Baldy Hughes, BC

1959 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
918th AC&W Squadron
1 July 1959 to 30 September 1959

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Baldy Hughes AFS, Prince George, BC

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Major Kenneth Coleman

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Commander In Chief – Dwight D Eisenhower
    Secretary of Defense – Neil H McElroy
    Secretary of Air Force – James H Douglas
    Chairman of Joints Chief of Staff – General Nathan F Twining
    Air Force Chief of Staff – General Thomas D White
    Commander NORAD – General Lawrence Kuter
    Commander Air Defense Command – Lt. General Joseph H Atkinson
    Commander Western Air Defense Forces – Major General Hugh H Parker
    Commander 25th Air Division (SAGE) – Major General Von Shores

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • The reference for authority of primary mission is 25th Air Division Letter 20-2.

    The primary mission is to maintain radar surveillance for the purpose of providing early warning and continuous intelligence of all air activity detected, and to train continuously for the effective accomplishment of this mission.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • Primary Search FPS-20; Height Range Indicator TPS-502; STP Trainer AN/GPS-T2; Fighter Trainer AN/GPS-T4.

    Section II


    Chronological Order of Historical Events for Baldy Hughes Air Station

    11 Jul 59

    An emergency maintenance assist was made by CAE to repair an outside lead aerial cable which had developed a crack and has become full of moisture causing grounding of the complete cable. Maintenance was satisfactory and no outage time on prime circuits resulted.

    15 Jul 59

    CAE began scheduled overhaul of all communications air/ground equipment. No outstanding organizational problems were noted.

    19 Jul 59

    The RCAF Evaluation Team from St. Hubert, Quebec made an evaluation of Radar Operations at this station during the period from 16th through 19th of July.

    24 Jul 59

    The Canadian Aviation Electronics overhaul team from Winnipeg, Manitoba began overhaul of all radar equipment and training devices on the 24th of July and completed all overhaul of equipment on the 3rd of August.

    2 Aug 59

    On 2 August, the 918th Operation Combat Team gained a new Battle Commander, Major Kenneth Coleman, who came to the 918th from Hamilton Air Force Base, California to take command of the squadron from the former Commander, Major James D Lessley. Major Coleman has 12 years of AC&W experience, and has logged over 10,000 intercepts during that time; consequently he is an experienced and active participant in the 25th AD "Teamwork" exercises that take place weekly at this station.

    3 Aug 59

    CAE completed the Communications Equipment overhaul leaving equipment in excellent condition. One UHF transmitter has to be returned to Prime Depot for Depot Maintenance not possible in the field. This eliminated the spare unit for this organization until return.

    7 Aug 59

    The 918th Softball team won the 25th AC&W Softball Championship by defeating Kamloops Air Force Station 5-3. Sgt. Wally Ekenstam won the Tournaments most valuable player award.

    10 Aug 59

    Relocated the RCMP equipment from Hill 3 to Hill 2, thus completely ending operations on Hill 3.

    13 Aug 59

    The Squadron Softball Team finished third in the 25th Air Division Tournament held at McChord Air Force Base. The only consolation was the winning of the Sportsmanship Award.

    14 Aug 59

    The CAE radome installation team from Winnipeg, Manitoba began installation of the rigid radome, replacing the inflatable radome on tower #1. Installation was completed except for caulking on the 14th of August. Caulking has still not been accomplished as of the 30th of September.

    29 Aug 59

    M/Sgt. Anderson, NCOIC of Radar Maintenance section was relieved of duty on 29 July for rotation to the ZI. Sgt. Anderson was replaced by T/Sgt. Balck on the same date.

    10 Sep 59

    A highlight of the period was a visit to Operations by the new Commander of the 25th Air Division (SAGE), Major General Von Shores. General Shores paid his visit on 10 September, and as a result of his visit a new record was set for speed in delivery of equipment, in the form of an additional PPI scope. Previously requested and denied, the long-awaited "weapon" arrived by air on 23 September, just 13 days later.

    11 Sep 59

    Other additions to the Operations equipment inventory were a new rigid radome for the FPS-20 tower, and a new ECM trainer, known as the "ACTER", which was first used in early September. Two additional communications lines, one for command and one for Air Surveillance purposes, were installed to the 825th ACWRON at Kamloops, BC.

    12 Sep 59

    Defense Construction Ltd. Commenced construction on the FPS-6 tower during the month of September. This contractor also removed the old FPS-502 tower on Hill #1 in preparation for laying the foundation for an additional FPS-6 tower.

    13 Sep 59

    Mr. Ralph Chick, technical representative for Bendix Corporation, departed in the month of September after completion of instruction in operations and maintenance of Radar Set AN/FPS-20A. All personnel assigned to the section attended this schooling during Mr. Chick’s assignment at this station.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Kenneth Coleman, Major, USAF