Baldy Hughes, BC

1958 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
918th AC&W Squadron
1 July 1958 to 30 September 1958

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Baldy Hughes Air Station, Prince George, BC

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Major James D Lessley

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Commander In Chief – Dwight D Eisenhower
    Secretary of Defense – Neal H McElroy
    Secretary of Air Force – James H Douglas
    Chairman of Joints Chief of Staff – General Nathan F Twining
    Air Force Chief of Staff – General Thomas D White
    Commander NORAD – General Earle E Partridge
    Commander Air Defense Command – Lt. General Joseph H Atkinson
    Commander Western Air Defense Forces – Major General Hugh H Parker
    Commander 25th Air Division – Brigadier General Charles R Bond Jr.

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The reference for authority of primary mission is 25th Air Division Letter 20-2, but the 918th is governed by 5th Air Division Air Staff Instructions.
    The primary mission is to maintain radar surveillance for the purpose of providing early warning and continuous intelligence of all air activity detected, and to train continuously for the effective accomplishment of this mission.

  • Personnel













  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • Primary Search FPS-3C; Backup Search FPS-502; Height Range Indicator TPS-502; STP Trainer AN/GPS-T2; Fighter Trainer AN/GPS-T4.

    Section II


    The past quarter has shown many improvements in the operation of the 918th. Following are the historical reports from each section.


    The end of fiscal year 1958 has shown many improvements within the operations section of this organization. Starting the latter part of June and ending the first part of July 1958 the operations control room was completely renovated. A new command post and combined battle staff room was installed with a completely glassed in front wall. In addition to the primary purpose of the new command post and battle staff room, it also houses the operation’s office.

    An additional improvement to the operation control room is a new plotting board which has been received and the frame portion installed.

    On 31 July 1958 the operations section welcomed it’s new operations officer Captain Richard D Griffin. Captain Griffin reported to this station from Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento, California, and will spend one year with the 918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron personnel.

    An additional improvement has been the newly built cabinet located in the control room. This cabinet was designed to insure that binders are maintained in an orderly manner.

    The location of this radar installation is such that in the past the operations personnel have seen very little activity. This unfortunate condition consequently has seen a lack of operator performance and ability, however, in the past three of four months this condition has changed noticeably with the event of the following functions:

    The training program, both formal and informal, has improved considerably over the past few months, and a noticeable increase of job knowledge of both supervisory and airmen personnel can be seen.

    The monthly Cocked Pistol exercise in the past has seen this station operating solely as a surveillance station, and traffic activity of almost a nil nature. However, the past four or five months this station has played a more active role during these exercises.

    Radar Maintenance:

    General operation of the section was good for the reporting period. The installation of the training equipment was completed with modification built by squadron personnel. An automatic starter was designed and built by section personnel for starting stand-by diesel in the event of power failure.

    Equipment performance during the reporting period was excellent.

    No unusual maintenance or supply problems were encountered during the last quarter.

    During the quarter CAE personnel performed annual IRAN on the AN/FPS-3C and trainer equipment.


    An Armed Forces Radio was installed on the base with S/Sgt. Carmichael in charge. It is operated by Special Services and maintained by the Communication Section.

    A contract was completed by the BC Telephone Company, which installed new telephone cable from the communication center to the base area. New lines and telephones have been installed for all personnel in the base trailer court. The outside telephone plant has been completely rewired. Extensive changes have been made on the main frame and operations telephone equipment, however, all of the planned changes have not been completed in this area.


    The supply and commercial transportation functions have been going smoothly with no difficulties encountered until the recent loss of four key personnel, for which, only two replacements have been received.

    The following transactions have been accomplished during the past reporting period:

    876 Requisitions for Supplies have been processed.

    12 Transportation requests issued.

    17 Government Bill of Lading for outgoing shipments processed.

    21 Bill of Lading for incoming shipments have been processed.

    27 Purchase requests have been processed with 4602nd for purchases exceeding $100.00.

    372 Local Purchase transactions completed, consisting of 1176 line items.


    There are two medical technicians at this station at present. They are readily available at all times.

    Both medics have military operator’s license for the one military ¾ ton ambulance.

    Co-operation between the military and the civilian doctors, hospital, pharmacies and dentists is very good.

    Medical supplies are ample. There are some delays in obtaining certain items, but these are temporary and of a minor nature.

    Upon advice of the 25th Air Division Surgeon the Polio immunization program has been accentuated and is in the process of completion. Influenza vaccine has been received and will be administered.

    A dental unit is in the process of being installed with equipment similar to that used in dental vans. This will preclude the military dentist transporting portable kits and should furnish much better service.

    Out patient statistics for the period: (a) Total out patient visits 226. (b) Visits related to injuries 45. (c) Total immunizations 104.

    Quarters and civilian hospital cases for the period were only 3, with a total of 6 lost days.

    Information Services:

    External Information –

    No external news releases were made during the month of July.

    During August, stories on the airman of-the-month for June and July were released to the "Northwestaire", three airmen participated in the production of a Centennial pageant in downtown Prince George.

    During September, four short news stories; subjects radio station KBH, beautification program in the Squadron trailer court, the 918th Library, and basketball court were released to the "Northwestaire". A story on Captain George W Knight’s successful participation in the search for a lost child was released to the "Air Force Times", "Northwestaire" and "NORAD News Service"; the squadron received coverage in the "Prince George Citizen" and "Vancouver Sun" on this story; negotiations were completed for release of "partners in Defense" to CKPG.

    Internal Information –

    Commander’s Call was held 17 July, 13 August, and 11 September with respectively 73%, 91.4$ and 99% attendance.

    An AFRTS outlet was installed.

    The following actions were taken this quarter concerning the Code of Conduct program; two of the Norman Rockwell series on the Code were posted in the Dining Hall; posters depicting Captain Harris’ statement were distributed to all sections; twenty-five copies of AFP 34-10-1 were received and distributed; one copy of AFP 34-10-10 was given to each man in the organization.

    No newspaper was published this quarter.


    The library was moved from an inadequate location in a barracks room to a separate building (S-82) where it will be available for use by dependants as well as military personnel from 0800 to 2400 hours seven days a week.

    Magazine covers were purchased by the Unit Fund for the magazines we receive.

    One hundred new fiction titles were requested from WADF, and the shipping invoices have been received.


    On 1 June, there was one active enrolment in a USAFI course and one with a co-operative college. There were four new enrolments this quarter in USAFI and four in ECI.

    Seven high school GED batteries were administered and six college, with one each passed. One end-of-course test and one achievement test were given.

    Problems have existed since the deletion of the Information Services slot from the UMD. Both the test administration and Test Control Officer are assigned on additional duty and work shift. For this reason, the co-ordination of testing and counselling periods has been difficult this quarter.

    Special Services:

    The area around the 918th now offers some of the best hunting in British Columbia. Moose, deer and grouse season has opened and this Squadron has been very successful.

    A hobby shop for the base is nearly completed. This will also be equipped with a photo lab.

    Basketball practice for the new season has begun and our prospects are very good. The basketball season opens the first of November.

    A bowling league has just opened in Prince George and the 918th has two teams entered in this competition.

    There are numerous opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities but the need for a gymnasium is more evident now that winter is approaching.

    Other Accomplishments:

    Trailer Court on Base – The trailer court has been landscaped and seeded. A new wash house has been erected and is now in use.

    An asphalt road was completed around the supply section and base housing. A parking area was also paved in the area.

    Logs and underbrush have been cleared up around the base housing area and roads by squadron personnel. This has helped prevent a fire hazard as well as beautify the base.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    James D Lessley, Major, USAF