Baldy Hughes, BC

1968 – Historical Report – National Archives of Canada

Historical Report
Canadian Forces Station
Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1968 to 31 December 1968

31 Jan 68

Supply Clothing Stores were moved from the Supply Section on the lower site to Tech Stores on the upper site.

6 Mar 68

An EDP Test was held on the unit this date. Members of the Test Team were Major DR Winchester, Lt. KR Crosby and WO VB Redmond. The report from ADC was rated as satisfactory.

21 Mar 68

EDP exercise was held at this unit.

16 May 68

Station EDP exercise was held.

31 Aug 68

Construction of barbed wire entanglement and perimeter security lighting was place around the radar site and GATR. A two sheet Curling Rink was constructed at this unit during the year. This Curling Rink contains a good size lounge and bar and a viewing room. This project was constructed by volunteer labour with Major CM Madsen acting as the "chief push".

23 Sep 68

A vulnerability test was conducted this date and was rated as satisfactory by ADC.

30 Sep 68

CANEX outlets were set up on this unit during the summer and fall. The outlets consisted of a Grocery Store, Snack Bar, Gift Shop and Service Station. The Games Room was converted into the Snack Bar/Grocery Store and Gift Shop. A contract was made with Shell Canada Oil for gas delivery and two gas pumps were set up near the Heavy Equipment Building. This outlet also handles all car accessories and needs.

31 Oct 68

The PBX was moved from the TelOpsO’s Officer near to the DMCC dias area. DRP installation was started.

30 Nov 68

Data Quality Monitor Control Section was established with the SSTO as Section Head.

31 Dec 68

IBM – 1001 – NBC Data Reporting System installed in the Ops. Office. It was proposed to arrange for Baldy Hughes to operate a sub credit union from Comox. Complete renovations to the Airmen’s Club 54 were also proposed. A regulation Government Post Office with hired personnel will soon be in operation.

Operational Undertakings
for 1968

The following Operational undertakings took place during 1968:

11 live NORAD exercises were participated in.

22 ASTM (simulated) exercises were participated in also.

25 personnel were trained in DRP operation by the Telco.

Approximately one ECM exercise per month was conducted for local AJO training involving 1 or 2 personnel each time.