Baldy Hughes, BC

1960 – Historical Report – USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
918th AC&W Squadron
1 October 1960 to 31 December 1960

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Baldy Hughes AFS, Prince George, BC

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Major Kenneth Coleman

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. Air Defense Command
    25th Air Division (SAGE)
    Seattle Air Defense Sector

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • Maintain radar surveillance and report surveillance information to Seattle Air Defense Sector for identification and action. Exercise control fighter interceptors within the limited capacity provided as directed by Seattle Air Defense Sector. Render emergency assistance to distressed aircraft.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • Primary Search FPS-20; Height Range FPS-6B; STP Trainer AN/GPS-T2; Fighter Trainer AN/GPS-T4.

    Section II


    Chronological Order of Historical Events for Baldy Hughes Air Station

    12 Oct 60

    Brigadier General Frank Gillespie, Commander of Seattle Air Defense Sector made his semi-annual visit. Other members of the official party were Colonel Bowles, Major Ray Costello, Captain KP George, Captain Jim Lenter and Lt. Ligmand Anderson.

    15 Oct 60

    A/2C Victoriano Eagle of this Squadron was the winner of the ADC Lifesaving Campaign. He received a Stereophonic Hi Fi as first prize.

    22 Oct 60

    1st Lt. Jerry W Burner arrived today to replace Captain Donald M Shank as Administrative Officer.

    23 Oct 60

    The 4602nd Support Wing made its semi-annual staff visit to the Squadron. The team was headed by Major Canfield. During this visit the final acceptance of the FPS-6B radar set took place.

    28 Oct 60

    The Squadron received its third UPA-35 radar scope. This scope makes it possible for the Squadron to complete its control function.

    1 Nov 60

    New barracks furniture arrived today. The arrival of the new furniture completes the plans to rehabilitate the barracks. The rooms in the barracks have been repainted; the beds, rugs and furniture have been replaced and new tile has been laid.

    Construction began on the SAGE Annex building. CJ Oliver Construction Ltd. Is doing the work.

    6 Nov 60

    Captain Lyle Stoffer left the Squadron for Hamilton AFB, California.

    10 Nov 60

    Staff Sergeants Bobbie Coleman and John Foss spent the night in the bush. They were members of a search party looking for a lost hunter from Prince George. The hunter was lost yesterday. The Squadron sent a ten man party to look for him this morning.

    11 Nov 60

    Staff Sergeants Bobbie Coleman and John Foss returned to the base this morning with the lost hunter. They found him late yesterday afternoon, too late to return to the base. Eight inches of snow fell last night, however the Sergeants and the hunter suffered no ill effects.

    15 Nov 60

    Captain George Clark returned to the States. He will enter the hospital at Travis AFB, California. Captain H Bussell took over as Supply Officer until Captain Clark’s replacement arrives.

    18 Nov 60

    A familiarization visit was made to the Squadron by Vice Commander 25th Air Division (SAGE), Air Commodore Frederick R Sharp, RCAF.

    25 Nov 60

    The second FPS-6B tower was accepted today. Construction of the dome and radar is expected to start after the first of the year.

    28 Nov 60

    Captain Donald M Shank returned to the States today. He is being assigned to McClellan AFB, California.

    1 Dec 60

    Seattle NORAD Sector underwent a Tactical Evaluation by the 25th NORAD Division. The evaluation Officers visiting the 918th Squadron were Major EG Rahor and 1st Lt. Anton Stankowski.

    4 Dec 60

    An Orientation visit was made to the Squadron by the new Commander of the 4602nd Support Wing, Colonel Salvatore Veneziano. He was accompanied by the following Staff Officers: Lt. Col. Tabor, Major Hogan, Major Canfield and Lt. Gentile. Colonel Veneziano inspected the squadron and was highly pleased with the condition of the buildings and grounds.

    12 Dec 60

    Captain Robert Froehler arrived today. His primary duty is Aircraft Controller AFSC 1741.

    15 Dec 60

    Again this year the 918th Squadron in conjunction with the Prince George Lions Club sponsored Operation Reindeer III, a project to brighten Christmas for the 186 Indian Children at the Lower Post Indian Residential School, Lower Post, BC, 800 miles north on the Alaska Highway. Through joint efforts of the Wive’s Club, NCO Club, Officers Club and Airmen over $500 was raised to purchase individual gifts for the children. The Lions Club supplied candy and nuts for the children. Today the gifts and Christmas stockings were transported to Lower Post in a USAF C-47 from McChord AFB, Washington. 1st Lt. Owen Bartholomew and Master Sergeant William Morrison were in charge of the project.

    22 Dec 60

    25th NORAD Division Commander and Vice Commander, General Von Shores and Air Commodore Fredrick R Sharp RCAF made a quick visit to Baldy Hughes to wish the Airmen a Merry Christmas.

    Operation "Big Brother" was completed today, and it was a big success. Twenty-five airmen went to Prince George and returned with 25 needy children who were recommended by the Welfare Department. The airmen acted as big brothers for the day. After arriving at the base the children had a turkey dinner. A Christmas program and a visit from Santa who gave each child a gift that was purchased by big brother.

    30 Dec 60

    Work on the new Multi-Purpose building is 95% completed as of this date.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Kenneth Coleman, Major, USAF