Baldy Hughes, BC

1970 – Historical Report – National Archives of Canada

Historical Report
Canadian Forces Station
Baldy Hughes, BC
1 January 1970 to 31 December 1970

20 – 22 Jan 70

Driver Training Heavy Equipment Snow Plough and Front End Loader. Two service personnel trained.

27 Jan 70

Station Shelter Commander’s Course. Nineteen personnel attended course.

30 Jan 70

Base Exchange re-modeled to self-service. New shelving set up.

9 Feb 70

Lt. Colonel Keill, Controller 74 Comm Group Inspection Visit.

11 – 14 Feb 70

Winter Carnival consisting of ice fishing, snow sculptures, broomball, cards, curling, toboggan races and skits.

21 Feb 70

Ski Club earned $288 in pledges for the Canadian National Ski-A-Thon. Proceeds went to the Canadian Ski Team.

9 – 17 Mar 70

Defensive Driving Courses. Lectures were given and films were shown by Cpl. Yule. All members with DND 404s were required to take the course. This totaled forty personnel.

10 Mar 70

Regional Director Civilian Personnel Mr. T Haye visits the unit. Purpose of visit to re-organize CPO’s office to the Regions new standards.

30 Mar 70

New fire alarm system completed.

1 Apr 70

New electrical distribution systems started in Trailer Park. Major Harper and WO Traviner briefed unit on RCAF Memorial Building.

20 Apr 70

Small Arms Course – forty personnel attended.

20 – 24 Apr 70

Fair Play 70 – Part II.

27 – 28 Apr 70

General Burke, Commander 25th NORAD Region and General Weston, Deputy Commander, made a tour of the unit.

28 Apr 70

Staff visit by Major Palmer and Major Beland, ADCHQ/SSOOM, to review organization and establishment.

1 May 70

Construction of Station Rifle Range started. Driver Training Heavy Equipment. Four service personnel attended course.

7 May 70

Construction of Height Section Trade Advancement Room/Coffee Room commenced.

15 May 70

Service Station completed and opened.

19 May 70

Lt. Colonel Edwards, Commanding Officer, inspected 747 RC (Air) C Squadron, Terrace, BC, on Annual Inspection.

21 May 70

Major Halpin and Captain Westlake conducted FSVO and M&I Inspection. Major Campbell, Captain Illing and Sgt. Walkey conducted SSOPS Admin and PERI Inspection.

2 – 4 Jun 70

Major Tamowski, CGEO, reviewed Air Cadet Squadrons 582 Keroneos, 217 Princeton and 204 Kamloops on an Annual Inspection.

13 Jun 70

Major Gallagher, Senior CF CELE Officer, arrived on an Annual Technical Visit.

14 Jun 70

Armed Forces Day.

17 Jun 70

Exercise SAGA 62-70.

26 Jun 70

CF-100 ECM demonstration.

30 Jun 70

Exercise Felix Brave 70-1.

1 Jul 70

Clearing of the station firebreak began. Driver training of two personnel on bulldozer and front-end loader.

2 Jul 70

Exercise Felix Indian 71-1B ASTM.

7 Jul 70

Asked by 25th NORAD Region to assist in locating lost aircraft #N9276W. Unable to contact aircraft on emergency frequency but following aircraft on radar. Aircraft landed safely at Prince George airport.

8 Jul 70

Amalgam Multi-Region Live Arrow 71-1.

18 – 24 Jul 70

Fairplay 70-3 NORAD ASTM.

25 Jul 70

Foundation for bulk propane tank laid.

1 Aug 70

Completion of the following CE projects:

Pole-line repair

Curling Rink

Guardhouse Modifications

Antennae Maintenance

Radome Painting

Relocation of the Post Office

Relocation of the PERI Office

Commencement of the following CE Projects:

Interior heating modifications in barrack blocks

Exterior painting

Security Improvements

6 Aug 70

Exercise Felix Indian 71-2 ASTM.

11 Aug 70

Exercise Felix Brave 70-1 Phase I, Live.

12 Aug 70

Exercise Felix Brave Phase II, Live.

15 – 31 Aug 70

Installing Water Line to Canex Service Station.

20 Aug 70

Station EDP (Commanding Officer’s Authority).

25 – 28 Aug 70

Amalgam Mute 70-1-W ORE of 24th and 25th NORAD Regions.

29 Aug 70

Brigadier General Mussells, DGPSP Staff Visit.

31 Aug 70

Student Summer Employment Programme ends successfully.

10 Sep 70

Cpl. GF Lefler received an award of $75.00 from the DND Suggestion Award Program concerning a power steering bracket on the Coleman training tractor. The suggestion has been adopted.

16 – 18 Sep 70

Supply Inspection carried out by Captain Pullard and CWO Williams.

20 Sep 70

Combined Church Service commemorating the Battle of Britain.

14 Sep 70

Colonel Arnott made an Annual Official Staff Visit.

24 Sep 70

Lt. Colonel Rippon, Assistant Judge Advocate General, visited the unit.

30 Sep 70

Air Defence Command EDP Exercise.

1 Oct 70

Canadian Forces Naden Band held a concert at Vanier Hall in Prince George. Colonel Walker, Command Construction Engineer, paid a visit. SSOMP Visit Lt. Colonel Nobel and Major Cowden Ground Training Staff Visit.

7 Oct 70

Colonel Diggle, Commander’s Visit. Exercise Felix Brave 71-1 ASTM.

18 – 20 Oct 70

Exercise Fairplay 71-1, ASTM.

19 Oct 70

Mr. EA Peters, SOCC-2, Classification Review Civilian Positions.

21 Oct 70

SSOTN visit by Lt. Colonel Wood, Captain Forman, CWO Bull, and the Command Surgeon Captain Austin.

28 Oct 70

Mr. AR Harvey here on a Canex visit. Comm Det Inspection by Captain LeFebvre and MWO Ellis. Command Dental Officer, Lt. Colonel Butcher visits.

2 Nov 70

Staff Visit by Command Chaplain, Padre Graham (P).

9 Nov 70

Search and Rescue Operations.

11 Nov 70

Remembrance Day Services.

16 – 19 Nov 70

SSTO Study – Lt. Julien, CWO Baird and M/Cpl. Boskwick.

18 – 19 Nov 70

Armament visit from Chilliwack with Captain Webb, Cpl. Cummings and Cpl. Mugford.

19 Nov 70

Exercise Felix Indian 71-4, ASTM.

24 Nov 70

Exercise Felix Indian 71-5, ASTM.

26 Nov – 2 Dec 70

Base Maintenance Inspection with Major McKenzie, CWO Scott and MWO Edwards.

31 Dec 70

This unit has instituted a new system for clothing Air Cadet Squadrons. Trips are made twice a year, spring and fall, with a vehicle full of all items that could be required. Issues are made on an exchange basis to reduce paperwork.