Kamloops, BC

1962 – Historical Report – Keith Carson

Historical Report
RCAF Station Kamloops
1 January 1962 to 31 December 1962


The 825th AC&W Squadron USAF, was formed at Mount Lolo some fifteen miles north-east of the city of Kamloops, BC, in September 1957. From this date until 1 March 1959, it operated on a caretaker status only. On 2 March 59, the Unit became an operational part of the 25th NORAD Region.

The 825th AC&W Squadron, USAF, is the third of eleven Group III Pinetree radar sites to be handed over to the RCAF. Details and procedures for the handover of this and other sites are contained in the document "Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Handover of Group III Radar Sites from the USAF to the RCAF. This plan is commonly referred to as the "Group III Site Phasing Plan".

Turning over a military base to forces of another government, be the arrangement ever so friendly, is a complicated procedure.

US Air Defence Command, the USAF component of the North American Air Defence Command, and the RCAF Air Defence Command, the Canadian component, have pretty well worked out the details.

The Pinetree system of radars runs across the continent near the US – Canadian border. All of the system’s installations are on Canadian soil.

Detailed plans for physical inventory of technical and unit equipment have resulted from long hours of study and conference. Contracts for such items as petroleum, food, laundry service, etc. must be closed out simultaneously with re-establishment of service and supply sources by the RCAF. Overlap of incoming and outgoing personnel must be rigidly controlled because of limited quarters available at isolated Pinetree sites.

Work begins 90 days before the handover (referred to as "D minus 90 – D-90", when the RCAF project officer arrives. A USAF project officer acts in a co-ordinating capacity. RCAF men arrive gradually. Functions are assumed on a phased schedule – food service D-45; unit administration D-45; medical/dental D-30; radio/radar maintenance D-20; RCAF commander D-15; etc.

All this is necessary to keep the North American air surveillance functioning smoothly and without interruption, to insure continuity of one part of the continental watch against surprise air attack.

The 4602nd Support Wing (USAF) located in Ottawa is responsible for the USAF phase-out and handover of each site. It supplies a team to inspect facilities and equipment and to insure their adequacy to support an operational site. These men also initiate any action necessary to resolve problems beyond the authority of the radar site to handle.

1 Jan 62

The AFHQ Organization Order applicable to RCAF Station Kamloops has been amended so that the effective date of the establishment has been advanced from 1 Feb to 1 Jan 62, and this will be used as the activation date. D-Day will be 1 Apr 62. F/L EC (Cliff) Turner reported on transfer from ADCHQ for duty as the Senior Supply Officer.

8 Jan 62

F/L AW (Bill) Stewart, a Tech/Tel officer, arrived on TD from AFHQ Ottawa. F/L Stewart will be the RCAF Project Officer during the handover of the base. In addition he will be the Acting Commanding Officer for all RCAF personnel until the arrival of the CO, S/L DE Biden.

10 Jan 62

F/L EH (Ted) Miller arrived on TD from ADCHQ to fill the appointment of PAdO. Until the arrival of the CAdO on D-40, F/L Miller will also act as the Messes & Institutes Officer.

11 Jan 62

The Advance Party set up housekeeping in Building 27. This is a small building labelled "Supply Warehouse" on the site plan. Three desks and chairs, a typewriter and a telephone were installed for the use of the Advance Party. The "Auto Log", supply system terminology for "automatic logistics" began to arrive today. The "Auto Log" is the supply of basic supply items shipped to each site to enable the RCAF element to begin operations. It includes forms, stationery, publications, etc. The warehouse space allotted to the RCAF is adequate.

12 Jan 62

F/L’s Stewart and Miller visited Mr. TK Rowe, the Superintendent of the RCN Ammunition Depot in Kamloops. Mr. Frank Barber, the Depot Civilian Personnel Officer, will handle all civilian personnel matters for the RCAF, especially the enrolment, documentation, until the RCAF CPO is hired. As it would be necessary to screen civilian applicants for employment as cooks and kitchen helpers in time for them to be hired by D-45 (15 Feb) the Acting CO requested that Sgt. Worner (the NCO i/c Mess Hall effective 1 Feb 62) be authorized to report on TD to Kamloops for this purpose. ADCHQ and ATCHQ approved the TD.

15 Jan 62

Mr. Kennedy of the Corps of Commissionaires in Vancouver was contacted concerning the employment of six Commissionaires as guards effective 1 Apr 62. As he had no knowledge of this requirement, the Acting CO sent a message to ADCHQ requesting that action be initiated to procure the Commissionaire personnel. F/L’s Stewart and Miller visited the local radio station, CFJC. They met with Mr. Walter Harwood, the station manager, and Mr. Gordon Rye, the news editor. Arrangements were made to have spot announcements broadcast bringing the public’s attention to the fact that a large number of RCAF personnel would be arriving shortly. Anyone having accommodation available for rent were requested to get in touch with the RCAF office at the radar site. Later in the day, visits were made to the local Postmaster to arrange for the receipt and dispatch of RCAF mail, and to the offices of the BC Coach lines Ltd. To obtain prices for bus service between the town and the RCAF Station.

17 Jan 62

Col. DP Kearney, CO of the 11 RCDC Company, Edmonton, arrived to carry out a survey of dental equipment held at the base. F/L’s Stewart and Miller, and Sgt. Worner (see entry for 12 Jan) began interviewing civilian applicants for jobs in the Mess Hall. Office accommodation for the interviews was provided by the National Employment Service in Kamloops. Pay rates for cooks were not available and those for kitchen helpers and waitresses were set in 1958. Some difficulty was experienced in recruiting personnel. This problem was reported to ADCHQ in the Unit’s second Weekly Report.

18 Jan 62

General Allowance Forms were forwarded to ADCHQ today to obtain recoverable advances under QR(Air) 210.38 for the Station Fund, Officers Mess and Sergeants Mess. ADCHQ approved the use of service vehicles between the Station and town under the provisions of AFAO 20-00-16.

19 Jan 62

The GATR (Ground-Air-Transmitting-Receiving) site is now 90% complete pending checks of the equipment.

23 Jan 62

A list of personnel comprising the first phase-in of RCAF personnel was prepared and distributed to USAF and RCAF sections.

26 Jan 62

In preparation for the arrival of the RCAF airmen the top floor of Barrack Block 6 was inventoried and transferred to the RCAF today. Liaison between the various USAF sections and their RCAF counterparts continue to be excellent.

27 Jan 62

Lt. Col. G Trimble, the USAF base commander, departed on re-assignment. He has been replaced by Major WS Meyer, who was base commander at Beausejour on its handover to the RCAF in Oct 61.

29 Jan 62

The following RCAF officers reported in:

F/L CJJ Forget


F/L J Maxwell


F/O RG Hermanson


F/O RA Purcell


30 Jan 62

Exceptionally mild weather of forty-eight degrees above prevailed today.

1 Feb 62

All RCAF personnel who had arrived to date assembled in the Station Theater where they were welcomed by the USAF Base Commander, Major Meyer. Major Hicks, the COpsO, briefed the operations personnel on Ops matters and F/L AW Stewart, the RCAF Acting CO, briefed the group on the requirements peculiar to this base and the surrounding locality. The RCAF signed for all real property on the base today. F/L WD Hawke, COpsO, reported for duty.

7 Feb 62

In preparation for the eventual take-over of the Officer’s Mess, an RCAF Officers Mess Committee was set up with F/L Turner as PMC, F/L Miller as Secretary and F/O Purcell as Bar Officer.

13 Feb 62

F/L Stewart visited the former RCAF ammunition depot at Rayleigh, ten miles north of Kamloops with a view to obtaining married quarters area for possible use by RCAF Station Kamloops. He found out that the buildings were on a caretaker basis and in poor state of repair. As the buildings were not habitable and renovation costs would be too high, the project was dropped.

15 Feb 62

RCAF Station Kamloops became self-accounting this date and published its first Daily Routine Orders. The RCAF took over the operation of the Combined Mess Hall. An immediate improvement was noticed in the standard of meals served.

16 Feb 62

ADCHQ authorized Dr. Beesley of the Irving Clinic to act as the Medical Officer for the Station. All cases will be seen by the Station MIR and then referred to the Irving Clinic for treatment.

19 Feb 62

The new CAdO, F/L WC (Bill) Short, reported for duty.

20 Feb 62

The D-40 phase-in of RCAF personnel reported today. The RCAF took over the operation of the NPF Gas Pumps.

23 Feb 62

A formal dining-in night was held in the Officers Mess with USAF and RCAF officers and their wives attending.

28 Feb 62

All classified documents in the Operations Section were handed over to RCAF custody. The phase-in of RCAF personnel is progressing satisfactorily and no major problems have been encountered.

1 Mar 62

The RCAF took over the operation of the Motor Transport Section today. Two RCAF Teletype Operators have replaced the USAF personnel in the Message Center and are filling shift positions. Five FtrCops have been trained and area completely manning the switchboard. Complete technical manning of the communication facilities is being carried out by the RCAF. Sixteen RCAF Radar Technicians are employed in regular shift positions. The radar function will be taken over by the RCAF on 10 Mar.

5 Mar 62

F/L Hawke, the RCAF COpsO, and three officers departed on five days TD to the Spokane Air Defence Sector HQ, HQ 25th NORAD Region and to the Seattle NORAD Control Center for cross-training and familiarization.

6 Mar 62

S/L Hudson, ADCHQ PRO, and Lt. Melnick, 4602nd Support Squadron (USAF) Ottawa, arrived to prepare for the handing-over ceremonies scheduled for later this month.

7 Mar 62

It has been decided that the handing-over parade and ceremonies will take place at 1030 hours on 21 Mar 62. G/C DLS MacWilliam, CO RCAF Station Cold Lake, will represent the RCAF; and Colonel GG Atkinson, Commander SPADS, will represent the USAF. A press release announcing the handover was delivered to the local news media.

9 Mar 62

The Unit was released from operational commitments for a 21 day period during the change-over from FPS-3 radar to the FPS-20 equipment.

15 Mar 62

The following secondary duties were allotted:


F/L Meinert


F/O Leshchyshyn

Aircrew Co-ordinator

F/L Filyk

Ops Flt Commanders

F/L’s Abbott, Hincke and Meinert

16 Mar 62

Controller and FtrCops have been hampered by the installation of the FPS-20 radar and the lack of serviceable synthetic trainers. Academic training is progressing and it is expected that all operations personnel will be assigned to their duties by 25 Mar.

21 Mar 62

In a ceremony that lasted eleven minutes, control of the radar base at Kamloops was transferred from the USAF to the RCAF. (A copy of the programme which was used during the ceremony follows). G/C MacWilliam’s speech follows:

"The taking over of the radar site at Kamloops by the RCAF marks another step in implementing the Pinetree Line Agreement signed a short time ago by the Governments of the United States and Canada. It brings RCAF personnel into a community where the relationship between the civilian population and the officers and men of the USAF at the base has been cordial, friendly and mutually helpful.

I am sure that the RCAF personnel will, in their dual role as citizens and military men, fit into the life of this progressive area and that they will soon become active participants in community affairs.

I would like to compliment the American Commander on the condition of this base and to thank him for handing it over to the RCAF in such good operational condition.

The USAF and RCAF have worked side by side in the Pinetree Line for almost a decade. We shall miss the assistance of the USAF personnel in operating this important part of the North American Air Defence System. We know, however, that the two Air Forces will continue to work together under the broader aegis of NORAD, and that in effect we shall continue to work as a team with one goal in mind, to discourage anyone from attacking our two countries.

I wish to say "God Speed" to our American friends and to assure the people of Kamloops that the RCAF is looking forward to its role in the community".

The parade and ceremony was attended by the Mayors of Kamloops and North Kamloops and other distinguished citizens, and representatives of the Army and Navy reserve forces in Kamloops.

Pinetree Line web site NOTE: There are a number of photographs of the hand-over ceremony available for viewing in the Kamloops, 1962 photo section of this web site.

Programme 4/62
For the Handing Over of
825 AC&W Squadron’s Kamloops Air Station
RCAF Air Defence Command
21 March 1962


Colonel GG Atkinson Jr., on behalf of the Commander USAF Air Defence Command, will hand over 825 AC&W Squadron’s Air Station at Kamloops, BC to Group Captain DLS MacWilliams, representing the Air Officer Commanding RCAF Air Defence Command, at a ceremony to be held at Kamloops on 21 Mar 62.


Times: Local (Pacific Standard Time)

Tuesday, 20 Mar 62


G/C MacWilliam arrives Kamloops


Col Atkinson and Col Veneziano arrive Kamloops


Met by Major Meyer and S/L Biden


Reception for visiting officers hosted by the Station Officers


Remainder of evening free

Wednesday, 21 Mar 62

1025 hrs

Party proceeds to ceremonial area

1030 hrs

Commencement of Handing-Over ceremony


Opening address by Major Meyer

1032 hrs

Handing-over address by Col. Atkinson

1035 hrs

Signing of Certificates

1037 hrs

Acceptance address by G/C MacWilliam

1040 hrs

Stars and Stripes and Canadian Red Ensign are lowered simultaneously by one USAF and one RCAF airman.


The Stars and Stripes is removed by the USAF airman, and replaced by the RCAF Ensign by a second RCAF airman.


The Canadian Red Ensign and the RCAF Ensign are raised simultaneously.


Music for the lowering and raising shall be in accordance with AFAO 62.00/01 para 43, 44 and 45.


All officers will face the Ensign and salute during both the lowering and raising ceremonies.


Honour Guard will be drawn up in flight formation facing the Ensigns, and will be brought to attention prior to the Ensign lowering.

1045 hrs

Proceed to the Reception Lounge

1050 hrs

Receiving line will form inside the Reception Lounge, composed as follows: G/C MacWilliam, Col Atkinson, Col Veneziano, S/L Biden and Major Meyer.


An RCAF officer is to be detailed by S/L Biden to announce the Guests and Station Officers.

1100 hrs

Reception – Buffet Luncheon

1200 hrs

Col Atkinson and party depart

Administrative Arrangements

1. Air Defence Command HQ – RCAF

  1. Provide handing-over certificates.
  2. Arrange publicity for function, in conjunction with Station Kamloops PRO.
  3. Provide ceremonial assistance in conjunction with 4602nd Support Wing USAF, Ottawa.

2. Kamloops Air Station

  1. Invitation to guests
  2. Provide required equipment for the ceremony, i.e. chairs, table, PA system, music, ensigns, guests parking etc.
  3. Provide escorts for visitors
  4. Provide Honour Guard
  5. Provide publicity in conjunction with SOPR ADC
  6. Provide transport as required
  7. Provide reception

3. Dress

(a) Handing-over ceremony:

USAF – Class "A" uniform

RCAF – No. 5 winter dress

(b) Guard Commander and Honour Guard uniforms as in 3(a).

(N Thorp) W/C

26 Mar 62

All FtrCops have been assigned to crews. Due to the lack of interception training, officers cannot be assigned to crews until 2 Apr. Although still hampered by a lack of electronics training facilities, it is expected that by 1 Apr the Operations Section will be functioning satisfactorily under RCAF control.

30 Mar 62

The FPS-20 radar became operational today.

31 Mar 62

The last day of USAF administration at Station Kamloops. The following press release was made:

Change of Commanders at Mount Lolo

Major William S Meyer relinquishes command of the 825th AC&W Squadron, Mount Lolo, effective 31st March on the hand-over of the Squadron to the Royal Canadian Air Force. Major Meyer had previously served in Canada as an instructor in the RCAF. In 1943, he transferred to the US Army Air Force and served in the Atlantic theatre of war.

Released in 1946, he was recalled to active duty during the Korean War and served in Germany with a troop carrier group. On his return to the United States in 1954, he was employed in various staff positions and in 1957 became associated with the Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons. His assignment at Mount Lolo marked his fourth such station he has commanded. In assuming his new duties as Commander 637 Radar Squadron at Othello, Washington, Major and Mrs Meyer carry with them the best wishes and appreciation of the RCAF and their many friends in Kamloops.

Wishing them bon voyage is the new Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Douglas E Biden, who now takes command of the 56 AC&W Squadron, RCAF Station Kamloops.

31 Mar 62

The last official act of the hand-over took place at 2359 hours 31 Mar when a group of USAF and RCAF officers took readings of the hydroelectric meters on the unit for final billing of the USAF.

5 Apr 62

56 AC&W Squadron provided radar surveillance for Trans-Canada Airline Flight 805 which reported a minor in-flight emergency.

18 Apr 62

Station Kamloops participated in its first large scale exercise since 1 Apr. A total recall of personnel was initiated and the security defence plan was put into effect.

4 May 62

Two CF-101B’s from Station Comox were controlled by 56 AC&W Squadron – the first we have had. Station Kamloops entered a softball team in the local town league. Uniforms and equipment were left to us by the USAF. Their first game was a resounding success.

9 May 62

The deficiency of Power Plant Operators at this unit has reached the critical stage, and could affect the operational capability of the base. ADCHQ and SPADS HQ were informed of the situation and ADC HQ was requested to cancel establishment deletions to allow full manning of the Diesel Plant.

10 May 62

Live exercise.

14 May 62

F/L Maxwell, SGTO, attended a command SGTO conference at ADCHQ. Unit commenced wearing of summer dress.

15 May 62

W/C’s Rodger and Gallagher, the Command Protestant and Roman Catholic chaplains respectively, visited the unit for a two day period. During their stay, they attended a luncheon in the Officers Mess at which they met the clergy of the local Kamloops churches.

21 May 62

Live exercise.

23 May 62

F/L LS Williams, ADCHQ Recreation Staff, carried out a two-day visit to the unit – the first Staff Inspection we have had. His report contained no major observations – a satisfactory visit. The unit held its first station parade. One hundred and fifteen personnel were on parade. The CO, in his address to the personnel, commended them on an exceedingly smart turn-out.

25 May 62

F/L Archer, SSupO, Station Vancouver, and West Coast co-ordinator for the "Golden Hawks" informed the CO that the aerobatic team would be available for a display at Kamloops on the 29 May. Despite the short notice, the offer was accepted and an ad hoc committee comprising of the CO, CTSO, CAdO, and the SSupO, met with the Town Councils of Kamloops and North Kamloops to plan the event. The City of Kamloops had previously requested the attendance of the Golden Hawks in connection with the City’s 150th anniversary celebrations, but had been refused by AFHQ.

28 May 62

The unit provided flight surveillance for the two Heron aircraft of the Queen’s Flight transporting His Royal Highness Prince Philip to Kamloops. In addition, we supplied security guards for the aircraft during their stay at Fulton Field, Kamloops.

6 – 9 Jun 62

F/L’s EP Phillips and FA Golding, Command SOPA staff, arrived for a two-day inspection of the unit administration and M&I services. They found that all Messes and Institutes had been properly organized and are operating in accordance with existing regulations. The administrative staff is most capable and adequately meeting the function of the unit.

7 – 9 Jun 62

G/C TJ Powell, ADC SO Medical Services visited the Station.

12 Jun 62

Live ECM exercise.

14 Jun 62

Live exercise.

18 Jun 62

An urgent call was received from Superintendent Harris of the local RCMP to the effect that three of his Constables had been killed by gun shots fired by a maniac. He requested our assistance in providing armed assistance to his RCMP detachment in apprehending the criminal. Ten airmen of Cpl. Rank with F/L Forget in charge were dispatched to town. They were used on highway patrol south of the City. The gunman was eventually shot by an RCMP Constable without the Air Force guard being involved in the actual apprehension.

21 Jun 62

Live exercise. Five officers and twelve airmen from the unit attended the funeral of three RCMP Constables who were killed on Tuesday 18 Jun, as representatives of the Air Force in Kamloops.

25 Jun 62

F/O D Wagner, ADC SO MSE, did a two-day inspection of the Mobile Equipment Section.

26 Jun 62

The CO’s position on the establishment has been upgraded from S/L to W/C on authority of AL42/62 to the 1962/63 Establishment. The following promotion and PC were announced effective 1 Jun 62: F/O DG Buckle – promoted to F/L; F/O SE Husband – receives his PC.

1 Jul 62

The designator of Station Kamloops, SM153, was changed to C-153 effective today.

2 Jul 62

S/L Biden departed for Station Cold Lake to attend the Fighter Controller Course.

6 Jul 62

Notice received of the promotion of the Commanding Officer to A/W/C. He was notified at Station Cold Lake where he is attending a Fighter Controller Course.

10 Jul 62

A group of USAF and RCAF officers from SPADS, 116th FIS and 498th FIS visited the Operations site.

13 Jul 62

Live exercise.

19 Jul 62

A Cessna 195 (#9836A) reported lost west of Ashcroft. Radio contact was made but no radar contact. Message of approximate position was passed to S&R, and CF-101B was scrambled from Comox. The aircraft eventually landed safely at Vescendy.

20 Jul 62

Live exercise.

2 Aug 62

Live exercise.

3 Aug 62

Live exercise.

8 Aug 62

ECM exercise.

10 Aug 62

Live exercise.

14 Aug 62

ECM demonstration.

16 Aug 62

Playmate 7 Live exercise.

17 Aug 62

A security exercise was held today. The Rocky Mountain Rangers, a local Army Militia unit participated by sending in twelve infiltrators. They approached the Lower Area Guardhouse in a private car and were successful in "destroying" the guardhouse and its occupants. They dropped off one soldier who managed to pin down the lower area security guards until he was finally "eliminated". The remainder of the crew, after sawing through the chained gate proceeded to the Ops area. Abandoning their vehicle about a mile from the Ops Area, they approached on foot but were all either "killed" or "captured" before they could penetrate the area. At the exercise debriefing the following day, Captain Talbot, the leader of the Rocky Mountain Ranger team, pointed out our errors and where we could tighten up our security.

18 – 19 Aug 62

The Station Softball team journeyed to Vancouver to enter the BC Zone Play-offs leading to the RCAF Championships. The smallest station represented at the tourney, they assumed the role of giant killers by winning three of their four games against Holberg, Comox and Vancouver. They defeated Holberg once, Vancouver twice and lost to Vancouver once. They did not meet the Comox team. We now await the naming of the Alberta-Saskatchewan winner in order to proceed into the next round of competition.

20 Aug 62

F/L’s Stewart and Leavitt carried out an ADC SOAF inspection of the Accounts Section. Their report indicated a satisfactory inspection. ECM exercise.

21 Aug 62

A synthetic exercise "Desk Top" was held today.

25 Aug 62

Station Cold Lake arrived by air to play against the Station softball team in the Air Force Play-downs. We lost the first game 4 – 2 and won the second game 2 – 0 with Cpl. Warren pitching a one hit game.

26 Aug 62

The third and deciding game was rained out and was postponed to Monday 27 Aug.

27 Aug 62

The softball diamond in Kamloops was unplayable due to the heavy rainfall on Sunday. It was therefore decided to play the game at the Station ball park, at 1100 hours. The game was played in damp cold weather with Cold Lake winning 8 – 4. Highlight of the game was the two consecutive home runs hit by LAC Howard of the winning team. S/L Bell-Irving, CO designate, Station Dana, arrived for 6 weeks familiarization visit. ADCHQ, the RCC Vancouver, and 5 Air Division HQ, Victoria, were informed by this unit that our Ground Search Rescue team has been trained and exercised sufficiently to be considered operational at this time.

28 Aug 62

S/L EH McCaffrey, Command Messing Officer, inspected the messing facilities of the unit during a three-day visit to Station Kamloops. She was very impressed with the standard of messing and rated the unit as "excellent". ECM exercise.

29 Aug 62

RCAF Cosmopolitan 11163 Vancouver to Cold Lake lost an engine at 19,000feet, descending 500 feet per minute, given steer to Calgary. Two F-89s were scrambled to intercept but were not necessary. The aircraft landed safely at Calgary. As a result, the following letter was received:

Air Officer Commanding
Air Defence Command
RCAF Station St. Hubert, Que.

Commendation – GCI Site "Critical Control"
RCAF CL 540 – 11163

  1. On 29 Aug 62, while flying from Comox to Cold Lake Alta., RCAF CL 540 registration 11163, belonging to 104 KU St. Hubert, experienced an engine failure at 23,000 feet. The prompt and accurate information provided by "Critical Control" greatly assisted landing at Calgary.
  2. May I express my sincere thanks to "Critical Control" for a job well done. Particular appreciation is due your controller who was on duty between the hours of 2200Z and 2300Z on 29 Aug 62. He is to be highly commended for his promptness of action and professional capability.

Signed by:
(WB Hodgson) G/C
CO RCAF Station St. Hubert, PQ

Note – the controller was F/L Dumont.

3 Sep 62

Exercise "Sky Shield", the continent-wide air defence exercise, was held today. By direction of ADCHQ no security plan was put into force.

6 – 7 Sep 62

Live exercise (Spokane Sector Tactical Evaluation).

10 – 11 Sep 62

F/L Hawke, COpsO, and F/L Stewart, CTSO, attended the COpsO/CTSO Conference at ADCHQ.

12 Sep 62

ECM exercise.

14 Sep 62

The Station Softball team (see entry for 4 May 62) won the Kamloops Senior Men’s championship last night when they took the seventh and deciding game by an 8 – 1 score with Cpl. Warren pitching a no-hit game.

15 Sep 62

Sgts. Mess held first Mess Dinner.

17 Sep 62

Unit commenced wearing Winter Dress.

20 – 22 Sep 62

F/L LM Flewelling and WO2 HR Gibbon, both ADC HQ, carried out a hygienic inspection of the Station. Their report contained only minor observations indicating a good hygienic standard at this station.

20 Sep 62

A Station Parade with 125 officers and airmen participating was held at 0800 hours today. After the inspection, the CO presented Canadian Forces Decorations to FS Chambers, Sgt. Gillen and Sgt. Ough.

1 Oct 62

LAC Perrier and Cpl. Miller were promoted effective 1 Oct 62. The following officers visited the unit today:

Major-General Spicer

Commander 25th NORAD Region

A/C GH Elms

Deputy Commander

Colonel RJ Ahearn

Commander, SPADS

Colonel RJ Garrigan

Director of Ops, 25th NORAD Region

Colonel JC Sides

Chaplain, 25th NORAD Region

G/C BE Christmas

Deputy for Ops, SPADS

F/L RJ Richardson

Aide to A/C Elms

The party arrived by USAF C-47 at 1015 hours. On arrival at the base, they visited the sections of the Admin. Area. Luncheon in the Combined Mess was attended by all available officers. At 1315 hours the party visited the Ops. Site. They departed by air at 1520 hours.

5 Oct 62

The Station Ground Search Party under the direction of F/L Abbott, departed 2300Z 4 Oct for Ninety-Three Mile House to investigate a possible old aircraft crash at position 51-32N, 121 30W. A civilian guide was hired. The search team was withdrawn 8 Oct after 48 hours of searching failed to locate the missing aircraft. Live exercise including implementation of the station defence plan. Originally a station re-call had been scheduled for approximately 0400 hours with the Rocky Mountain Rangers to "hit" the Ops area at 0500 hours. The Rangers proceeded by side roads to the top site during the previous evening, slept overnight and attacked as planned at 0500 hours. However, by coincidence, SPADS declared "Double Take Bravo" at 2000 hours the previous evening (4 Oct) with the result that the Air Force Guards were on patrol duty for nine hours when the enemy attacked. Although the defences at the Ops Area accounted for some of the infiltrators, a few did penetrate the compound and the Ops building (by breaking a window and unlocking the door) and put the unit out of commission.

13 Oct 62

The Officers Mess held a Fall Formal dance and dinner at which numerous guests from Kamloops attended. As each member had invited at least one guest couple, some 94 attended. Following cocktails, at 2200 hours dancing was held in the Rec. Centre until midnight, after which all adjourned to the Station Dining Hall for a candlelight dinner to close the evening.

22 Oct 62

As a result of the Cuban quarantine, this unit went on DEFCON 4 effective 2359 hours 21 Oct. A meeting of section heads was called at 0800 hours today to discuss the necessary measures to be taken as called for in the ADC Emergency Defence Plan.

At 1803Z CINCNORAD declared DEFCON 5 (D) Status.

At 1848Z "Critical" informed that above alert status is actual.

At 2033Z CINCNORAD informs MINICOM 20 seconds at 1955Z.

23 Oct 62

At 0700Z DEFCON 3 declared.

24 Oct 62

1732Z CINCNORAD declares DEFCON 3 Charlie.

26 Oct 62

The student nursing staff of the Royal Island Hospital paid a visit to the unit which included a luncheon and a tour of the Operations site.

28 Oct 62

F/O Burnett, SSupO Designate for Puntzi Mountain, arrived for familiarization tour.

0100Z CINCNORAD declares state DEFCON 5.

6 Nov 62

Unidentified Flying Object reported to have impinged on a mountain near Tatla Lake.

8 Nov 62

The Commanding Officer presented CD’s to the following personnel: F/L JJ Maxwell, Sgt. JC Chisholm, Sgt. JG McDonald, Cpl. JEG Denis, Cpl. ED Fowler, Cpl. EL Jones, Cpl. AA Nuttall, LAC GJM Dore, LAC JPHL Lambert.

11 Nov 62

The RCAF Remembrance Day wreath was laid by LAC CA (Tony) Orr at the Kamloops Cenotaph. Tony was selected for the honour as he was the youngest RCAF member on parade. W/C Biden participated in the wreath-laying ceremony and took the salute during the march past.

12 Nov 62

F/L WC Short assumed duties of PAdO following the transfer of F/L EH Miller to Puntzi Mountain.

13 Nov 62

F/L Filyk proceeded to Alexis Creek to investigate metal samples allegedly fallen from UFO spotted 6 Nov. Object was found to be part of a chaff dispenser.

14 Nov 62

Units first MSE accident. F/L Hawke accompanied by LAC BD Mapson, overturned vehicle 146B 31-1983 on the lower hill road. Fortunately, no injuries were received by either individual.

15 Nov 62

Major Adlem, Capt. Lamont of RCASC Detail Issue Depot Vancouver visited the unit.

26 – 27 Nov 62

Operations staff inspection carried out by F/L’s DS Miller and JA Cline from ADC HQ.

30 Nov 62

F/L R Winchester carried out a test of the Unit’s EDP. Brig. Danby, BC Area Commandant, visited the Unit.

3 Dec 62

The RCADC Team composed of Capt. Paturel and Sgt. Shappee arrived for a two week tour to attend to the Unit’s dental needs.

3 – 7 Dec 62

F/L Qualifying Examinations were conducted. The required exams were written by F/L’s AW Stewart, WD Hawke, M Filyk, JJH Maxwell and WC Short.

9 Dec 62

F/O RG Hermanson and a party of five technicians proceeded to Othello Air Force Base Washington to attend a 3-day briefing on SAGE.

10 Dec 62

LAC J Wiens, Cook 1, arrived back from attending the Basic Cooks Course at Station Clinton.

12 Dec 62

W/C DE Biden (CO) and F/L AW Stewart (CTSO) proceeded to 25 Region Headquarters at Tacoma Washington to attend a CADIN briefing for 3 days.

13 Dec 62

A very successful Turkey Bingo was held in the Station Recreation Center. The RCAF Basketball team racked up another win – this time against the St. Ann’s Academy with a score of 62 – 51. A very good synthetic exercise was carried out by Ops.

14 Dec 62

The CE, MSE and Supply Sections held their Christmas Party in the Village Hotel.

15 Dec 62

The Telecom Section held a Christmas Party in the Valleyview Hall.

16 Dec 62

Sgt. HA Worner, NCO i/c the Mess Hall was transferred back to RCAF Station Vancouver.

18 Dec 62

A live exercise, however no fighters controlled.

19 Dec 62

The Station NCO’s were entertained by the Officers at a Stag.

20 Dec 62

Station Headquarters held a Christmas Dinner and Dance at Alec’s Bar-B-Que.

21 Dec 62

Sgt. N Hughes arrived on transfer from North Bay to assume duties of NCO i/c Composite Mess. The Station Christmas Get-together was held in the Station Recreation Hall for all service and civilian personnel.

22 Dec 62

F/O DN Vester became Combat Ready. Live exercise.

23 Dec 62

ADC SORA/RC paid a visit to the Unit and held Mass for those of his faith.

27 Dec 62

Station Officers were entertained by the Sgts. Mess at a Stag.

28 Dec 62

Promotions of the following officers to Flight Lieutenant were announced:

Flying Officers

M Leshchyshyn


G Niles


S Husband


R Purcell