Kamloops, BC

1964 Organization Order 2.52 National Archives of Canada

File: 895-97/56 (DOE)
Estab. Code: 22 KL 307
Date: 27 Apr 64

Organization Order 2.52
56 Radar Squadron, Kamloops, BC
(This order supersedes OrgO 2.52 dated 28 Mar 63)


1. This reissue incorporates all previous amendments.


2. To restate the organization for 56 Radar Squadron (56 Radar Squadron)


Effective Date

3. This order shall be effective 1 May 64.


4. The role of this unit shall be to:

  1. collect, discriminate and transmit to a designated SAGE Centre radar data appearing within the area of coverage.
  2. When directed, to act as a NORAD Ground Control Intercept station (NGCI) by assisting the designated NORAD Control Centre (NCC) in controlling weapons and performing limited identification.

Command and Control


  1. Designation of officer appointed to command 56 Radar Squadron Commanding Officer.
  2. Control AOC ADC except that operational control shall be exercised by Commander 25th NORAD Region through the Commander Seattle NORAD Sector. When unit training activities, which are controlled by AOC ADC, require the facilities of the NORAD System they will be co-ordinated by the Sector Commander.




  1. This unit shall be self accounting unit.
  2. For the purposes of QR(Air), art 205.35 this squadron shall not be designated flying unit.
  3. Treasury services shall be as shown in accounting circular 164.

Support Services

7. As detailed at app A and B