Kamloops, BC

1960 - Historical Record - Anonymous



of the

825th AC&W Squadron

for the period ending

31 December 1960


1 Unit and Location

825th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, Kamloops, BC, Canada

2 Name and grade of Commander

John H. Farrar, Major

3 Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)

825th AC&W Squadron, Kamloops, BC, Canada
Spokane Air Defense Sector, Larson Air Force Base, Washington
25th Air Division (SAGE), McChord Air Force Base, Washington
Air Defense Command, Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Headquarters, United States Air Force, Washington 25, DC

4 Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)

Not Applicable

5 Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)

25th Air Division Manual Direction Center with added responsibility of consolidating and forwarding Air Defense information from 919th Squadron to Spokane Air Defense Sector. Authority: 25th NORAD Region.

6 Personnel

Officers Airmen Civilians Total
Assigned 13 151 20 184
Attached 1 1 0 2

7 Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)



Organization and Planning:

During the period of the report, there have been no significant changes in the overall evaluation of the organization. There have been no changes in mission and no significant changes in manning. As regards organizational funding, TSGT Paul F Deery reported to this station on 9 December 1960 to assume duties as station procurement officer with authority to negotiate contracts not to exceed $2,500.00 for supplies and services. It is anticipated that this authorization will accelerate procurement of required supplied and services.

Construction of the GATR and SAGE Annex buildings is started and expected to be completed within calendar year 1961.

On 20 September 1960, Captain Jack C Riddle assumed duty as operations officer for the squadron relieving Captain Daniel G Corcoran. During the period, two Intercept Directors were lost and none were gained, leaving the unit two authorized Intercept Directors short of authorized manning; however, arrival of two Directors is anticipated in the coming fiscal quarter.

On 15 December 1960, Captain Earl S Costello assumed duties as Squadron Executive Officer.

Surveillance and Detection Network:

Generally, the operation of the radar system throughout the period has been adequate with the specific exceptions of the lack of acceptance of the installed AN/FPS-6B and lack of receipt of TO modification 31P3-2FPS6-524 to the 1P-188 which could significantly increase the range and height performance of the AN/FPS-6. These items were summarized in a letter to Spokane Air Defence Sector (attached to previous Historical Report). There has been no improvement in operational capability as yet.

There were 19 hours and 41 minutes Red time during the period. The reasons for outages were primarily a problem with the ATR cavity; however, Red time did not significantly influence accomplishment of the mission.

A calibration of electronic test equipment was conducted by a CAE team during October.

There were no significant personnel or supply problems affecting the unit during the period.

Combat Operations:

There were four operational exercises during the period. Three were 25th NORAD Region Exercises and one was NORAD Exercise Sky Shield. A total of fourteen faker aircraft were carried; four fighters were committed, two withdrawals were made, and one MA and one MI/FPI were reported. This squadron still has never missed an exercise intercept due to director error.

Interceptor availability for proficiency and training purposes was satisfactory for the period with 177 intercepts being conducted. All required personnel met their annual intercept requirements by the end of the calendar year.

Twenty-two STP exercises were conducted during the period. By type there were three category III, four category 1A, and fifteen category 1 exercises.

A Spokane Air Defense Sector Operational Assistance Visit was conducted during the last week of October, and minor operational problems were discussed and resolved.


The Dental Clinic submitted an Activation Report effective 1 November 1960 as a result of the attachment of Dentist; 1st Lt. George E Fischer on 7 October 1960.

General Order 55, 22 November 1960, was to be amended to transfer the special court-martial jurisdiction for the 825th Squadron from the 25th Air Division to the Commander, 84th Fighter Group, Air Defense, with the anticipated effective date 10 December 1960. As of this date amendment has not yet been received.

During the period 17-20 October 1960, the Staff Assistance team from the 4602nd Support Wing visited this organization. During the visit, a UAL ERAA Board convened to review and approve approximately 100 AF Form 601A change requests to bring the squadron UAL in line with current authorization sources.

Major General Von E Shores, Commander 25th NORAD Region, and staff, visited the unit in November 1960.

Colonel Veneziano, Commander, 4602nd Support Wing, and Staff, visited the organization on 2 December 1960. They conducted and orientation visit and inspected the salvage facility which was found in excellent condition.

Captain Daniel G. Corcoran and 1st Lt. Jack S Wilkinson were submitted for award of the Air Force Commendation Medal Captain Corcoran for his meritorious performance as Operations Officer of this unit, and 1st Lt. Wilkinson for his conduct of an outstanding training program for RCAF Auxiliary Personnel.