been connected so power can be obtained for the TROPO diesels for radar operation or TROPO operation can be obtained from our diesels.

The wire maintenance section has completed the re-accomplishment of the site cable records. All pairs on the base telephone cable are now in use. Grounding of pairs on this cable is common due to the high precipitation. Goose Air Base personnel are attempting to remedy this situation.

The Philco Trainer has been inventoried and reassembled. This equipment will be used extensively in the near future.

The teletype machines have been cleaned and rearranged for better efficiency.

The LF site now has adequate power for its operation since the transformer at the main site has been recently replaced.

In compliance with 64th Air Division (Defense), ADOC 5-58, 28 May 1956, all Low Frequency Radio Networks were deactivated on 28 May 1956.


On-the-job training has been emphasized with the result that thirty-six (36) airmen have been upgraded during this quarter.

Military training also continues with special attention being given to the Site Defense Plan. A schedule of Military Training appears in Annex "A".

Attendance at the monthly Commander’s Calls was 100%. The topics discussed included "USAF Weapons Systems Concept", "Off Duty Educational Services Program", and AFL 123-11 and AFR123-11.

The squadron participated in the first formation at Goose Air Base this year by sending 108 personnel to march in the parade. Plans are to continue the fine showing by regular participation in this event.

Air Installations

The repainting of the Operations, Radar Maintenance and Communications sections has been completed. The painting of the Dining Hall, corridors, and living quarters is now under way.

New storage areas for AIO equipment and supplies have been prepared. Outside storage is being kept to a minimum.

The Preventative Maintenance team from Goose Air Base arrived here during May and have now completed their cycle here. This was their first visit. The team is expected back in August to complete the outside work and the heating system overhaul.

A general overhaul and clean up of the water supply system has been accomplished by site personnel. Several leaks have been repaired and a new system pipe installation installed.

Top overhauls have been made on the Diesel generators and they and their associated air and fuel lines have been repainted and marked. Our request to install a 2 inch coolant shutoff valve on each generator has been approved by the support base. This will expedite maintenance involving coolant leaks.

Circuit diagrams of the power room, boiler room, and pump house have been completed. Squadron memoranda setting forth standard procedures for operating these facilities have been published and are posted.

The heated garbage storage room is now a reality.


The AF Form 84B’s maintained for items in Tech Supply had previously been filed by item number for each of the radar sets and major components of the communications equipment. This arrangement proved unsatisfactory because in certain instances three or more forms were being maintained on the same item. The AF Form 84B’s are now being filed in stock number sequence and consolidation has begun in all instances where duplication existed.

The screening of 1955 back orders for requirements has been completed. Approximately 80% of the back orders were cancelled due to old age or non-existent requirements.

The priority section of base supply located at Harmon Air Force Base has been rendering commendable service. Our outstanding priority requisitions have been given prompt consideration.

Spare parts for the NE-11 phone plant were received. The receipt of furniture for quarters has eliminated shortages of several line items. Receipt of additional UAL type equipment is expected in the near future.

Motor Pool

The report of vehicle use from 21 March 1956 through 22 June 1956 is as follows:







Tonnage (lbs.)


Gasoline (gals.)


Oil (Qts.)




We have had several vehicle breakdowns. A study of our transportation operations from November 1955 to May 1956 has been sent to our support base in an effort to replace some of our vehicle and to obtain some additional ones.

Our motor pool picked up a work load of 724 miles and 344 passengers during the period transporting the Preventative Maintenance team and radome painters.

The squadron has driven 116,061 miles during the last 364 days without an accident. This is an enviable record for any squadron even without considering the hazardous driving conditions encountered by our personnel.

Air Police

Just as the new pass system, mentioned in the last quarterly report, was completed, one of the passes in use, NEAC Form 205-1A, was declared obsolete. The Squadron Memorandum has been rewritten and problems concerning the pass system have been solved. For a while we were having a problem getting the passes laminated but that also has been worked out.

The Operations Plan (Site Defense) has been completed and forwarded to 64th Air Division (Defense). Squadron Memorandums have been written and squadron personnel acquainted with the Site Defense Alerts.

The major problem in this section has been the shortage of personnel. It was necessary to use personnel from other sections to accomplish these duties.

Special Services

We have received 24 applications for USAFI GED tests for both High School and College level. Six airmen have completed their tests and received their diplomas.

A new squadron educational program was initiated during May. This program is affiliated with the Goose Air Base Education Office. At present we are conducting two classes in Algebra. Twelve (12) airmen filled applications for the Algebra I class taught by Second Lieutenant Voor and fourteen (14) signed for the Algebra II class taught by Second Lieutenant Woulbroun. Enough men have shown interest in a Calculus course, that plans are being made to start this class shortly.

The squadron library has been improved by the construction of a modern semi-partition which separates the librarians desk and stacks from the library proper. The Goose Air Base library is now supplying us with one block of twenty-five newly published books per month. Each block is to be returned upon receiving a new block.

A USO Camp Show in May and the Johnny McCormick Band in June spent evenings on the "hill". As usual the groups outdid themselves and we had two wonderful evenings.

Major General Griswald, Deputy Commander, SAC, visited us during June for the primary purpose of seeing our MARS station and its operator, Sergeant Leroy W James. Our Amateur Radio Station has contacted nearly all of the 48 states, many European countries and Greenland. Sergeant James has completed 304 phone patches for both base and site personnel during the quarter. This represents quite a few phone calls home.

The "Tops in Blue" winners also performed for us one evening this quarter. Airman First Class William M King, from our squadron, performed with the winners. A feature story on "Tops in Blue" finalist, Airman King, was prepared and sent to Goose Air Base Information Services Officer for release.

The softball team will play in the Division tournament which begins 28 July at Pepperrell Air Force Base. The ping-pong tournament has been completed and the horseshoe tournament is getting under way.

The new equipment received includes spinning rods and reels, snowshoes, gym mats and lounge furniture.

Annex "A"

Military Training Schedule