Baldy Hughes, BC

1965 – Historical Summary – National Archives of Canada

Appendix "B"
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Historical Summary
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1965 to 31 December 1965


Nov 65

One day course held on 18 Nov for Auxiliary Fire Crew. One half day lecture given to two Auxiliary Fire Crew members and three non-members on operation of fire extinguishers and Station Fire Booster Pump in 19 Nov.


July 65

Handing Over Ceremony – W/C RD Sloat handed the command of RCAF Station Baldy Hughes over to S/L AG Craig on July 30, 1965. A gathering was held after in the Officers Mess.

Sep 65

Handing Over Parade – Command of RCAF Station Baldy Hughes was handed over from S/L AG Craig to W/C D Warren on the 10 September 1965. A gathering followed in the Officers Mess.

The following Officers were promoted to F/L in 1965 – F/L MD Harvey promoted 1 May 65. F/L RS Smith promoted 1 July 1965.

Changes in personnel – F/O AD Close promoted to F/L and then replaced at the unit by F/L RJ Armstrong in July.

Official Visits and Inspections

Feb 65

Air Officer Commanding, A/V/M Lister and party inspected the station on the 3rd and 4th of Feb. The AOC was very pleased with the condition of this unit.

Mar 65

A team from ADC consisting of F/L Hammond and FS Villeneuve inspected the Supply Section on the 29th of March.

May 65

Williams Lake #16 Air Cadet Squadron visited Station Baldy Hughes.

Aug 65

Major General WE Elder, NORAD Region Commander, visited Station Baldy Hughes on 10 Aug 65.

Oct 65

Brigadier General JA Rouse, Sector, visited this unit on 13 Oct 65.

Nov 65

G/C Diggle (STSO) visited the SAGE Annex 16 Nov 65. W/C Lagace (SOSO) visited the SAGE Annex 18 Nov 65. S/L Lunn (SOND) and F/O Parks (SOND Staff) visited the SAGE Annex and conducted an "Emergency Defence Plan" exercise from 1700Z to 2108Z on 28 Nov 65.


Feb 65

Winter Carnival – After two days of sports, competitions, the Domestic Site was declared winners of the Carnival held on the 11th and 12th of Feb. Miss Marilyn Kiebel, their candidate, was crowned Snow Queen amid the splendor of an ice castle and throne.

May 65

Walk-a-Thon – Service personnel and dependent wives and children took part in a 27 mile walk from Station Baldy Hughes to the city hall in Prince George on 15 May. There were 22 participants that finished. Results were as follows:

Grand Champion

Mr. Robert Sloat (Jr.) with a time of 5 hours and 28 minutes.

Air Force Champion

LAC Gary Gristy and LAC Bob Farnham tied with a time of 5 hours and 31 minutes.

Children’s Champion

Miss Patty Robstad, Miss Molly Sloat and Miss Kathleen Noonan tied with a time of 6 hours and 7 minutes.

Annual Sports Dinner and Dance – The dinner and dance started at 8:00 on 29 May 65 with cocktails followed by dinner, dancing and trophy presentations. Guest speak was Billy McNeil, a hockey star of the Vancouver Canucks. Trophy winners were as follows:

Cpl. D Shelton received the Men’s Bowling Trophy for Headquarters.

Miss Mary Ibbitson received the football trophy for FPS-27 Tower.

LAC JW Sutherland received the broomball trophy for Headquarters.

Mrs. Marg Dutton received the Ladies Bowling trophy.

LAC CJ Stuckless received the 1964 softball trophy for Radar Red Soxs.

F/O DE Lacey received the curling trophy for the CE Section.

Dancing was to a local Prince George band.

Public Relations

Jan 65

Station Baldy Hughes was awarded a Safe Driving Award in non-flying unit category for 1964.

Feb 65

Sgt. JCA Ratte awarded Canadian Forces Decoration on 11 Feb 65. Cpl. JDM Dutton awarded Canadian Forces Decoration on 26 Feb 65.

Apr 65

FS JP Martel awarded Canadian Forces Decoration.

May 65

Sgt. T Ayers awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration for twelve years of service. The CD was presented by the Commanding Officer, W/C RD Sloat on 10 May 65. Station Baldy Hughes entered a float in the 24 May parade in Prince George. The float was kept for future use.

Jul 65

LAC J Bonevitch awarded Canadian Forces Decoration.

Aug 65

RCAF Station Baldy Hughes held an Open House on Saturday, 7 Aug 65. The turnout for this event was tremendous. The Red Knight came from Moose Jaw and parachute jumps were put on by a group from Comox.

Sep 65

Cpl. Labbe and Sgt. Mercer received Canadian Forces Decorations at the handing over parade on 10 Sep 65.

Oct 65

LAC LeBlanc and LAC Warner were awarded Canadian Forces Decorations on 19 Oct 65.


Feb 65

Flag Raising Ceremony – In conjunction with ceremonies across Canada, a station parade was held at noon. A declaration by the Queen was read along with a message from ADC. Both the RC and Protestant Padres took part with the lowering of the Ensign and Air Force flags and the raising of the new Maple Leaf flag.

Oct 65

Fire Prevention Week 3 Oct to 9 Oct 65 – Lectures (Fire Prevention and use of Extinguishers) given to all Sections during coffee breaks. Signs made up


Lectures (Fire Prevention and use of Extinguishers) given to all Sections during coffee breaks.


Signs made up for station entrance and Fire Truck to announce Fire Prevention Week.


School children given a thrilling ride on the Fire Truck with siren actuated.


Fireman’s Ball held on 9 Oct 65 to wind up the week and neighboring Fire Departments were invited as honoured guests.


Signed by:
(D Warren) W/C
Commanding Officer
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC