Kamloops, BC

1964 – Monthly Record – National Archives of Canada

Monthly Record of Activities
RCAF Station Kamloops, BC
1 Jan 1964 – 30 Jun 1964

1 Jan 64

A New Year’s levee was held in the Officers’ Mess from 1300 to 1500 hrs. The affair was well attended by civilian and military dignitaries from the Greater Kamloops area. At 1500 hours, officers from this unit visited the Rocky Mountain Rangers Officers’ Mess in Kamloops as part of the New Year’s festivities. AL 3 to Organization Order 2.52 amended the role of Station Kamloops to include: "When directed, to act as a NORAD Ground Control Intercept Station (NGCI) by assisting the designated NORAD Control Centre (NCC) in controlling weapons and performing limited identification." The amendment is effective 1 Jan 64, the date that this unit assumed a BUIC role.

2 Jan 64

Three F/Ls and on F/O AS/FtrC were added to the personnel establishment to staff Phase 1 of BUIC. F/L GA Elvidge proceeded on three months TD to Station Puntzi Mountain for controller duties at that unit.

10 Jan 64

Exercise "CHINOOK KNIFE ALPHA". This is the first in a series of Mode III live exercises to evaluate and exercise the BUIC System. Increased readiness commenced at 1730Z. Faker tracks were tracked in the system from 2200Z. Two fighter aircraft achieved MAs at 2339Z, and the exercise terminated at 0020Z (11 Jan), (SECRET).

13 Jan 64

A Manpower Standards team, comprising two officers and six NCOs arrived to carry out a six-week study of the operation of the Combined Mess Hall at this unit.

16 Jan 64

F/L CG Maxwell, SCESO Branch at ADC HQ, visited the unit for two days in connection with radar maintenance.

19 Feb 64

Press release which appeared in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel:

"Probable Closure Not New to RCAF

A report from Ottawa, published in the Sentinel on Tuesday, that RCAF Station Kamloops is being considered in the closure of national defence establishments was not new information for station personnel.

Wing Commander Doug Biden, commanding officer of the station, told the Sentinel this morning it as been known for some time that the defence policy of Canada has been under review and that certain military installations will be re-organized, and some closed.

To date several officer releases to this effect have been made, and it is possible that further releases will be forthcoming and that a consolidation of Canada’s defence policy will be presented with the tabling of the White Paper scheduled this month, said W/C Biden.

He added that the advance in technology and in modern weapons delivery systems, coupled with increased production costs makes it mandatory that the taxpayer received the best defence value for his dollar.

"It is militarily unsound to maintain obsolete and/or redundant equipment and installations. It is just as unsound if we fail to keep abreast of technical improvements and changes in operational concepts."

"It is reiterated that the Department of National Defence has a requirement at this time to maintain its military installation."

"It can be reasonably assumed that some time in the future the station could be declared surplus to requirements as more sophisticated detection equipment is designed, perfected and placed in Operational use," he stated."

Exercise "BANNOCK ARROW" – this is a Mode III exercise. The exercise commenced at 0001 hours with increased readiness at 0104 hours. Two F-102A aircraft achieved five MAs and one MI on "fakers". One aircraft experienced an airborne emergency and was escorted to his home base successfully. The exercise terminated at 0230 hours, and proved good training. (SECRET)

20 Feb 64

Exercise "SNOWTIME V" – an ECM exercise. Once again the concentration of targets to the east of the unit reduced the value of this exercise to the "waste of time" category. (SECRET).

March, April, May – records not available.

15 Jun 64

Captain Kurris, USAF, arrived from Sector HQ to observe exercise "CHINOOK LEADER VII". Northern Electric Co. crew arrived to overhaul GPS-T2, 15-J1D and GPA 30 equipment.

16 Jun 64

Full station recall for security alert. An infiltration team led by F/L Purcell, the SCEO, penetrated the Lower Area "killing" the Orderly Officer and other personnel. However, they were rounded up by the Ops Security Guard before they could sabotage any equipment. They were successful in knocking out the GATR Site. (CONFIDENTIAL). At approximately 1345 hours four bolts that secure the reflector axle bearing plated to the yoke arm of the FPS-6 Height Finder radar came loosed and allowed the bearing plate reflector assembly to rest against the yoke arms. This coupled with the nodding action of the reflector resulted in the reflector assembly being deformed and damaged. A Board of Inquiry, headed by S/L R Cousins, SCEO at Station Cold Lake, found that no evidence would be found indicating an intentional loosening of the nuts. The Board commended Cpl. KI Johansen for his quick thinking and action in immediately disconnecting the power to the antenna which prevented further damage to the structure. (CONFIDENTIAL)

25 Jun 64

WO1 Tomas Foster, TelMSupt, reported on transfer from Station Parent.

30 Jun 64

Dr GJ Odgers, a member of the Dominion Observatory staff at Victoria, visited the unit to study the area for astronomical suitability. His visit was in connection with the siting of a new telescope in the BC area.