Kamloops, BC

1963 AL #3 to OrgO 2.52 National Archives of Canada

895-97/56 (DOE)

Amendment List 3
To Organization Order 2.52
56 Radar Squadron, Kamloops, BC

21 Oct 63


1. As 56 Radar Squadron Kamloops will take on a BUIC Role effective 1 Jan 64, it is necessary to amend Org Order 2.52 accordingly.


2. Amend OrgO 2.52 as follows:

at para 4 add new sub para 4 (b)

"When directed, to act as a NORAD Ground Control Intercept station (NGCI) by assisting the designated NORAD Control Centre (NCC) in controlling weapons and performing limited identification."

Effective Date

3. This amendment shall be effective 1 Jan 64.

(GJ Williams) W/C
for CAS