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Memories of the Movie "Cadence"

Comments by Scotty Flynn - I was working with the Corps of Commissionaires during the filming of Cadence in 1990. I became very friendly with the "Sheen" family. In case you did not know Martin Sheen was not suppose to star in that movie - he was there as the director. The main star was supposed to be Gary Busey. It so happened after about a week of filming Gary went down town and tied one on at a bar on Westside Road in Kamloops. He was reprimanded by the RCMP about his sexual touching of some of the young females at one of the drinking establishments and was more or less told to leave. The next morning when filming started he was hung over and could not remember his lines. Martin Sheen started to blast him and he took offence and walked off the set. Within a couple of hours VIP jets from Hollywood started to circle the field at Kamloops. He never came back on the set so Martin had to play his part and do the directing - the filming had lost a week.

Martin was well liked while he was in Kamloops and he rented the CADO's house. He cycled around the area and talked to everyone. He bought his lotto tickets every time he was in town. It was very interesting to see how they made the movie and how the special effects were done. The building of the windmill was near Paul Lake not far from the station. They left the jail for the chap that did all the grounds keeping. As a matter of interest this fellow was hired to complete the grounds maintenance, and he did a better job than the CE section when they had a dozen workers. The curb stones were all whitened and the station looked good. He used to invite me over to their eating area and feed me ice cream. I think that's where most of the films budget went. I have one picture of the whole film crew, taken in the location where the had the windmill and I will make this available to the website.

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