Baldy Hughes, BC

1961 Historical Report USAF Historical Division

Historical Report
918th AC&W Squadron
1 October 1961 to 31 December 1961

Section I


  1. Unit and Location

918th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Baldy Hughes Air Station, Prince George, BC

  1. Name and Grade of Commander

Major Alfred J Naigle

  1. Chain of Command (Superior Echelons)
  2. NORAD
    Air Defense Command
    25th Air Division (SAGE)
    Seattle Air Defense Sector

  • Subordinate Units (Down to and including squadrons)
  • None

  • Mission (Give authority and brief statement of primary mission)
  • Maintain radar surveillance and report surveillance information to Seattle Air Defense Sector for identification and action. Exercise control fighter interception within the limited capacity provided as directed by Seattle Air Defense Sector. Render emergency assistance to distressed aircraft.

  • Personnel

















  • Equipment (Give official nomenclature and quantity of mission-type equipment)
  • AN/FPS-20A (1), AN/FPS-6B (2), AN/GPS-T2 (1), AN/UPS-5 (1), AN/GPX-7A (1), AN/GRC-27 (2), AN/GRT-3 (2), AN/GRR-7 (2), AN/FRT-503 (1), AN/FRT-502 (2), AF/URG-60 (5).

    Section II


    The 918th Dining Hall was dedicated this quarter to the late Harry G Perry of Prince George. Formal ceremonies took place on the first of November. Persons attending included the 918th Officers and several civic leaders from Prince George.

    The new "Perry Hall" underwent two inspections, one by 4602nd Support Wing and another by 64 ADIV Hennessy Trophy Food Service competition. Both were successful and the 918th represented 64 ADIV in the competition.

    Project "Reindeer IV" was a tremendous success this year. Colonel Gideon, Commander Seattle Sector and Major Naigle journeyed to Lower Post Indian School along with selected site personnel and representatives from Prince George to play "Santa", for the children there. A C-54 was used to transport the toys to the school. The 918th ACWRON and the Pinetree Lions Club raised close to $500 in order to purchase the presents.

    A Disaster Control briefing was held on base in which the dependants, both on base and those from town, were told what their role would be in a disaster and what to do to protect themselves.

    The 918th ACWRON participated in two Systems Training Missions and four live exercises. The "Live" missions included the NORAD Wide Skyshield and the Seattle Sector exercise "Beardown". During November, 25th NORAD Region conducted a tactical evaluation on the Seattle Sector and this squadron. Operations was rated outstanding. The two major training missions were "Desk Top IV" and a Tri-Region exercise in October.

    The Operations Sections low manning problem was relieved with the influx of 16 new radar operators. Some of these were additions to present manning and others were replacements. Due to their lack of manual training, a vigorous training program was initiated in operations. It consisted of running STM films on every shift, concentrating on scope interpretation, plotting, keeping an accurate data board and forward/lateral telling. Twenty lessons outlines were also used in academic training. Also during the quarter, five Intercept Control Technicians became combat ready.

    The 4602nd Support Wing held their semi-annual staff assistance visit in October. Assistance was given to Supply and C&E sections. C&E section had an additional visit from Seattle Sector, purpose of that visit was also staff assistance. CAE performed four depot level maintenance visits; teletype, diesel, test equipment and radar during that period. The radar DLM installed four modifications of the FPS-20 and FPS-6Bs. These modifications included the Soft-Servo and anti-hunt features to the FPS-6B along with antenna strengthening. The sole modification of the FPS-20 was a protective interlock for the klystron.

    The partial acceptance by the Air Force of the SAGE GATR building was signed in December. The contract is still incomplete due to the absence of the outside power sub-station. The new water treatment and purification system was finished as was the steel work on the new radar towers. The SAGE building is still awaiting the air conditioning equipment before it is complete.

    Money Tree report was submitted for the quarter. It covered 16 areas of suggested improvements. Supply also completed the semi-annual CAN/MEAL and UAL inventory.

    Typed Name and Grade of Commander

    Alfred J Naigle, Major