Baldy Hughes, BC

1967 – Historical Report – National Archives of Canada

Historical Report
Canadian Forces Station
Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1967 to 31 December 1967

9 Jan 67

Mr. GS Gibson, Mr. JJ Ewing and Mr. DC Nott from the Canadian Marconi Company visited the station for four days. The purpose of their visit was to carry out MATCOM WA 27-63 and GED 3992 Glycol Modification AW/FPS-27.

18 Jan 67

Seven personnel participated in exercise Desk Top IX, Part I, which took place for three days.

25 Jan 67

Nine AD Techs participated in exercise Hopi Brave I which took place for 2 days.

26 Jan 67

Four AD Techs attended a Ground Defence Course given by the Military Police.

31 Jan 67

38215 F/O RV Brown, TelOpsO, plus three AD Techs departed for Seattle and Blaine on a familiarization trip to the DC. They returned on 4 Feb 67. Airmen attended one course on Ground Safety Training Security Indoctrination and Emergency Security Force Training.

4 Feb 67

Live exercise Bannock Echo II took place.

8 Feb 67

SSTM problem 453, version "E", ran for 1 ˝ hours for purposes of Track Initiator and Plotter Procedures Training.

11 Feb 67

Exercise Bannock Knife 4 took place for one day with three personnel involved.

13 Feb 67

Mr. PJ McDonnell and Mr. GD Dabeau from the Canadian Marconi Company visited the Squadron for five days to provide technical assistance in replacing the FPS azimuth drive and to carry out antenna inspections on the FPS-6 and the FPS-26.

16 Feb 67

Exercise Hopi Indian I took place with six personnel.

17 Feb 67

The bull gear for the 6 Tower was charged on a project including both service and Canadian Marconi Company personnel.

20 Feb 67

The project to replace the water pump at Ericson Lake was completed.

21 Feb 67

Simulated Mode III exercise Madoc Jewel took place with duty crew only involved.

24 Feb 67

Exercise Bannock Echo II took place with ten personnel participating.

28 Feb 67

Forty-nine hours of ECM training lectures were given during Feb. Signal generator was used for two hours for practice purposes. SSTM training consisting of STP films was given to all AD Techs for a minimum of two hours on Track Initiator/Plotter/Forward Teller positions.

12 Mar 67

Exercise Desk Top IX, Part II, NORAD Command Post exercise took place for eight days.

14 Mar 67

Exercise Boneyard Flight took place.

16 Mar 67

Live exercise Bannock Echo III took place.

22 Mar 67

Exercise Bannock Knife VI took place.

23 Mar 67

Exercise Hopi Brave II/Big Blast Cocoa (live Tac Eval) took place.

28 Mar 67

Exercise Hopi Hunt, Multi Region ASTM, took place.

1 Apr 67

Mr. DA Cameron and Me. SA Radley of the Department of Defence Production, Electrical and Electronics Branch, will visit ADC sites intermittently for six months effective 1 Apr. The purpose of these visits is lease communications and terminal equipment inspection.

11 Apr 67

Team consisting of FR32751 Lt. Colonel TE Doyle, FV778013 Major FW Brown, 22464 S/L LS Stewart, FV2099597 M/Sgt. HP Carroll and FV3064699 Captain RA Smith here for purpose of carrying out briefings, cross training and discussions with Squadron maintenance and operations personnel. Subject matter covered included RICMO/RICMT, SMC, QZ, PEGE, and Height Supervisor functions.

13 Apr 67

14406 S/L AJ Classen, Senior Staff Officer Systems Standards, accompanied by 13100 F/O EK Iverson, SOSS-3, visited unit to attend lectures and briefings to be given by personnel from 25 NORAD McChord Air Force Base. Primary objective was to obtain additional information on problem areas and/or suggestions which can be used to improve evaluation of CF ADC control environment.

27 Apr 67

246365 F/L CL Gibson, Tech/CE, and WO2 Coyle, MST of SSOCE Radar Mechanical Staff North Bay, carried out Radar Mechanical Maintenance Staff Inspection.

1 May 67

72314 F/O WH Halliday, Tel/SSTO, assumes the position of TelOpsO and 38215 F/O RV Brown, TelOpsO assumes the position of Tel SSTO.

4 May 67

Live exercise Bannock Echo V took place.

10 May 67

Exercise Bannock Knife VIII took place.

16 May 67

Exercise Boneyard Flight took place.

18 May 67

Live exercise Top Rung XVI took place.

23 May 67

Brigadier General JA Rouse, Commander 25th Air Division, G/C DJ Williams, Deputy Commander, Colonel JW Bennet, Director Materiel, W/C JD Livesay, Assistant Deputy for Operations, Commander CR Hake (USN), Assistant Deputy for Operations all visited 54 Radar Squadron for briefings.

24 May 67

Exercise Cree Hunt I took place.

26 May 67

26237 W/C D Warren acted as Inspecting Officer for annual inspection of Rocky Mountain Rangers Cadet Corps in Prince George.

30 May 67

Local Emergency Defence Plan, Nuclear Defence Plan practice.

1 Jun 67

26237 W/C D Warren, Commanding Officer, acts as Reviewing Officer for annual inspection of RC (Air) C Squadrons Keremoes, Trail, Castlegar and Nelson. 19386 F/L DH Thorne and 22240 WO2 DR Adams visited Squadron for the purpose of reviewing ground training organization and to discuss and evaluate ground training activities.

6 Jun 67

Clothing stores in Supply Section are moved to Upper Site.

8 Jun 67

Live exercise Snowtime XXI was carried out.

9 Jun 67

Exercise Hopi Indian II was carried out.

10 Jun 67

Armed Forces Day was a normal working day for all service personnel. The station was not open to the general public on a "come one – come all" basis. All service personnel were encouraged to invite dependents, friends, relatives or others who had expressed an interest in the unit to attend Armed Forces Day. In addition, specific invitations were sent to service clubs in the area to send representatives. Approximately 140 people attended. A briefing on the concept of NORAD was given before a guided tour of HF tower, T2, DMCC, and the power plant.

11 Jun 67

26237 W/C D Warren attended a special Drum Head Service and parade in Prince George in connection with National Veterans Week.

12 Jun 67

The EWU lecture team comprised of 15370 F/L W Chitra and 223261 F/L RT MacPherson visited the Squadron to give lectures on ECM/ECCM.

22 Jun 67

Exercise Reguen ASTM Hopi Indian II took place.

23 Jun 67

Mr. CK Olson and Mr. WC Nickol visited the Squadron for the purpose of GATR line and antenna overhaul.

26 Jun 67

Mr. D White, ELDM 52-2, visited the Squadron to assist with installation of OMNI antenna and coax cable in FPS-27.

29 Jun 67

Handover parade was held when 26237 W/C D Warren signed 54 Radar Squadron Baldy Hughes over to 22898 S/L CM Madsen:

26237 W/C D Warren’s Aide

82228 F/O WW Sled

Parade Commander

132143 F/L RJ Armstrong

Parade Adjutant

72314 F/O WH Halliday

Parade Warrant Officer

22612 WO1 RHJ Steele

22898 S/L CM Madsen will be Commanding Officer of the Squadron until the arrival of 32643 W/C DCJ Ackert. W/C D Warren presented a Suggestions Award to 14823 FS LS Peckham.

29 Jun 67

Live exercise Bannock Echo VI took place.

1 Jul 67

13868 F/L AJ Hawkes, Supply, took over the Supply Section on the retirement of 4344 F/L NR Barrett. Dominion Day parade was held downtown with 23578 F/O GOE Fulford as Parade Commander. Thirty-five personnel from this Squadron participated in the parade.

5 Jul 67

Exercise Desk Top IX, Part III, NORAD Command post exercise, took place for seven days.

18 Jul 67

Exercise Hopi Brave III took place. Mr. RE Warrior visited the SCEO from MATCOM inspector on contract CD679205, serial 2 PD 7-82.

26 Jul 67

Exercise Hopi Brave III took place.

27 Jul 67

32643 W/C DCJ Ackert, CD, Air/P, assumes command of 54 Radar Squadron Baldy Hughes effective 1330 hours 27 Jul 67 vice 22898 S/L CM Madsen, CD, Tech/Tel, who was temporarily assuming command from 26237 W/C D Warren until the arrival of W/C DCJ Ackert.

20 Aug 67

Minister of Defence Hellyer accompanied by Mr. P Seheult and Mr. RJ McDowall, Minister Staff, visited Baldy Hughes for one day.

29 Aug 67

DOGI Flights. Multi Region Exercise Creek I took place.

31 Aug 67

58952 Cpl. CA Ruttan, PERI, was selected for CFR and promoted to the rank of Flying Officer. ESF Range exercises carried out on various days during the month. Fifty ESF personnel fired initial exercise with 9 MM sten guns. The Rifle Range at Ericson Lake was completed.

6 Sep 67

Live exercise Felix Echo IX took place.

15 Sep 67

Exercise Fancy Indian III took place.

26 Sep 67

Exercise Fancy Brave took place.

28 Sep 67

ESF range exercise carried out with six ESF personnel firing initial exercise with 9MM sten guns.

30 Sep 67

New Emergency Defence Plan was drawn up and released by 22898 S/L CM Madsen. The ski tow project was started. Tow is of a rope type.

6 Oct 67

Live exercise Felix Echo X lasted four days.

11 Oct 67

F/L Stock conducted cable plant work and improvement of administration site cable facilities.

19 Oct 67

CMC personnel GS Gibson and D Dubeau visited the Squadron for three days. The purpose of this visit was for MATCOM work assignment 27-83 to give technical assistance in replacing and checking of OMNI directional antenna and to supervise testing of pulse transformer AN/FPS-27.

31 Oct 67

Land was cleared and a Butler building was obtained for a curling rink but climatic conditions prevented erection of the building. It is proposed to have this project completed by the summer of 1968. Movements was moved from the Station Orderly Room to the Motor Transportation Section. The TD-14 bulldozer was established to unit equipment.

7 Nov 67

Live exercise Fancy Brave VI took place for three days.

21 Nov 67

Exercise Apache Hunt I, Multi Region ASTM, took place.

28 Nov 67

Live exercise Felix Echo XI took place for two days.

30 Nov 67

Canadian 1967 Centennial Medals were presented to:





































5 Dec 67

S/L KE McKenzie, WO2 TG Edwards, WO2 LB Tupper, FS RW Lamb, from 5 RCEO Vancouver, visited the Squadron to install flouriac, recommendations and generator shaft failures.