Baldy Hughes, BC

1960 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
918th AC&W Squadron
1 April 1960 to 30 June 1960

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Baldy Hughes AFS, Prince George, BC

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Major Kenneth Coleman

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Commander In Chief – Dwight D Eisenhower
    Secretary of Defense – Thomas E Gates
    Secretary of Air Force – Dudley C Sharp
    Chairman of Joints Chief of Staff – General Nathan F Twining
    Air Force Chief of Staff – General Thomas D White
    Commander NORAD – General Lawrence S Kuter
    Commander Air Defense Command – Lt. General Joseph H Atkinson
    Commander Western Air Defense Forces – Major General John D Stevenson
    Commander 25th Air Division (SAGE) – Major General Von Shores
    Commander Seattle Air Defense Sector – Brigadier General Frank. W Gillespie

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • Maintain radar surveillance and report surveillance information to Seattle Air Defense Sector for identification and action. Exercise control fighter interceptors within the limited capacity provided as directed by Seattle Air Defense Sector. Render emergency assistance to distressed aircraft.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • Primary Search FPS-20; Height Range TPS-502; STP Trainer AN/GPS-T2; Fighter Trainer AN/GPS-T4.

    Section II


    Chronological Order of Historical Events for Baldy Hughes Air Station

    1 Apr 60

    The Americanism Program was instituted and is being received favorably by all.

    13 Apr 60

    25th Air Division Staff Assistance Team visited the squadron on a one day visit to assist in preparation for the 25th IG Inspection.

    15 Apr 60

    The Falcon Fund Stadium Drive was held with good results.

    18 Apr 60

    The Airmen’s Lounge was reopened as a brand new facility, completely renovated and is receiving maximum use by all airmen.

    28 Apr 60

    A/2C Ammon Peterson, Radar Maintenance, was chosen as Airmen of the Month. The award was $15 and a three day pass.

    9 May 60

    The Squadron received five new boats and four new motors which were purchased with a special grant from the ADC Welfare Fund.

    15 May 60

    Squadron went on Increased Readiness Condition IV at 0330Z.

    16 May 60

    Squadron went on Normal Readiness at 2001Z.

    21 May 60

    Armed Forces Day was held at the Squadron with 400 visitors making the trip to see the radar facility. Participation was a little disappointing and was due to the fact that it rained and snowed continuously during the day and evening.

    23 May 60

    Lt. Roger D Scow transferred to Reno Air Defense Sector.

    26 May 60

    Lt. Leslie W White assigned and joined as a Weapons Controller.

    30 May 60

    A/1C Ronald L Thompson was chosen as Airman of the Month.

    2 Jun 60

    Lt. James D Stroup was reassigned to 552nd AEW&C Wing, McClelland AFB, California.

    6 Jun 60

    The Squadron participated in Desk Top III with excellent results.

    9 Jun 60

    The Maintenance Control Center and C&E Section became operational.

    10 Jun 60

    Under Project Shape-Up the following projects have been completed: (a) All barracks have been repainted inside. (b) New vinyl tile has been laid in the Administration building, theater, clubs, dining hall, barracks and BOQ. (c) New sidewalks have been installed from the Dining Hall to Barracks 7 and new cement steps were installed in front of the Supply and IEO building.

    11 Jun 60

    25th Air Division IG Team conducted their annual inspection of the squadron 11 through 13 June 1960. Overall rating given was "Excellent".

    16 Jun 60

    Lt. Roy A Wells departed to civilian life and Lt. Donald S Coleman was assigned as Communications Officer to replace Lt. Wells.

    27 Jun 60

    Lt. Michael E Evancho was assigned from Mt Hebo as a Weapons Controller.

    28 Jun 60

    The TPS-502 radar was decommissioned.

    29 Jun 60

    The remodelling of the NCO Club and the NCO Dining Facility was completed. Both activities are beautiful and are a source of pride to the Commander and the men.

    30 Jun 60

    The new Height Finder has been installed. It is anticipated it will be operational about 1 August 1960.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Kenneth Coleman, Major, USAF