Baldy Hughes, BC

1963 – Historical Summary – National Archives of Canada

Appendix "B"
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Historical Summary
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC
1 June 1963 to 31 December 1963


Jun 63

Ops radar consisting of FPS-20 search radar and FPS-6 Height Finders plus all necessary sub systems were SAGE’d during this month, with the official SAGE’d date being 1 July 63.

Jul 63

Installation of the FPS-26 was commenced by Marconi.

Sep 63

FtrCops take over DMCC from Radar Techs.


Sep 63

Ten technicians commenced training on FST-2. Burroughs Tech Rep was instructor.

Oct 63

On the job training for FPS-27 technicians gets under way.


Aug 63

Height Finder #1 takes on a new coat of paint.

Sep 63

Installation of FPS-27 completed.

Oct 63

Installation completed on FPS-26 and walkway between SAGE Annex and old Ops Building completed.

Nov 63

Several redundant antenna poles were removed from the GATR antenna farm.


Aug 63

Station Baldy Hughes takes over Prince George Air Cadets 396 Squadron.

Official Visits and Inspections

Nov 63

The AOC visits Baldy Hughes on a familiarization visit.

Public Relations

Aug 63

The Golden Hawks arrive for an air display at Prince George. Press reception and civic banquet held for Hawk Officers and Officers of Station Baldy Hughes. Air Display given by the Golden Hawks and the Red Knight during Simon Fraser Days. The first air display was put up for a period 18 Aug as an Air Force Day project, which was held in conjunction with Simon Fraser Days.

Nov 63

One flight of RCAF personnel participated in the Prince George Armistice Day parade.

Dec 63

Operation Reindeer to the Indian Village of Watson Lake took place with RCAF and USAF personnel participating in the presentation of Christmas Good Will – sponsored by the Prince George Lions Club.


Nov 63

A search party composed of RCAF personnel was organized in an attempt to locate a lost hunter.

Signed by:
(RD Sloat) W/C
Commanding Officer
RCAF Station Baldy Hughes, BC