Baldy Hughes, BC

1969 – Historical Record – National Archives of Canada

Historical Record
Canadian Forces Station
Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1969 to 31 December 1969

16 – 17 Jan 69

SSOPS Administration Inspection carried out by Captain D Vincent.

17 Jan 69

Official Opening of the Curling Rink. Lt. Colonel Ackert, CO, made an opening speech and cut the ribbon. He then threw the first rock which was swept by Major Madsen, CGEO.

23 – 24 Jan 69

ADC Supply Inspection carried out by Captain J Bastien and Sgt. C. Smith. They reported that the Supply Section was very well organized, well run, and provided very good support to user sections.

12 Feb 69

Establishment of an Accounting Post Office authorized by Headquarters.

23 Feb 69

Woodward Stores Ltd. Of Prince George held a "family outing" on the unit. They made use of the ski tow, skating rink, curling ice and curling club lounge.

31 Mar 69

The interior of Club 54 was renovated as follows:


Relocation of the bar


Installation of a suspended ceiling in the main lounge


Installation of paneling in the Game’s Room and TV Lounge


Installation of fluorescent lighting in the main lounge


Installation of three ventilation fans in the main lounge


Interior painted


Total cost was $7,300.00

5 May 69

Shelter Commander’s and Assistant’s Course.

29 May 69

CBC Concert Party – well received and enjoyed by all.

14 Jun 69

Armed Forces Day.

30 Jun 69

Staff Visit Food Services carried out by WO K Olson.

9 Jul 69

Handover parade. Lt. Colonel D Ackert changed command to Major C Madsen.

16 Jul 69

Staff visit CWO M Koroluk, ADTech – purpose of career management concerning ADTechs.

20 Aug 69

Lt. Colonel JF Edwards took over command of CFS Baldy Hughes from Major C Madsen. ADC Inspection Armament facilities by Sgt. T Hawkins.

29 Aug 69

Personnel from Department of Supply and Services will visit the base intermittently to 31 Mar 70 to service communications and terminal equipment.

9 Sep 69

An addition was built on to Building No. 2, Combined Mess, for the purpose of providing a "Combined Games Room" for Officers and Senior NCO’s. The room was designed to accommodate a full sized snooker table, tennis table, darts, shuffleboard, with sufficient room for a card table. The design allows access from either mess and can be set up for combined or individual use. Total cost allowed was $12,000 comprised of $5,000 grant from Canex, $6,000 volunteer labour and $1,000 CE Established Labour.

11 – 12 Sep 69

CHQ Supply Pride Analysis Two areas: Transport Supply Group and Repairable and Disposable Group considered efficiently operated. Other areas considered effectively managed.

20 Sep 69

Visit by Brigadier General CH Mussells, DGPSP, to discuss plans and problem areas in field of personnel support program.

7 Oct 69

Commander’s Inspection – Colonel Diggle.

31 Oct 69

Modification of the existing floor plan in Barrack Block No. 4 to permit accommodation of four TMQ’s. Remove 134 lineal feet of interior wall; install two each 17’ 0" supporting beams and two each 23’ 6" supporting beams across the living room areas; install 80 lineal feet of new wall; install new entrance way, kitchen cupboards, bath and closets. Total cost - $8,000.

5 – 7 Nov 69

United Appeal Campaign headed by Captain Tretick. $104.25 collected out of 37 places canvassed.

11 Nov 69

Lt. Colonel Edwards, CO, took the salute in the Royal Canadian Legion Parade on Remembrance Day.

17 Nov 69

Comm Sec Inspection from Edmonton carried out by Lt. RC Abbott and MWO ER Wood.

25 Nov 69

The outdoor skating rink was moved to a new site on the south-east side of the existing Trailer Park. CAF equipment was used to level a sub-base, materials were purchased to construct perimeter boards which were installed and painted with volunteer labour.

19 Dec 69

Briefing by Cpl. B Nicholson, RCMP, on the new laws affecting drivers in BC.

29 Dec 69

Foreman of Works position in CE filled. This position was vacant for the entire year, being filled on a temporary basis only. Mr. F Kamprath was transferred in from CFS Armstrong to fill the position on a permanent basis.

31 Dec 69

Construction of a standard stage II addition to the present Guard House which included removal of the space heating system, excavation and construction of floor and foundation, construction of frame work, completion of interior and exterior, laying hot process roof, installation of new electrical heaters and new fluorescent lighting, and painting of interior and exterior of building. Total cost was $8,800.

Operational Undertakings - 1969

12 live NORAD exercises were participated in.

Four EDP exercises were held: 11 Mar, 21 Apr, 8 – 9 Oct, 27 – 28 Nov