Kamloops, BC

1998 - Radome and Search Antennae Recycling - Ren L'Ecuyer

I was fortunate to find Ray Dunsdon who was the last Commanding Officer at CFS Kamloops when it closed down in 1988. It appears that Ray was able to purchase the radome that once housed the main search radar antenna in 1994. This radome was dismantled in chunks and moved to his farm in the Kamloops area. Footings were eventually constructed and it took about a week to reassemble the radome. Fortunately, there were no high winds during the assembly process. And the radome, what ever became of that - you might ask? Well. the radome continues to live in a second life - serving as a storage area for Ginseng. Ray also mentioned that the search antenna itself has been established as a memorial on Lorne Street in Kamloops. Needless to say, I intend to drop in for a visit and take some photographs the next time I am in the Kamloops area. We will eventually add these photos to the web site.

-- Ren L'Ecuyer