Kamloops, BC

1962 – Historical Narrative – National Archives of Canada

Historical Narrative
RCAF Station Kamloops
1 Dec 62 to 31 May 63

2 Dec 62

The RCADC Team composed of Captain Paturel and Sgt. Shappee arrived for a two week tour to attend to the unit’s dental needs.

3 – 7 Dec 62

F/L qualifying examinations were conducted. The required exams were written by Flight Lieutenants AW Stewart, WD Hawke, M Filyk, JJ Maxwell and WC Short.

9 Dec 62

F/O RG Hermanson and a party of five technicians proceeded to Othello Air Force Base, Washington, to attend a three day briefing on SAGE.

10 Dec 62

LAC J Weins, Cook 1, arrived back from attending the Basic Cooks Course at Station Clinton.

12 Dec 62

W/C DE Biden (CO) and F/L AW Stewart (CTSO) proceeded to 25 Region Headquarters at Tacoma Washington to attend a CADIN Briefing for three days.

13 Dec 62

A very good synthetic exercise was carried out by Ops.

16 Dec 62

Sgt. HA Worner, NCO i/c the Mess Hall was transferred back to RCAF Station Vancouver.

18 Dec 62

A live Exercise was carried out, however, no fighters were controlled.

22 Dec 62

F/L DN Vester became Combat Ready. Live Exercise.

23 Dec 62

ADC SORA/RC paid a visit to the Unit and held Mass for those of his faith.

28 Dec 62

Promotions of the following officers to F/L were announced: Flying Officers M Leshchyshyn, GW Niles, SE Husband, RA Purcell.

1 Jan 63

The temperature in Kamloops on 1 Jan 63 was 50 degrees above zero. A New Years Levee was held for the Officers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers and Civic Officials at the Officers’ Mess.

2 Jan 63

Live Exercise. Right Cross I.

4 Jan 63

Swift Kick 2. No Recall.

6 Jan 63

F/L JK Dumont proceeded to Station Rivers for an Eight Week Basic Helicopter Course.

7 Jan 63

S/L FD Avent, CO Designate for the Puntzi Mountain Station arrived for a 2 week familiarization tour.

14 Jan 63

F/L AW Stewart, FS W Wylie and Cpl. AD Sanders proceeded to Larson Air Force Base for a 5 day Disaster Control Course.

16 Jan 63

Live Exercise. Playmate 9. No fighters.

21 Jan 63

Lt. R Davidson, Command Postal Officer from Edmonton carried out a unit postal inspection. Reported all aspects to be satisfactory.

22 Jan 63

Lt. Col. Hicks and a party from 4602 Support Squadron, USAF Ottawa, visited for the hand-over of the Ops Power Plant.

25 Jan 63

The Station Basketball Team journeyed to Sea Island for a Round-Robin tournament with Station Sea Island and Station Comox. They managed a tie with Station Sea Island. The Station Badminton team journeyed to Comox for the Tri-Service tournament. Mode III. Live Exercise. No fighters.

30 Jan 63

W/C CA Brunger (SORS ADC) arrived to discuss Blue Suit Maintenance Plan.

31 Jan 63

ADC SOCE team consisting of WO1’s MacDougall and Andrews, WO2’s Patrick and Jansen visited and carried out a CE Inspection. The Search and Rescue Team were on Standby for the Royal Flight Passage.

1 Feb 63

Monitored the Royal Flight Passage. Mode III Exercise. No fighters.

4 – 8 Feb 63

ADCHQ TAC Evaluation Team consisting of W/C SC Tugwell, S/L HA Pattinson, F/L’s DS Miller, JH Cline, J Young and RJ Dunn, visited to carry out a unit evaluation. The unit received an overall rating of 78%.

4 Feb 63

Cpl. B Weinberger, AFP, proceeded on a 2 week Weapons Course at Currie Barracks, Calgary, Alberta.

5 Feb 63

Desk Top V. NORAD Synthetic Exercise.

6 Feb 63

Local Exercise for visiting Team.

7 Feb 63

Region Live Exercise. Right Cross 2.

8 Feb 63

Mode III Exercise. No fighters. The Officers’ Mess held a Mess Dinner to which the Officers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers (Militia) were invited.

11 Feb 63

An Armament Inspection Team of Sgt. RC Whiskin and LAC HC Stennett from Cold Lake arrived. Only minor problem areas were reported.

15 Feb 63

Mode III Exercise.

20 Feb 63

Exercise Playmate 10.

21 Feb 63

Ex Saga 6. No Notice.

22 Feb 63

F/L Myron Filyk was presented with the CD Decoration. The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Canadian Forces Decoration Presented at RCAF Kamloops

Recognition of long service, good conduct and efficiency has been given Flight Lieutenant Myron Filyk, RCAF Station, Kamloops.

He was presented with the Canadian Forces decoration at a parade at the station by Commanding Officer Wing Commander D.E. (Doug) Biden, DFC, CD. The parade commander was Flight-Lieutenant Donald Hawke, CD.

F/L Filyk, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Filyk of Sceptre, Sask., enlisted in the RCAF in 1950. He was commissioned as a pilot in 1951 and served as a gunnery instructor at a pilot weapons school, and then with the 422 Fighter Squadron in Germany flying F-86 Sabres. Later he was attached to the German Air Force on special duty for two years. In 1959 he became a radar controller, and has served in that capacity on the Pinetree radar chain since that time.

He is operations officer at the 56th AC & W Squadron at Kamloops.

F/L Filyk is a sports car enthusiast and has won several sports car events in Eastern Canada. As well as being an avid racing fan he is a member of the Kamloops Golf and Country Club, the Royal Canadian Legion and the Kamloops Gyro Club.

He and Mrs. Filyk reside at 2538 Marsh Road in Valleyview."

1 Mar 63

Mode III. Live Exercise.

2 Mar 63

The RMR Young Soldier Course under the Command of Lt. G Gamble paid a visit to the unit. The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Young Soldiers Visit RCAF

Approximately 24 Young Soldiers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers were given a tour of the Operation Site at the Mt. Lolo radar station. The group, under the command of Lieut. George Gamble was shown the role of radar in air defence, as well as a brief description of the various installations on the site. Flight Lieutenant Myron Filyk representing the Commanding Officer of Station Kamloops; was the conducting officer and was assisted by F/L J.K. Dumont and F/O H.G. Meinert. F/L Filyk welcomed Lt. Gamble and Cpl. Steve Edgar, Cpl. Ted Strachan and Cpl. Dave Farquharson."

4 Mar 63

F/L RW (Bob) Tate reported to this unit from 1 Air Div. S/L RL Phillips and Cpl. WD Stroud from Station Calgary carried out the Annual M & I Audit. They reported that the sections were very well handled.

6 Mar 63

F/L Joan Morris arrived for a 2 day visit. (Welfare). F/L WD Hawke, F/L RW Tate, F/L GW Niles and F/O AD Close proceeded to Larson and Othello Air Force Bases, Washington, for a 2 day SAGE Briefing.

12 – 13 Mar 63

The Air Officer Commanding of Air Defence Command visited on a familiarization tour.

The Party consisted of:

G/C HK Hollingsworth STSO ADCHQ
G/C TJ Powell Reg Surgeon Que Region
S/C JW Rogers Reg Surgeon BC Area
F/L WF Thorne Exec Asst to AOC
G/C AR Sinclair Comptroller ADCHQ

The following article appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel.

"AOC Visits Kamloops

Arriving at Fulton Field for a one day familiarization visit of RCAF Station Kamloops Tuesday was A/V/M MM Hendrick, OBE, CD, Air Officer Commanding Air Defence Command and five other staff officers.

The group was welcomed by W/C Doug Biden Commanding Officer of RCAF Station Kamloops.

The visit to Kamloops is part of a western Canada familiarization tour of air defence command installations. The group has already visited Comox, Holberg, and Puntzi Mountain stations.

Members accompanying A/V/M Hendrick are: G/C HK Hollinsworth, senior technician staff officer ADCHQ, GC TJ Powell, regional surgeon, Quebec region; S/C Rogers, regional surgeon for BC Area, stationed with RCN at Esquimalt; F/L WF Thorne, executive assistant to the Air Officer Commander and G/C AR Sinclair, comptroller ADCHQ.

A reception was held for the visitors in the officers mess on Tuesday evening.

A/V/M Hendrick took over his present position in September. Previous to this he was chairman of Canadian joint staffs Washington. His home town is Toronto.

His main role during World War II was in telecommunications, but he is also qualified pilot."

13 Mar 63

Live Exercise. Playmate II.

15 Mar 63

Mode III Exercise. Right Cross 10.

20 Mar 63

W/C RD Sloat, CO Station Baldy Hughes, visited this station on a 2 day familiarization tour.

22 Mar 63

Mode III Exercise. Right Cross II.

26 Mar 63

S/L E Lee, F/O D Battye (SORS ADC) visited the station to discuss radar maintenance and SAGEing problems.

28 – 29 Mar 63

Live Exercise. Right Cross 12.

29 Mar 63

F/L MG Abbott departed on temporary duty for approximately 3 ˝ months to Station Armstrong.

1 Apr 63

RCAF personnel received promotion to Sergeants and Corporals. The following is a clipping from the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Promotions At RCAF Station Kamloops

RCAF personnel at the Kamloops radar base on Mt. Lolo received promotion of sergeants and corporals, Monday. Acting Commanding Officer Flight Lieut. AW Stewart presented stripes to Sgt. PEG Poiliot. Others are, Cpl. WB Holgate, Sgt. Tom Janes, Sgt. AR Degan, Cpl. MO Wakeford and Sgt. RR Raynard. Also promoted but not in picture was Cpl. EF Dean."

1 Apr 63

Live ECM exercise.

2 Apr 63

Postings are beginning to take place among the Officers of the station. The following notice is taken from the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"RCAF Officers Transferred

A large turn-over in officer staff will soon take place at RCAF Station Kamloops at Mount Lolo as six Flight Lieutenants are leaving for other posts. F/L D Hawks is going to Duluth Sector; F/L J Husband will leave for Great Falls Sector; F/L J Maxwell will go to Station Fox on the Distant Early Warning radar line in the north; F/L M Filyk will fly again when he joins the CF-104 squadron in Europe; F/L G Meinert will also take to the air with a CF-101 all weather fighter squadron and F/L M Abbott will go on a short tour at Station Armstrong in Ontario."

2 Apr 63

F/L CJ Forget, SAO Station Kamloops, was the Deputy Returning Officer for the military votes at this station in the Federal Election.

The following article is taken from the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Voting At Mount Lolo

Monday was voting day. At least it was at RCAF Station Kamloops, the radar base on Mount Lolo. Sgt. Degan casts his ballot as Cpl. EF Dean looks on. Acting as returning officer is Flight Lieu. CJ Forget. Monday was voting day for Canada’s military forces in the April 8 federal election, and their ballots are returned to the home addresses of the service men."

3 Apr 63

F/L RD MacKelvie, Senior Officer of the Rescue Control Centre at Vancouver landed here with his crew today for a rescue demonstration and lecture. The helicopter set down on the Ball Field adjacent to the Administration area of this station. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Air Search and Rescue Discussed

RCMP and Air Force officers discuss the co-ordination of search operations at a rescue demonstration and lecture held at RCAF Station Kamloops on Mount Lolo, Wednesday. Pictured were Flight Lieut. RD MacKelvie, senior officer of the rescue control centre at Vancouver; Wing Com. Douglas Biden, commanding officers of the station; RCMP Superintendent JB Harris, in charge of operations at Kamloops sub-division; and Flight Lieut. EL Harris, in charge of helicopter squad. F/L Harris’ helicopter landed at the base in the morning."

5 Apr 63

F/L John Maxwell departed for Station Fox (DEW Line).

8 – 26 Apr 63

Captain Y Kamachi, Pte. HL Borin carried out Dental Services for unit personnel.

12 Apr 63

Mode II Exercise

15 Apr 63

F/L RA Purcell, SCEO at this station departed for Centralia on a ten week Tech CE Officers Course.

17 Apr 63

25 NORAD Region Evaluation (MUTE V). S/L Pattinson, ADC (SCEO) Evaluating Officer.

19 Apr 63

A/V/M MD Lister D/Ops NORAD HQ Colorado Springs paid a visit to the station to inspect RCAF Station Kamloops at Mt. Lolo for the 25th NORAD Region with headquarters in Seattle.

20 Apr 63

The Officers of the Rocky Mountain Rangers (Canadian Army Militia) held their annual Mess Dinner at which a number of RCAF Officers were in attendance. The following appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Distinguished Visitors at Regimental Event

Brig ED Danby DSO OBE CD, BC Area Commander; Major DC Hanbury CD, CO RMR; Lt Col DE Fairweather, CO Seaforth Highlanders; Supt JB Harris, CO RCMP Sub Div Kamloops; Brig EC Eacklin, MC CD, CO 24 Mil Gp Vancouver; W/C DE Biden DEC CD, CO RCAF Station Kamloops."

19 May 63

An Air Cadet Inspection was held. The following is taken from the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Inspects Air Cadets

No. 204 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, had their annual inspection Wednesday evening on the grounds of Stuart Wood School, Inspecting officer was Squadron Leader HG Edwards, CD, Commanding Officer, 443 Auxiliary Squadron at Sea Island. Following the inspection a reception was held in the activity room of the school at which time cadets were addressed by S/L Edwards and others."

21 May 63

FS WR Ross (Discip) reported in on transfer from Station Holberg. W/C DE Biden proceeded to Spokane Sector HQ for Sector Commanders Conference.

22 May 63

Four Operations Sr. NCOs proceeded to SPADS and Othello AFB for SAGE briefing.

27 May 63

Exercise. Orange Cross. No notice.

28 – 29 May 63

Live Exercise. Right Cross 15. Manual Operations

31 May 63

F/L M Filyk departed to begin training for F-104s.

(DE Biden) W/C,
CO Station Kamloops.